My Naughty Sweetheart
Romance / Modern / Unscheduled / Strong Female Lead

My Naughty Sweetheart

CaiJian Culture
My Naughty Sweetheart
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My Naughty Sweetheart Comics Online. I hate him. I stand on the opposite side of him, taking revenge against him with what he had taught me. But I love him, I destroy myself when I destroy him.

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Strong Female Lead
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This story is like a trainwreck you just can't look away. At this point, I think the writer is just throwing these incidents in for the drama. Yu Jinnian needs to take notes from Guan Xu of "Arranged Marriage with a Billionaire". I mean, he has his share of problems too but at least he demonstrates the capacity to LEARN to trust and believe in the FL. This guy just keeps repeating the same thing over and over - something bad happens and FL just happened to be at the centre of it → instant blame and abuse thrown at her without any investigation → truth comes out, he's unrepentant, she forgives him. Rinse and repeat.
Exiestz: its been 3 weeks. why there's still no update? should be already 3 episode, i guess.🤔
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: I love that you referenced Titian. I took AP Art History back in HS and know what you're talking about. I absolutely love the Renaissance period, and so many of those artists were sneaky about that. 👏👏
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OKAY NOW IM MAD WTF IS WRONG WITH U!?!? instead of jumping to conclusions and suspecting her has he ever thought she could’ve possibly been framed!?!? I bet it’s that other girl that did it 😡 omfg I hate how much of a douchebag this ML is. Girl you need to stop forgiving him in 3 seconds, this is just repetitive now. They get upset with each other then sleep with each other the next chapter, then there goes so unfunny comedy relief scenes after that! I already see it coming 😑
블랙 핑크: Ikr!! She should just stop forgiving his ass.. What a dum fl.. I would have just cut his ball off if he do that to me
sydney ung: Ikr that dude needa struggle and learn how to treat a lady aka his own wife he fell in love with and were together for 2 DANG LONG YEARS AND EVEN SENT HER TO FLIPPIN TORTURE HOUSE. Seriously, he should really get a beating from somebody, anybody! Can she just leave and go elsewhere or anywhere far, she needs a break from that stupid husband and chill for a bit.
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With a mother like this, it's not surprising that the male lead should be such an awful and uncaring piece of work. But many other men grow up enough to make decent husbands, taking the side of their wife when mom is acting like a crazed warthog from Hell so what exactly is HIS problem? Does he really want to let his mom choose his mate? Doesn't he realize that HER choice will be a woman just like her on the inside who will, trust me, begin to resemble her on the outside sooner or later, expressions limited to virulent rage, vindictive malice, whining dissatisfaction, gloating satisfaction, naked greed, manipulative fake affection, selfish pettiness, unvarnished cruelty and a deep pleasure in the pain and humiliation of others? If this is what he wants, then we can only say welcome to your banquet of unpleasantness and rot you stupid man and bon apetit as you nose around the trough and slurp up whatever those two immoral, self loving, disgusting sows serve you after they've got the best of everything for themselves. Go ahead and work yourself to death for women like THAT and let our girl take her divorce settlement and make a life for herself. She's earned it and you're an idiot.
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