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My Naughty Sweetheart

CaiJian Culture
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My Naughty Sweetheart Comics Online. I hate him. I stand on the opposite side of him, taking revenge against him with what he had taught me. But I love him, I destroy myself when I destroy him.

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With a mother like this, it's not surprising that the male lead should be such an awful and uncaring piece of work. But many other men grow up enough to make decent husbands, taking the side of their wife when mom is acting like a crazed warthog from Hell so what exactly is HIS problem? Does he really want to let his mom choose his mate? Doesn't he realize that HER choice will be a woman just like her on the inside who will, trust me, begin to resemble her on the outside sooner or later, expressions limited to virulent rage, vindictive malice, whining dissatisfaction, gloating satisfaction, naked greed, manipulative fake affection, selfish pettiness, unvarnished cruelty and a deep pleasure in the pain and humiliation of others? If this is what he wants, then we can only say welcome to your banquet of unpleasantness and rot you stupid man and bon apetit as you nose around the trough and slurp up whatever those two immoral, self loving, disgusting sows serve you after they've got the best of everything for themselves. Go ahead and work yourself to death for women like THAT and let our girl take her divorce settlement and make a life for herself. She's earned it and you're an idiot.
Tangela Reynolds
he is a dumbass. I still dont get his issue. she has every right to hate him. he helped set up her father and destroyed his company causing his death. but why does he keep treating her like she did something wrong? by all rights she should hate him and want revenge. but she even gave all that up because she couldn't get over her feelings for him. she came to this realization after she had to kill her baby. but what about him? he has only gotten worse. I think she should give up on him and just start over. he's useless. even if he did have some feelings, he still managed to do something like that knowing how hurt shed be. I say, either he has no heart and was only obsessed with her or he is incredibly shortsighted. either way is no good. leave him and start over is what's best for her.
and in still trying to figure out, was she pregnant before when she passed out and as bleeding. was that a miscarriage or her period? they never clarified. 😧
|DarkNizzy|: I think it was her miscarriage again
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Toka Saphira
seriously? don't give him already signed divorce papers. That's exactly what his mother wants! If you truly want to punish them, stay married, give nothing back, and disappear*. He can't move on with his life, remarry, or anything with those stocks unless he can prove she's dead or she signs both the divorce & stock papers.

*all she needs to do to leave is to hide in the bathroom, call 911 or the emergency provider, and tell them she fears for her life and is hiding in their bathroom at their address. The police SHOULD come and help escort her out. She might need to go to the station to fill out paperwork, but having an official document stating everything that happened isn't necessarily a bad thing. She then gets on a plane and leaves.
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