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Honey, please love someone else

I have a feeling that now something interesting is gonna happen... maybe Stella is gonna find someone who loves her and maybe she would also love him...
author u need to work over the imitate scenes...but for now there ain't any need.

but I will be looking forward to it only when Theo and Stella are together

it was really heartbreaking to read this chapter
though Regina seems to be a good girl..... I wanna ship Theo and Stella
ShilohD: ;) you will see soon just wait our female lead got bunch of hunks in her life
Aashi : it's good that u r trying to make the drama realistic I appreciate that

but author I feel bad for Stella even though she doesn't care....
can u fetch a boyfriend for her too
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I think she kinda liked him from the start. 😧Now after this trip she will like him even more. I wish to know her pov too. Like when she started liking him... When they first met or when they started living together or after this trip. I also want a love interest for her lol😂😂😂
when they said finger lickin' good, I knew they were talkin' bout KFC
Nikita Andezhath
Author you really really must work on intimate scenes as well cuz unlike comics only your words will describe the situation and if you fail to do so then whole work will be wasted... But so far so nice except (meaning - excluding) the intimate scene.... All the best...
ShilohD: Yes I’ll try to describe it with more details, it’s also hard to explain the intimate scene without making it look vulgar so I’m working on it. Sadly you won’t be seeing any intimate scene soon because our Male lead is obsessed with his work;)
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Deng Hansepi
Why don't you admit that you started liking her
Deng Hansepi
the male lead is starting to fall for female lead
The father threw an orange at him like what!? 😂🤣
Wijayanti Dwie
Harshita Kalwar
intresting more plz
It's army bish 😜
Thanx for de chicken 😋😘🍗
story was awesome plz update fast
Farida Mojib Mojumder
Good job 👏 update frequently please
Wijayanti Dwie
more interesting 😍
Marlene Velasco
I need an update and fast
dear it's awesome plzzz update fast
Deng Hansepi
thank you for the update
Wijayanti Dwie
interesting 😍😍
Wijayanti Dwie
it's good I am liking it
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