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Warm Wedding

Princess Hinata
I have recently listened about many spoiler.. Some people are saying "Ron and Charlotte will be together", there are some people who are saying, " Ron and Mo will be together", Others are saying, "Ron will go on adultery with many women" while other are saying, "Ron will not do anything adultery".

I actually don't what will be the future of this manhua or what The Author is thinking..

But I will still say that Ron is a b*stard, psycho, egoitic person.. He just lied her wife without no reason and psychologocally tortured which does not make any sense.. Why?? In fact not only Ron, his whole family is psycho.. He just did it to protect her which is really a ridiculous and stupid logic. If he told her truth from the beginning, Charlotte would help him in handeling his Shine's matter..Ron's whole family just used her as a machine but did not care about his feelings...

As for Charlotte, she does not have any self esteem, personality. I don't blame on charlotte for being gullible because it was Ron's fault.But She is always so soft on Ron when Ron makes love with him.. Does not she have any mouth?? Does not she slap him? If were in place of charlotte, i would never forgive this Ron and his family and flee away from their crazyness.

Ridiculous logic of Ron!! He just hide things for not hurting charlotte but did he consider how did charlotte feel?? What is she going through?? So b*stard guy...,😠😠😠😠😠
Thoona Ibrahim: can u give me the link plx?
timoen perak: jyhit.fig98gk
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Princess Hinata
Charlotte has just known that ron was pretending as shine but she still does not know that ron is her husband because i read this manhua untill 185 chapter...Well, I was really happy with the chapter but I was dissapointed at chapter 170-173... Because ron will again have s*x with charlotte and the ridiculous matter is charlotte won't obtest him..😑😑😑. There is still no truth reveation until chapter 185.

Dear Author, let me tell you something.. Your writing is really good. This manhua was really interesting at the beginning but you make the character of charlotte over imaginay soft. Woman is also human. They are not doll, game or product with whom people can play easily.. Charlotte will be played again and again by ron but in last charlotte will have to forgive him.. Why?? Is woman a kind of joke?? Ron's and Ron's family lying towards charlotte will just cross the limit but in the end charlotte has to be soft and forgivable in front him. Does it make any sense??. I am also woman but i can't tolerate a woman with low personality.

Dear author, I am not critizing you. I am again saying your work is really good but please don't make a woman so dumb like charlotte.. It is really painful. My purpose is expressing my own personal opinion but not to offend other.. If anybody gets hurt, accept my apology..☺☺☺☺
Princess Hinata: Manga sy.. You will find more updated chapters of this manhua..As for novel, you can find it on novelonlinefull.. Title is, "Warm wedding, CEO loves me"
rin yuni: where do you read the novel? i want to read too
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Tbh i actually get Yvon Ram. She was ordered to kill Shine and Ron by the Godfather of this mafia that Ron is investigating. So, she spied and seduced her way in to get to the Fan family. An easier target, she specially seduced Shine Fan and became his gf. However, through the years, she actually started falling for Ron Fan because he understood how it was and felt to be part of a dark environment like she was in and the struggles you face. But even so, because of Shine Fan, Ron even if he was undoubtedly dark in his ways, could also still be sweet. Yvon Ram liked this about Ron. After some time, the Godfather was already pressuring Yvon Ram to kill both brothers. So, she had to devised a plan...which was the fire that nearly killed both brothers. Shine and Ron Fan were supposed to die, but because she felt empathy for Ron, Yvon also tried helping him out. BUT, Shine was the one who got to save Ron and Ron felt indebted and sorry to Shine thereafter. Because they were both still alive, Yvon had no choice but to try escaping both the brothers AND the Mafia's Godfather.

Because of everything that happened, Yvon is now crazier than before because of what she had to do to the brothers, how Ron is now treating her, how she still has to help Ron / The Godfather, and how she has to fake with Shine repeatedly because of Ron forcing her when she doesnt even love Shine at all and is getting more disgusted with him because of how shes being forced to fake a good relationship with him.
Raihan 💜💜💜: she didn't know if Ron was shines brother if she had known she won't set that fire
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Princess Hinata
I am currently reading this novel from chapter 260 to 750.. After reading novel, I am still not satified with the character of Ron..It is true, he is trying to change but he is still so arrogant..
And My heart aches by thinking about the sufferings of Charlotte.. What a cruel life she lead!!!..She has to go through a lot of sufferings.. What an unlucky girl!! She does not have her own parents from her childhood.. She does not have any peaceful moments in her uncle's house and is always bullied by her cousins..And the worst day comes in her life when she is married to Ron..Unlimited torturing of yveg, lying of ron's, imprisonment in Ron's father's house for 5 years etc many more.. But does a girl like charlotte deserve this life??? She should deserve a better life.. I am sorry to say that If I was in place of Charlotte, I would never entangle with ron and I would definitely divorce Ron and I would find a better partner. Ron is just arrogant, selfish and b@stard person..
In reality, people like charlotte has to suffer like this.. People always takes advantages of girl like charlotte.. They always find the oppurtunity to bully her, use her according to their own wish.. Charlotte is really pure hearted and kind girl but her lack of dignity and confidence pisses me very much..
To my point of view, a person should not loss courage in any situation..She should be brave enough to move forward.
Princess Hinata: warm wedding, ceo loves me..
Mäňķä Đë Přîñčë: can you please tell me the name of the novel? x
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got so much Spoilers, if you want to know something just ask me, there would be to much to say, so much already happened
Charlotte and Ron will Have 👉🏻👌🏻 many times
Like In the car, on a Table in some room in the Villa and whatever

Charlotte is pregnant nobody except her knows yet

Yvonne is still there 🙄

Yvonne want To find out if it’s really Ron that is interested in Charlotte, so she’s hiding in Charlotte her bed (naked by the way) to see if Ron is really trying to have 👉🏻👌🏻 with. Of course he wanted to but then saw that it’s Yvonne laying there not his Charlotte, then Charlotte came in because she heard some noises and saw them on bed so she said „sorry“ and was going away, Ron wanted to chase after her but then yvonne said „so it is actually you trying to steal the woman from you brother with an evil smile“ but then Ron said „She’s my woman now ! Ron Fangs woman you understand ?!“ and got away leaving Yvonne shocked after what he said

Charlotte finally knows that Ron is her Husband and was confronting shine first with this but in a sad mode
MC_206: Into to the bones of warm wedding
Underwater_ sumi: does it have a different name on the website?
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Princess Hinata
I hate all the characters of this manhua except charlotte and her senior. At the beginning, I really had a soft corner on shine. As the time flies, he will be more dumb..As a brother in law, he should take the responsibility to speak the truth to charlotte..But he will shoulder responsobility on Ron which will be more ridiculous..!!! He is so blind in love with his so called girlfriend that he forgot his duty..

I really hate aunt an and doris.. As a woman, they should take side of charlotte.. But no!!! Aunt ann changed the pil so that charlotte can't divorce ron.. Who is this aunt an to change the pill?? Does not she have a bit of shame??? And this doris is a blind fan of Ron.. Doris should have a responsibility to support charlotte. But in stead of it, she has become a 24 hour spy of charlotte to tell the whereabouts of charlotte to Ron.. I suspect that doris also knows the truth but it may be true or false. Aunt an and doris are the cruel woman who bring suffer in another woman's (Charlotte) life.

I really want charlotte and senior together.. Senior is the one who speak the truth to charlotte.. After he was beaten up by Ron, he did not stay away from charlotte and help charlotte to find the culprit.. I will not mind if charlotte entangles with senior. They both deserves to each other. But unfortunately, it won't happen..😠😠😠😠😡
Princess Hinata: You mean lying to charlotte with his family is really right???..Making internal relationship with her as a brother in law is right to your point of view??? Think about your situation in place of charlotte.. Suppose every member in your husband's family is lying to you without no reason, psychology torturing you without no reason, can you tolerate it??? How can you say that ron is better than senior?? If her senior would not reveal the truth to charlotte, I don't know how many tortures would charlotte have to tolerate unlimited torturing from ron and ron's family??? Ron beated her senior without no reason for his stupid psychopath jealousy, after all you will support that beating.???..I am sorry, at this point, I have to disagree with you.. Her senior is better than ron. It's charlotte's misfortune that she has to stuck with this psycho family and psycho husband for reimbusing money for her so called family..
Lazuli18Gamer: Sorry but her ex is annoying, Ron is way better ;p
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Nibury 😘
i m literally hating and despising this comic, author and especially Ron even though its one of my favorite manga bt after reading spoiler from the novel i m quitting this pathetic sadistic story of a guy who eventually toys with eveyone emotion and make play thing of Charlotte. Main problem of this story is not Ron bt the author who drew such a male chavnestic character.Really hating end of this story in which ron sleeps with number of women after Charlotte Left her two twins with him and ultimately married to other woman named Mo or something as per novel and have kid with her. Before finding his so called true love with that damm mo he sleeps with number of women even in presence of his child with Viyon Ramm, yes he had child with vyon too though that child is of Shane ( his older brother) through insemination bt still he sleeps with that psycho vyom. And after all this hardship there is no single good thing come to end for Charlotte instead she becomes side character of the story as main lead is Ron here. such a disgusting story, hope at the end manga author does not follow novels ending.😡😡😡 I m not wasting my time on such a story now 😡😡😡 Ron u go die and leave Charlotte
Jellal Fernandes: Mine😊...maybe who made this comic has gotten that spoiler from m@ng@sY..I don't know whoever wrote that spoiler but I don't think he/she understands Chinese or English well😆😆😆..please don't believe in all those spoilers..
Queen Sakura: Which one is true... jellal version or nibury? 😭😭😭😭I wanna know ( cuz I need to know if I should drop this comic or not)
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Yes, it’s true that she has suffered but to be fair, she brought a lot of the suffering onto herself. She’s very weak to begin with—even when she was living with the three Xia sisters, she let them walk all over her and she lets Ron abuse her day in and day out. Then she gets herself entangled with Ron [I’m very well aware it’s NOT her fault that Ron took interest in her and started pursuing her, but the second time she slept with Ron—she did it WILLINGLY. For a man, this gives off mixed signals and the impression that you’re also into him, so by sleeping with him again you’re already digging yourself deeper into this mess. When Doris asked Charlotte if she did indeed sleep with him and why, she herself said ‘I don’t really know anymore..’ and resumes to crying. At this point, I can’t even feel sorry for her anymore because 50% of her sufferings come from the bad choices she made.] Let’s be real—at this point what girl with a brain would continue to walk down this path?
xiao shen
Still seeing comments with the wrong "spoilers". For the nth time (AND THIS IS A REAL SPOILER, SO IF YOU DONT WANNA KNOW, STOP READING RIGHT NOW): Ron never married any other girl. He never slept with anyone else after he fell in love with Charlotte. He only stayed in love with her, and only her. Their journey would be long(will span years), a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings will be made, and there'd definitely be lots of heartaches along the way, but they will remain in love with each other until the end.

i hope there'd be no more Anonymous' spoilers who would spread fake rumors against this comic/story. I feel so sorry for the makers of this comic as they have lost a lot of followers after the fake spoilers.
TAEHYUNG💜BTS: Omg thanks because of I didn’t leave but to be honest I actually like how it’s going
dark: aaawww..but...🤦🤦 so many misunderstandings huh?
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al bina noor dola
I don't see any reason to blame her so much like y'all doing.. wtf is wrong with u guys I agree it's a bit dumb of her to not know till now,but remember that she is being deceived from the very first day of the wedding? she just being treated like a women just to fulfil Ron's desire whenever he wishes. it's really good of Ron that he loves his brother this much and care for him but in between he just ruining a girl's life what right does he have to do that? doesn't Charlotte deserves s Lil bit care or love? does Caring for his brother requires so much injustice towards this girl? I don't know but I m totally disappointed on Ron's character I thought with time he would treat her better but alas it never happened! Charlotte have suffered the most in this story after shine! Caring for his brother and doing this things with Charlotte are not even relavent with each other.. I really upset with this story right now, hope Ron's character would grow some atleast tenderness for her! this is heartbreaking,and I hope shine doesn't die 😭
Anonymous: Ron is a piece of shit, but Charlotte is no better for allowing herself to be entangled with him. I know what most of you are going to say—that she was cornered into it, but you go back into the chapters and read closely, Charlotte didn’t only sleep with Ron once, it was TWICE, and she did it willingly. I am a firm believer that it takes two to tango. No matter how hard Charlotte tries to deny the fact that she wants anything to do with Ron, there is a part of her that does feel something for him which is why she WILLINGLY slept with him [refer to chapter where she woke up in the car and Ron was watching the sunrise in the morning]. We can agree that Ron Fan is a piece of shit, but all I’m saying is that Charlotte definitely deserves SOME of the blame for her current situation.
BaconTweedle: Ron is a POS.
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Lan Yui
"stay with me for a while." omg I fell in love
not to say I didn't like him for a while... why did I take a break from this??? is it because I was fangirling? yep it was definitely cause I was fangirling omg I'm gonna explode this is so unique and different cause of the eyes I looove the eyes oh how I wish I was her!!!! I'd rather be her than hawt boys falling left right and center!!! in reality this is really sad cause when dc fee I read a comic I fell sad"why arent i that pretty?","Why aren't I that lucky?","Why?Why?Why?Whyyy?"😭😭 because nothing is perfect and I'm gonna die salon😒yeah god or whatever is up there I'm angry at you to make me feel so much grief.... yeah I am petty!!! .... anyways that's probably why I took a break in the first place... yeah... any ways he's HOT perfect and divine(yeah, a word I haven't used in two years is being used for the first time in forever on a hot guy) well I'm gonna keep on reading cause I'm not done the episode yet... I'm on "stay with me or a while " this is killing me(knock on wood me I've never written some thing I his long) bye love ya cutie😍😍
Ana Ulloa: Javi will stay with u for ever
Usui: Lan Yui want to chat?
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Tangela Reynolds
she really is stupid. she doesnt have to sleep with him just because he kisses her. and he is even stupider. just because she's fallen for you doesnt mean he's won. does he not realize this whole time he's been completely disregarding her feeling and has only been concerned about himself and his brother. when has she ever entered his thoughts except for when he wanted to tease her. he never thought about keeping her there until she found out the truth and wanted to leave and I honestly don't know why she is even still hanging around them. I would be signed the divorce papers and gave them to him and waited to hear that it was done with. but this stupid girl keeps hanging around because of shone whom she know doesnt give a dann about her. I really don't know if she is just too stupid or too kind. honestly!
Mika~Mika: same she already found out the truth that his been playing her and still hanging there doing ya know letting her body laid by ron
Princess Hinata: Ron is egoistic and charlotte does not have her self esteem...😑😑. Ron's family is playing with her and charlotte is giving chance to them to play with her...😫😫
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xiao shen
I dont know if i should laugh or cry about the damned spoilers hahaha. i have read the original novel/ book, and from what i understood, Ron remained faithful and in love with Charlotte. Yes, he was really a jerk and an a-hole at first, and he was blinded by revenge which made him commit numerous mistakes, but he really ever remained in love with Charlotte until the end. I dont know if there are different versions to this story, but that is the book i have read. After i read the confusing spoilers, i had to re-check the important chapters again. I swear i cant find where it was said that he slept with Yvon or his assistant, or that he got married with another woman called Mo. The book i read it was clearly stated that he stayed married and in live with Charlotte and their kids. Im totally confused and i cant help but laugh at all the confusion.
fan of adorable jk: u sure u asking?? cuz I only read it in mangatoon
Rhei: what apps u used to read this novel?
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in last chapter which I read.........Shine will pick up Charollet from college.....and in the car she will give him divorce paper and says that she doesn't want any monetary compensation......she has her own circumstance due to which she wants divorce........Shine will take the paper(in shine's mind-she is a kind woman who wants 'Divorce' from me)and ask her was she forced to marry and 2nd question was is she in love with Ron......Charollet will deny that.
After reaching home when Ron show Charollet he said what are you doing her......then shine replid😂😂😂😂😂😂...
Megan Sanchez: still updating
odelia roav: where to read
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Ayemyintmyat Min
I don’t get it, it was all Ron’s fault from the beginning of deceiving Charlotte, she is totally innocent. And why does Shine killing himself have to do with Charlotte leaving? Wasn’t Ron the reason behind all this. And would Shine commit suicide if he told him about yvon ram? Surely not! And honestly, Ron should b touched instead that Charlotte is showing care for him and his family, even though all the lost is only her- forced kiss, s*x ,even her youth and all the times that she should be happily spending. Now she blames herself for Shine’s suicide and has been feeling bad all along because she has feelings for her husband’s brother. I’m pretty sure she expressed her feelings for Ron right in front of him too. Ron should explain everything and show more affection towards her, not dominating over her or even trying to threaten her! What pitiful girl, still loving the guy who took away her everything and tortured her....
JWang got7: exactly!!! oh man!! that shine's doc needs to look at ron as well.... 🙄🙄🙄
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this manga don't have a ending 😒😒😒🤔🤔🤔

soon i will hear writer not feeling well to continue write the manga

i am tired now this have a lot to go

brother have to get better and he have to find out yvon is evil . fall in love with charlotte friend

Ron have to find out charlotte is pregnant and she have to find out that her real husband is Ron, altho she is stupid how can she not know that he is her husband come on if ron love his brother he will never touch his brother woman like really

this is draining too damn much
Raihan 💜💜💜: it's on manga sy
baby: how u know that ?
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xiao shen
I dont know if i should laugh or cry about the damned spoilers hahaha. i have read the original novel/ book, and from what i understood, Ron remained faithful and in love with Charlotte. Yes, he was really a jerk and an a-hole at first, and he was blinded by revenge which made him commit numerous mistakes, but he really ever remained in love with Charlotte until the end. I dont know if there are different versions to this story, but that is the book i have read. After i read the confusing spoilers, i had to re-check the important chapters again. I swear i cant find where it was said that he slept with Yvon or his assistant, or that he got married with another woman called Mo. The book i read it was clearly stated that he stayed married and totally in love with Charlotte and their kids. Im really so so confused about the spoilers from anonymous sources. Where did they get all those sh*t seriously.
Tangela Reynolds
I knew it. what do they plan to gain by forcing her to stay? if it isnt what she chose for herself, then this is imprisonment. she doesnt want to stay there. she doesn't want to be with Ron...and who could blame her with the way he acts. and she definitely didn't choose to get pregnant. that was all their choosing in order to force her to stay and now their choosing not to give her the divorce like she asked. forcing her again. she should just leave. disappear and go some where very far away and not let herself get tracked.
Shakshi Dubba Sanjeev: My exact thoughts
Shakshi Dubba Sanjeev: My exact thoughts
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Tangela Reynolds
it is hard to find good help. didnt shine ask y'all not to let her come back and then auntie Ann just had to go and take her food. I bet she did it on purpose. but that really ticks me off too. after everything this girl has been through, you think if you apologize then she will just forgive and forget? why should she? and why is she so worried about shine? this whole thing was his fault? why did he think he could force his brother to get married to some random girl? I know he didnt expect him to just accept it? and I dont know why she would think his suicide was her fault. they don't even know each other. she really does get on my nerves at times. if you've made the decision to leave then don't look back. but you just had to go...well I guess I dont have a choice but to keep reading to see what happens. 😔
Rabeya Khatun Roza
i can tell you guys what will happen next.....ehm ehm.. ...
she will go to another country after her graduation and will give birth twin baby..they will look like Ron..then they will comeback to her homeland... they'll meet each other...ron will tell her truth that he is her husband but charolatte will refuse to go with him...that's all i can say
Raihan 💜💜💜: well you should have said that it's your guess
SS: thank you
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