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My Naughty Sweetheart

CaiJian Culture
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I hate him. I stand on the opposite side of him, taking revenge against him with what he had taught me. But I love him, I destroy myself when I destroy him.

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Hottest Comments
Seriously you take more then a hour to go there😑😑😑
other MCs would have taken less then five minutes😒😒😒
Goddess of creation: Just take a revenge that gives him more pain than you felt and I know this is gonna happen but don’t fall in love with each other 😑
Luna Yeah: He’s a bigger disappointment then my brother
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Unconditional_Love ♥
Girl! Just disappear from his life, forget about your revenge and live a happy life with your unborn baby
Unconditional_Love ♥ : Yeah.. Hope she make her decision soon. Before she got hurt more then that 😢
lydia calla: Hell yeah. I would do the same. Run away from that bastard and such a vengeful lyf. Go someplace no one would know me and start a new lyf.
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panda 🐼
when she threw the phone, I thought the police won't come...hahahahahaha
Adhani SixIOneILS: I think it’s Jinnian’s PA who called the police before going to that place
Savannah Lewis: I guess they traced the call? She never gave a location, but she also didn't hang up. 🤔
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