Honey, please love someone else
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Honey, please love someone else

Honey, please love someone else
I'm rlly touched that stella and theo have such a bond between them...its like, when I'm reading this story, it almost as if its unrealistic....but to be fair, I'm sure great people like that do exist in the world, who just wanna live their life in peace, in love with their partner... but then there are always people like adam, and vanessa....who cant tolerate other's happiness...I kinda pity those kind of people, who are not able to live their life in peace, upon the influence of other people... everyone has their own problems and concerns but we all have to deal with them ourselves, we can't take out our anger on others. all of us come across obstacles at some point in our life. no one can ever have a "perfect" life. theo and stella, and not just them, their whole friend group, is full of amazing people, who understand each other, and are there for each other. I'm thankful for that in this story. also dear author, I love how there is always a quote or two in the story...and the one about how humans are not god, and never will be, but we can become devils...I think that's really true, we are never perfect, and never will be...we all just try to be the best, have the best things...there's a saying, "we never get what we want, so we strive for it forever, in that process, we lose sight of what we actually have" that is becoming a devil, a person who doesnt care at all about what they have, or what they can do...
Tom_boylife: thanks a lot....I just spoke my mind...lol
ShilohD: Awwww this is so wholesome and beautiful
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away it's ok author. I wish u very good luck on web novel. I will definetlt keep reading this Novel! I love you sooo much author. this was by far one the best stories on this app. altho I'm sad to see it going from here, I'm happy for you! thankyou sooo much for making this story here on manga toon. and let us readers read it! and don't worry the future people will also read this and then head over to web novel for this. it's just sooo good! aaand if you ever need help for the chapter! I'll be willing to help any time! ur officially my fav author on manga toon! 😊😘 bye bye good luck for the future
ShilohD: I’m so overwhelmed after hearing it. Well, you should look out the other stories also. If you want I can suggest some. Webnovel has many varieties 😀
Nusrat Tanjia: dear sweet author 💚thank you for your excellent novel. I am really happy for you. remember that I was so impatient not to update regularly on manga toon and you asked me to download webnovel. it's been three or four months ago maybe and I am reading only your story on webnovel so I think you should know that I love you so much and your story. I wish you all the best and I believe that you deserve best sweetheart. love you and keep your dreams all the best.👸💜💙💜💙💚👌😘😚
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Marie Fhe
i was 8 yrs old when my parents got separated and my depression started.i can relate Stella i know how it feels.😭when my grandfather knew somethings wrong with me he always talk to me he never leaves me he cheers me up unfortunately my grandfather passes away amidst of my situation. im only 8 at that time but i know i lost another father i started avoiding people even my mom i started blaming my father and the people around me. my depression got worse when im in highschool fortunately i found good friends and started sharing my problems.until now i know i have my depression and im keep telling my self be strong cause no one will help me but me.sorry for my long comment and wrong grammar im not good in english hehe it was just.. i can relate stella
Tom_boylife: it ok to feel sad sometimes, but the best we can do is cheer ourselves up right? I mean I dont have much right to say anything to you, because I haven't been through what you have been through, but I know that even if you are not alone, even if you have amazing friends, you are the only person who can make you happier. I dont know exactly how you feel, In fact i cant imagine it, but some one who just wants to help out, the least I can do is give you courage... and hey you know what? your grandfather is probably living a great afterlife in heaven, so cheer up for your grandpa...I'm sure he will be sad to see you sad. I'm not gonna say anymore, just that I dont want you to blame anyone, and anyone at all, fate is something only YOU can change. and destiny is something that will stay the same forever. keep that in mind, and move on with your life, you've got no idea what's waiting behind that barrier!
-from just a friend
ShilohD: It’s totally fine! I only wish that you go forward in your life and lead a better life. Don’t think much about your past dear. Be strong and do what makes you happy! Remember only you can make yourself happy.
Everyone has depression they either show it or don’t . But I believe that it’s important to overcome your sadness. Be positive and work hard. 😃
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Sh*t!!! I knew she would go aggressive. I know it sounds something annoying when people tell you to do what they want but you should always listen to what they say then judge them... Now I really want her to get kidnapped to know Adam's truth ... Lol wtf 😂😂😂
Nope... That would be very scary. 😱Why tf they didn't told her about the stalker thing?? Atleast she would get a warning beforehand if something like that happens!! Don't they think that knowing that you might get kidnapped by creeper is less horrifying than actually getting kidnapped? They should have told her the truth. And wtf is wrong with Neil, my brother would go paranoid if he finds out about my stalker.. He is so chill and instead blaming Theo for being paranoid?!! Guys being guys😒 they think that only they are correct...
really it's look like nightmare I was considering that this story is going to end soon like happy ending but the helll ohhh shit really this is happening 🤣🤣 I can't believe 😵😵
ShilohD: But only 20 chapters left
ShilohD: I’m truly sorry for that
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That's so stupid!! I just don't understand why people do such weird things!! Just take a loan from Theo or her brother and work for them. They are much safer choices than going back and work for that nasty cunt😬
êyépåtçh: yeah probably, I meant that was devastating! she much the been feeling pretty useless and want to make up for. it.
Amyra: But it's not like they lack money. Her brother and husband are so good to her. Firstly save yourself from any kind of danger. Our safety is most important for our loved ones, not a small amount of money. Maybe her self confidence shattered pretty badly after this incident and she is feeling useless and now blaming herself. Thats why she doesn't want money from her relatives. If that's the case, then I totally understand her pov.
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at once I thought she probably won't listen to him, but then again, stella and theo have a bond between them, they have an amazing trust! they trust each other a lot and are always there for each other...they both know that what the other person is doing is for their own good...soooooooo.....I'm thinking she actually might just listen to him if he sits and explains everything to her.
is stone needed in webnovel? I have an account but I don't have any stone. That's also the reason why I deleted webnovel 😅😅
Nusrat Tanjia: I have lots of stone but it's just let getting away 😭
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solo legend
so author u mean that we can no longer read this novel in mangatoon ?
ShilohD: Yes. I’m really sorry for that. If you wish to continue go to Webnovel.
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I like their sister-brother relationship! the fight was so hilarious 😂😂😂
Heather Sardes
U know what I bet Adam did not did anything to stella maybe He put something in HER drink but then will make stella think she can trust him after that when theo will barge in his house making a scene stella will think that He is just overeacting and they will have a fight. I bet that's what Adam was planning turning stella against theo
Nusrat Tanjia
I don't understand that he is a billionaire and a very good business man. He should think about this, he should aware of some sort of problem like this. why he go there with alone.!? maybe she will had have some photos with Theo. at lastly IAM want Theo will do things right and wisely. why he being so stupid 😡. Actually I am sorry 😔 my expectations was really high. I don't get it. sorry no offense 😅.
ShilohD: It’s not about being stupid. It’s about being thoughtless when you’re in trouble or you find your loved ones in trouble. In real life this happens too!
Tom_boylife: well j get where ur going, but ya know in manga and novels and stuff, when someone you love is in danger, the first thing u do is go in alone...that's when ur mind kinda goes blank and the only thing u know Is that u need to go there and save them...but actually u should prepare for it, like investigate the kidnapper, and then have backup! like he should take at least his assistant with him!
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shraddha jain
send us the link to continue reading this chapter
ShilohD: I can’t post any link here. Go to Webnovel and search “ Honey please love someone else ”
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ME: You tjink highly of yourself, boi! 😂

Me to the Author: Author, i have noticed this since the beginning of the novel. Though this is only 1 out of how many grammatical errors I have seen, still this one's bugging me big time. So here goes... "short out things" change it to "sort things out". Okay. That's it. Ciao! 👍
Damn he is creepy af!!! So he was one of those who liked Stella but didn't said anything because he thought she was a lesbian because of rumors .. Now he know that she is not, he is thinking that he still have a chance on her!!! This was the main villain you were talking about, right? 😱😱😱
This will create alot of problems for Theo. Now Theo is alert about the potential problem.. And want her to leave the job.. Stella will never leave her job, and this might create rift between them. I don't want this to happen to our homie 😨Damn! I never favored a male lead more than Theo ever in any book... Its like I'm Theo or his wingman 😂😂😂😂
Linda Henry
can you give us a link to find it
ShilohD: You can find it on Webnovel the name is same as here “ Honey please love someone else ”
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Nakitti.Witty.Not Bitchy 💋
Not another one please.. the story is going smoothly don’t ruined my ship
Nakitti.Witty.Not Bitchy 💋
Omg something I would say if I wanna roast one of my friends lol I’m an asshole when I want too but my friends won’t even back down from a challenge lol love this store thank you I laugh so much
Nakitti.Witty.Not Bitchy 💋
Omg I couldn’t stop laughing too funny. Thank you author very much
Kathleen Julia Carantes
I don’t get it sorry. First time being here. When will this continue or end? :(
ShilohD: You can continue reading them on that site.
ShilohD: The next chapters are available on Webnovel
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