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Warm Wedding

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🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: faster way about what?? and i saw you, you replied there already.. and if you don't want to talk with us, it's also fine. just chill while reading manga😊😊😊
kenyan girl: i still can't isn't there a faster way
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Tangela Reynolds
I'm starting to worry about Ron. is there something wrong with his brain? was it injured during that incident? he doesn't seem to understand basic common sense. she is a good girl. so even if there is no love in her marriage, she will not be so cheap has to get romantically involved with ANY other man. not only does that make her seem cheap and easy to come just because you said so, it would make her and others look down upon her. doesnt matter if you are really her husband IF SHE DOESNT KNOW THAT FACT!!! I feel like slapping both of them sometimes...him for the obvious. her for not just telling him how she feels rather than just constantly reminding him that shine is her husband. she could say some thong like, " I am not that cheap!" or "what would that make me, if I turn to you while being married to your broth?" or anything like that that would make him understand how he's making her feel and push his dumb ass to tell her the truth. or is he waiting for her to fall for him so that she hopefully will be happy to hear he is her husband. dream on. the longer you wait the more hurt and angry she will be when she learns the truth. just saying. 😔
MeewChan: I read this BIG comment and i feel the same way, tho i feel this trick he’s pulling does gets old really fast and at this point it’s just boring because it makes no sense.. to expect so much from someone who doesn’t know the truth is too much.. Based on her knowledge, he’s rooting for her to cheat on a person who she thinks is her husband ... im bored now because it gets too illogical. So I’m dropping this, dont feel like i wanna read the same prob n issue til 100 episodes..
Shornica Richards: jjivjh3hi. vvh. I n not no bigc
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😇Angel Rain 🌧
for me overall this story is good .. BUT 1 i DON'T like aboue FL character ! author make she DON'T have a PRIDE !!! i know it's not her fault what actually happened .. but come on ! she think that ML touch her last night .. but why she only can be CRIED n ONLY TAKE A AFTERPILL ??!! for her is sexual harrasement.. i know it's her husband .. but ONLY she didn't know .. now when i see her react make me feel she's cheap . why u not make that FL being wild and recless a bit when she know that she like betrayed husband ?? like push ML to tell the truth?!!
MeewChan: Agreed, she doesnt have a backbone in this story. No strong standing for herself at all only a damsel in distress
😇Angel Rain 🌧: FL - Female Lead , ML - Male Lead
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Lol alex (I am a girl!!!) Dang it
Sadness: But shine this really ok?
Disgust: Oh geez Ron is soo *Bleeeeh* his actions are just *pukes*
Fear: What if Shine will die? What if Charlotte is pregnant?? If she is will she abort the baby??
Anger: Why doesn't Ron tell Charlotte the TRUTH!!!!!!

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💖#S. A. R. A. H.🤪: Lol I feel you 😂😂
Kim yugyeom❤️: All of those kpop groups in your name but not one of them is GOT7😢
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stella infinity
i feel bad for her. poor Charlotte. she's been kept in the darkness by Ron for so long. he teased her sland even took her first time. what the hell. he thinks she is also like other girls after his money only but what is he doing to her. getting close to her disguised as his brother Shine (as per what Charlotte believes is his actual husband) he is cheating her, lying to her, even disrespecting her altogether. humph!!! Ron and Charlotte are cute together and i love this couple but i just wished her to know the truth and letting her be in the darkness. she is feeling guilty for being close to her brother in law behind his husband's back. which is clearly not the case!!😣😣😣😣
Manahil Fatima
Guys don't waste your time waiting for the next update... You go to your browser and search for Manga sy, there you can read more chapters that website had updated chapters to maybe 156 or many more
Manahil Fatima: Yeah it's name is into the bones of warm marriage 😊
gon be my boyfriend 😢😙😍: nope it isn't locked. but it has a different name. into the bones of warm marriage i think not sure
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Tangela Reynolds
it never occurred to you to inform her of the situation before you came up with such a backward ass plan. did they ever consider her morals and standards. a woman like her would feel ashamed for falling in love with her husband's brother. can you imagine how she feels know in that she slept with someone else? there is something seriously wrong with these people. and I bet they don't even feel like they be done anything wrong. and also bet that Ron will not even apologize and basically demand that she continue living on as his wife because it is what he wants. it doesnt matter how she feels about it to them. poor charlotte.
Shaneela Abhelakh: The person who wrote this story maby seems to see woman as a tissue that who wants c can jush it. hoop he didn't see her /his mother and sisters en daughter so.😔😭😭
Assey lum: They take her so lightly like she's not a human being whom have feelings too. Even in the end she's still Ron's wife they could never replace her heartache for thinking she's a despicable women.
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Pinkmari Pinkmari
HELLO? people are like are they blind? It's not that easy to find out easy for us coz we already know it. And um they ar still brothers right?So they look like echother ...she have never seen the real Shine so...yah XD. And about other people they maybe think he changed a bit after he burnt. + maybe it's easy to figure it out for us coz it a drawing but maybe Author is meanning "his outfit" with other way but they can't draw it that rilistig ... so yah. ( sorry for spell my autocorrect)
Pls don't tell me that this white hair girl likes Ron... She looks exactly like a slut... I wonder why Shine likes her🤔... But her eyes are kinda pretty... Hahaha!!! But I still hate her.... Who also hate her?
Rina-chan💚: yes,she likes ron,and shine likes her because he didn't really know how slutty is she realy lmao
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hey white hair girl you b*tch why does this weeks so many white hair villians come i hate it she should got an award for being the best f*cking actress how dare she she already played with shine heart and now you want to take advange on ron no no no ron is only belong to our girl so step off b*tch😤😤😤😤
What a drag 😪: how did you know?
Jellal Fernandes: nope ,he was written in the novel
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Palaye Royale
I’ve read to chapter 160. she found out that she’s been seeing Ron disguised as shine but she still thinks she’s Shines wife and not rons. I feel like she’s never going to know she’s actually rons wife :/
yan'er: Yahhh it's in to the bones of warm marriage,, thank you..
Palaye Royale : Mang:1asy but take off the (:1) 🤧 i don’t understand why you guys don’t understand... unless it won’t show up????
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Justin Wilde
This is so stupid.. he wants her to have his child but is not telling her that he actually is her husband.. she is trying to be moral by staying faithful to the person she thinks is her husband but for that she is accused of being a gold digger.. is her real husband brainless that he wants his wife to be immoral and have baby with the person she thinks is her brother-in-law to prove that her love is annoying 😑
aoi yuriko: really true...hope she at least know who is her husband...
👑💙pearl_princess💙👑: yep 😏😏😏
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Annaliza Arboleda Tayo
hahaha! sarap mo tampalin ron dami mong alam... hahahaha! sabihin mo na kasi sa kanya.. dami mo pang arte e... kita na ngang mahal ka nya e... hayst! naku! ginugulo mo pa utak ng tao e... wag kang anu! i know you had to do something to keep your brother alive but it is still not fair to her for not telling the truth she is your wife after all...
MthenJthenCthenZthenAthen4: Hahaha oo nga dami naintindihan ni ron kulit eh... kawawa nmn c charlotte
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Azrah Malik
At this point of the story i really need some progress
THE TRUTH: Because shine wanted ron to not be lonely when he dies
Amiksha: And I need them to tell each other the secrets of them (like why Charlotte was married to shine)
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Samira El
all the episode 138 to the story warm weeding , Ron is never tell her the truth, the truth she is his wife , but all the episode 138 never tell her but he is love him , I read the story warm weeding in apk is name is MANGA SLAYER , I read the story in name INTO THE BORN OF WARM MARRIAGE . I waiting to read next episode 139 in the apps
Samira El: the apps is in Arabic language , it isn't in English or French , if you speak Arabic read the story in this apps MANGA SLAYRE .
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I am know Jean has ulterior motives by doing this but I find myself being thankful to her for the help. The MC wasn't going to go back to the house with Ron and didn't need to after the way he treated her and still isn't the least bit remorseful about how he mistreated her. Also she did need that money for the sick child and heaven only knows what Ron would have subjected her to, thinking that he was entitled to do so, if he ended up giving the money.
stella infinity
humph! now even i am tired of keep saying to let her know the truth!! take your time.. take forever to tell her.
i will just try and ignore the fact take she is being lied and disrespected and cheated.
and how wrong this is. (my life principle)
story is nice and just loosing interest now a bit.
will try focusing on only reading and let it go😑✌
man you're so pathetic you deserve being abandon , yet i can't blame you for not trusting girls because of what happened to your brother , but still not every girls are same ! now you know the feeling of she never admit that she love you ,now if she knows you lied about you being her husband she will hate you and never believe you ever !
It's_my_honor: Yes.. you are right... Or maybe She won't listen to him anymore what ever his reason why he keep away from her that she is his wife...
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Really you aren't eligible for wife material. Someone pls gives her a bunch of six sense. How can a burn patient doing couple things!!! Even also his treatment is running now. Don't you have a any kind of curiosity girl???
Jellal Fernandes: well ,she is too naive n kind that's why she chooses to believe everyone..
Aparna Chaudhari: I agree you
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I’m curious to know how she’ll react knowing it was Ron all along. 😂 😂 I hope she makes his life miserable. He’s being unfair to her, enough with the lies already. He’s taking it too far.
Joel Molina: She will be in shock and crying a lot
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