I am a boy and I love a boy
Romance / Boys’ Love / Supernatural

I am a boy and I love a boy

Black Rose
I am a boy and I love a boy
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Hello, readers I would like to say that "The images I had uploaded in this is Subjected To Their Own Copy Rights"... I just downloaded it from the internet and used it because I liked it's art form. I hope you too will accept this and let's all support their hard work. It's my humble request.
Win Metawin Vachirawit: im not a good reader i had poor reading comprehension, but imma try to read this novel, its because its a BL novel and I try my best to understand and makes my imagination playing in every episode...
NaruSasu fan: Where can I find it ?!
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Scarlett Heart ❤️🩸💃
well can Nick turn into Psycho 👀👀
cuz ...I really love the possesive psycho BL stories.😂😂🤪🤪
Astin : I can't remember where I read it but psycho is good too. it will break your heart tho
Young Energy: guys if you want to read a naruto/boruto story check my page
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Alisa Vainblat
please author get Benny to realize that Nick is the one for him and that marrying grinda is completely wrong because he loves Nick completely and forever
co co
i think benny got permission from his dad and is gonna marry nick but he didn't disclose the truth to give nick a surprise its just my assumptions
Jeon Minmin: hope so
Jeon Minmin: hope so
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I love💗 GOT7
Author I really love your work
Please do something good for Nick
And please update soon because I am getting sleepless nights
Can't wait for more updates
excuse author.. I don't know what's the matter there seems to be no images and the only things I am getting is some words
inu: oh thanks
😎: i will definitely try when it's necessary.. thanks for supporting me dear
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Dilip Pawar
what the hell is this 😡
first you tell us that have past life
and now benny got married and
nick miss him😏bullshit
😎: Hee Hee
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BL ❤❤world
Eh its confusing
Benny you are confusing Nick and author you are confusing us too
BL ❤❤world: Okay author
😎: Hei.. just few more... bare with it...please.. ❤️💋
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Favour Banwo
Ummm I'm so confused I have to stop reading this for a while
argh, i feel broken heart.. oh my God.. update please...
BL ❤❤world
I can't wait anymore
Am even sad for Nick
Scarlett Heart ❤️🩸💃
Author great story ...plzz let the magic of the necklace stimulate their feelings for each other
😎: Yes sure..
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I can't wait to see how this bl story gets better. Author pls update faster. fighting!! fighting!!
😎: Sure dear..
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urine aoi
please upload fast I can't wait
co co
i support you author likewise please update daily dont skip atleast for this crazy fan
😎: sure!! definitely i will update it daily .. don't worry
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BL ❤❤world
Author please nothing must happen to Nick
Make him happy again please, I can't stand Nick been sad
urine aoi
nick u have my full support
Magic Garza
that's black butler in the second picture
김태형: yeah Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive
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co co
i don't think so he'll be there
co co: sure buddy
sarah: Hey!

Please take a look at my new chat story! 💕💕💕❤️❤️🙏☺️☺️☺️

"MY Evil Boss"
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Scarlett Heart ❤️🩸💃
umm yeah I think he is bi wants to be with both 😂😂😂....Sry..but I'm a bad guy !!!
Neha 🌹👸 Mtn admin: My sincere apologize for disturbing you. If you find my comment not good please say so, I will immediately delete it. 😀😀

Hello, I am Neha. 😉

Another beginner in the writing world. I currently have 5 books on my profile. You will be able to find from genres ranging from mystery, romance, horror, comedy, time travel and one BL book on my profile.😇😗😱

It would mean the world to me if you could check them out. Lots of love from me. I hope you have the brightest day, today. Please, keep showing us your beautiful smile.


~Thank you.
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