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Warm Wedding

Warm Wedding
Princess Hinata
I am currently reading this novel from chapter 260 to 750.. After reading novel, I am still not satified with the character of Ron..It is true, he is trying to change but he is still so arrogant..
And My heart aches by thinking about the sufferings of Charlotte.. What a cruel life she lead!!!..She has to go through a lot of sufferings.. What an unlucky girl!! She does not have her own parents from her childhood.. She does not have any peaceful moments in her uncle's house and is always bullied by her cousins..And the worst day comes in her life when she is married to Ron..Unlimited torturing of yveg, lying of ron's, imprisonment in Ron's father's house for 5 years etc many more.. But does a girl like charlotte deserve this life??? She should deserve a better life.. I am sorry to say that If I was in place of Charlotte, I would never entangle with ron and I would definitely divorce Ron and I would find a better partner. Ron is just arrogant, selfish and b@stard person..
In reality, people like charlotte has to suffer like this.. People always takes advantages of girl like charlotte.. They always find the oppurtunity to bully her, use her according to their own wish.. Charlotte is really pure hearted and kind girl but her lack of dignity and confidence pisses me very much..
To my point of view, a person should not loss courage in any situation..She should be brave enough to move forward.
LittleTreasurexJason: His best friend is a woman not a guy. Ktbn.
Princess Hinata: Actually, I have read the novel until 976.. When will he have @dultery with his best friend??? I did not complete the full novel yet. Well, whatever, i don't know he will @dultry or not but I still don't like Ron..😶😑😑.. He is so arrogant..
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Princess Hinata
Charlotte has just known that ron was pretending as shine but she still does not know that ron is her husband because i read this manhua untill 185 chapter...Well, I was really happy with the chapter but I was dissapointed at chapter 170-173... Because ron will again have s*x with charlotte and the ridiculous matter is charlotte won't obtest him..😑😑😑. There is still no truth reveation until chapter 185.

Dear Author, let me tell you something.. Your writing is really good. This manhua was really interesting at the beginning but you make the character of charlotte over imaginay soft. Woman is also human. They are not doll, game or product with whom people can play easily.. Charlotte will be played again and again by ron but in last charlotte will have to forgive him.. Why?? Is woman a kind of joke?? Ron's and Ron's family lying towards charlotte will just cross the limit but in the end charlotte has to be soft and forgivable in front him. Does it make any sense??. I am also woman but i can't tolerate a woman with low personality.

Dear author, I am not critizing you. I am again saying your work is really good but please don't make a woman so dumb like charlotte.. It is really painful. My purpose is expressing my own personal opinion but not to offend other.. If anybody gets hurt, accept my apology..☺☺☺☺
Yuri Yurisawa: I agreed everyone has a bottom line...... woman are not a dump and weak just like what most of the FL in Chinese manga portrayed like they have no capabilities to be independent and think for herself in how to solve her problem that they need to be dependent to her man ..... how very distasteful..
°☆《 Anastasia Lynn 》☆°: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Okay calm down everyone I know y’all (me too) all want Ron to tell Charlotte the truth but let’s dive deep into the reasons why he won’t tell her :)
1: He badly wants Shine to continue living. You see, if he tells Charlotte the truth, Shine will feel that everything is complete before he “dies” —Ron will have someone to take care of him and he’ll have a family so by not revealing the truth, Shine will still want Ron to clear his resentment
2: Ron prob wants to wait a while more for Charlotte to actually love him back (okay but she’s like hating and liking him at times cuz of his behaviour so RON BE GENTLE) cuz imagine if he tells her now she’ll feel hurt whereas if he tells her later, prob when she falls in love wif him, she wouldn’t be that heartbroken that she got fooled. Besides, if she gets really heartbroken she might want to divorce him so...
Okay *most* reasons make sense
Tbh i actually get Yvon Ram. She was ordered to kill Shine and Ron by the Godfather of this mafia that Ron is investigating. So, she spied and seduced her way in to get to the Fan family. An easier target, she specially seduced Shine Fan and became his gf. However, through the years, she actually started falling for Ron Fan because he understood how it was and felt to be part of a dark environment like she was in and the struggles you face. But even so, because of Shine Fan, Ron even if he was undoubtedly dark in his ways, could also still be sweet. Yvon Ram liked this about Ron. After some time, the Godfather was already pressuring Yvon Ram to kill both brothers. So, she had to devised a plan...which was the fire that nearly killed both brothers. Shine and Ron Fan were supposed to die, but because she felt empathy for Ron, Yvon also tried helping him out. BUT, Shine was the one who got to save Ron and Ron felt indebted and sorry to Shine thereafter. Because they were both still alive, Yvon had no choice but to try escaping both the brothers AND the Mafia's Godfather.

Because of everything that happened, Yvon is now crazier than before because of what she had to do to the brothers, how Ron is now treating her, how she still has to help Ron / The Godfather, and how she has to fake with Shine repeatedly because of Ron forcing her when she doesnt even love Shine at all and is getting more disgusted with him because of how shes being forced to fake a good relationship with him.
Shmily: Hey guys, I have written my first novel. Please check them out. It's pure, cute love. Also, have the love from family and friends. Please support my writing. You guys won't be disappointed. If u guys have any suggestions for my novel after reading it, feel free to let me know so that I can make it better.
Princess Hinata: You are right. Well, actually I don't like yvon either.. It is true that she is psycho and crazy but I hate Ron more.. Because what he did to yvon is not accepted. According to the novel, ron will impregnant yvon with shine's child by tricking..I can't support it either.. If Ron was so much concerned about shine, he could get yvon out of his brother's life and house. But he did not do it.. He accepts the worst method.. Does it make any sense??? I agree with you on that point and that is yvon has become crazy because of hetun (Ron's father) and Ron.. These two peoples are really psycho like father, like son.. but what yvon did to charlotte is also not accepted. She just tortured an innocent and pregnant girl according to the novel.
And charlotte has to fall in danger many times because of crazy people. Nuo nuo (Charlotte's son) will be kidnapped again and again..
Her life is full of suffering by entangling with Ron...😑😑
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Charlotte would be abducted while going to white mansion by Ron's enemy.......and Ron was had any idea that this would happen.....actually he used Charollet as bait😢.
for those who have read original novel.......Does Ron have a daughter with the white hair psycho?????
I don't understand why Ron is not using other measures to defeat his enemy without involving anyone not related enmity....he really the worst.😠😠😠😭😭😭😭
Princess Hinata: Hetun will torture ron very much.. But charlotte is the one who will discover the true relationship between ron and hetun.. Then hetun will regret very much.. He will try every things to persuade his son but ron will not accept him easily..
sahara sawada: yes... agree with u... but in the fact actually ron was physco 😄😄 since he is so handsome, i think he is forgiven, well hetun is ron father and Charlotte and yvon foster father too... did u know what happened to him??
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No I’m sorries or even I LOVE YOU!?!? You’re so COLD man how could you just send her off like that without ANY condolences!? And then you’re wondering why she gives you the cold shoulders!?!? Come on man, what you put out there comes right back at you!

And Charlotte I can’t blame her for not telling him about her pregnancy, he doesn’t show any love and barely any concern for her well-being! Come on man if you open up your walls she will too! 😐 the title of this comic is hell ironic not to mention misleading
sahara sawada: well she will forgive him for sure...
Luna🌙 . : i hope charlotte would never ever forgive him...and stay away from that demon ron fan.
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You’re not interested MY ASS!! 🤧 I saw everything especially how your eyes lit up when you saw her dancing on that pole 😏 tsk tsk you’re in denial brother. You liar.

And honestly the constant fighting and turmoil that’s happening in this comic is SO stressful to watch not to mention depressing. The title is “Warm Wedding”, but there’s absolutely nothing warm about this comic or their relationship, feels more like the opposite really. Ron is a cold blooded man, lacks empathy, and almost comes off as a sociopath in my opinion. I honestly don’t see any actions that shows he loves her, and even if he does, he’s not showing it by action nor words. He treats her more like an item or possession than a lover or wife.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Exactly, like this is probably one of the darkest comics I’ve ever read. Not to mention there’s so many psycho characters
Afia Azad: I think the title works as irony 🤔
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got so much Spoilers, if you want to know something just ask me, there would be to much to say, so much already happened
Charlotte and Ron will Have 👉🏻👌🏻 many times
Like In the car, on a Table in some room in the Villa and whatever

Charlotte is pregnant nobody except her knows yet

Yvonne is still there 🙄

Yvonne want To find out if it’s really Ron that is interested in Charlotte, so she’s hiding in Charlotte her bed (naked by the way) to see if Ron is really trying to have 👉🏻👌🏻 with. Of course he wanted to but then saw that it’s Yvonne laying there not his Charlotte, then Charlotte came in because she heard some noises and saw them on bed so she said „sorry“ and was going away, Ron wanted to chase after her but then yvonne said „so it is actually you trying to steal the woman from you brother with an evil smile“ but then Ron said „She’s my woman now ! Ron Fangs woman you understand ?!“ and got away leaving Yvonne shocked after what he said

Charlotte finally knows that Ron is her Husband and was confronting shine first with this but in a sad mode
MC_206: Into to the bones of warm wedding
Underwater_ sumi: does it have a different name on the website?
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Princess Hinata
I hate all the characters of this manhua except charlotte and her senior. At the beginning, I really had a soft corner on shine. As the time flies, he will be more dumb..As a brother in law, he should take the responsibility to speak the truth to charlotte..But he will shoulder responsobility on Ron which will be more ridiculous..!!! He is so blind in love with his so called girlfriend that he forgot his duty..

I really hate aunt an and doris.. As a woman, they should take side of charlotte.. But no!!! Aunt ann changed the pil so that charlotte can't divorce ron.. Who is this aunt an to change the pill?? Does not she have a bit of shame??? And this doris is a blind fan of Ron.. Doris should have a responsibility to support charlotte. But in stead of it, she has become a 24 hour spy of charlotte to tell the whereabouts of charlotte to Ron.. I suspect that doris also knows the truth but it may be true or false. Aunt an and doris are the cruel woman who bring suffer in another woman's (Charlotte) life.

I really want charlotte and senior together.. Senior is the one who speak the truth to charlotte.. After he was beaten up by Ron, he did not stay away from charlotte and help charlotte to find the culprit.. I will not mind if charlotte entangles with senior. They both deserves to each other. But unfortunately, it won't happen..😠😠😠😠😡
Princess Hinata: You mean lying to charlotte with his family is really right???..Making internal relationship with her as a brother in law is right to your point of view??? Think about your situation in place of charlotte.. Suppose every member in your husband's family is lying to you without no reason, psychology torturing you without no reason, can you tolerate it??? How can you say that ron is better than senior?? If her senior would not reveal the truth to charlotte, I don't know how many tortures would charlotte have to tolerate unlimited torturing from ron and ron's family??? Ron beated her senior without no reason for his stupid psychopath jealousy, after all you will support that beating.???..I am sorry, at this point, I have to disagree with you.. Her senior is better than ron. It's charlotte's misfortune that she has to stuck with this psycho family and psycho husband for reimbusing money for her so called family..
Lazuli18Gamer: Sorry but her ex is annoying, Ron is way better ;p
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Ok FINALLLLYYY I see some sort of genuine affection and signs of love from Ron, but honestly when Charlotte confessed her love to you, shouldn’t you at least tell her you love her too!?? That part was a BIT disappointing, but nonetheless I’m glad their relationship somewhat got better. Hopefully Ron won’t take one step forward and two step backwards in attitude.

I honestly wished Charlotte would’ve told him about the pregnancy as well, but we’ll see when he’ll find out about it soon 🙃
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: There’s no guarantee if they’ll die or not so why not confess while they can instead of taking the risk of never being able to hear it from each other? I would be even more sad if that did happen
Chrisstaja Richardson: I agree but when you think about it if you tell someone you love them before they die it’s just gonna hurt a person so bad cause then their head is gonna be filled with a bunch of what ifs but that’s also not the case with everyone
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SCREW YOU RON!! Don’t eat your own words when she leaves you heartless ass JERK! 😡🤬 And Shine NOBODY would be in this hell hole if you’d learn how to GET OVER YOURSELF and stop hanging onto Yvon and obsessing over someone that’s not even worth your damn time!! Charlotte is not only suffering because of Ron you’re also a part of the problem over here! Quit whining and acting suicidal it’s ridiculous at this point! Can’t you see how much Ron is doing for you over here!? 😠
Lorena B. Helsink: Yep, I agree.
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The gift was SO cute honestly!😍 And Yvon ram is in NO place to call her an annoying roach honestly, like takes one to know one 🙄, Charlotte is the one that’s married, not you b*tch! The annoying roach is YOU, miss psycho!

And I’m glad Charlotte has some backbone and doesn’t forgive him that easily. I always hated it whenever the ML does something horrible to the FL the FL just completely ignores and forgets what happens and forgives the ML the second he does something for them. I agree with Charlotte especially at the part when she called him out saying he never treats her as a human being. It’s funny how he proved what she said to be true saying in his mind that she’s inferior to him. He needs an attitude change ASAP!
Musical geek
My reaction to anyone who says that that guys face is wasted cause it was burned or cause he has scars...😔😔
Just cause he is burned does not make him less handsome. His scars only make him more handsome and tell of his story and what he has been through. Those scars are a part of him. They show the story how he went through the fire saved his brother, lost someone yet survived.👏🏽🍁👏🏽 They show a huge part of him. Therefore those scars is still extremely handsome, and has an amazing look. 💖If I was in the story, I would marry him just for the fact that he has a story he is nice and he is amazing and deserves love.👏🏽
💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜: Thank God someone said it. You are absolutely right. 👍🏻Love is determined by the personality not by looks.💞💞
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Zero Two (la pinche otaku XD)
bn aqui dice que shine le da una caja a Charlotte donde adentro hay un dibujo de su madre junto con un poema escrito que decia."escucho el amor, creo que el amor es una picina de lucha algas azul-verde como un viento triste a través de las perdidas de sangre con años de fe...
al siguiente dia entra ram que ya se entero de el matrimonio de ron y charlotte
shine la defiende como ella quiere entra la cuarto de ron pero no la dejan y piensa que esta con charlotte shine ordena que se la abran para ella ram estalla y le grita que es un bastardo y le da asco shine se queda en shock quiere cortarse las venas ram le dice que se encontro con su padre y quiere matar a charlotte shine se siente culpable ya que le revela que ella quiere a ron
lyryo: muchísimas gracias buen alma caritativa
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Yes, it’s true that she has suffered but to be fair, she brought a lot of the suffering onto herself. She’s very weak to begin with—even when she was living with the three Xia sisters, she let them walk all over her and she lets Ron abuse her day in and day out. Then she gets herself entangled with Ron [I’m very well aware it’s NOT her fault that Ron took interest in her and started pursuing her, but the second time she slept with Ron—she did it WILLINGLY. For a man, this gives off mixed signals and the impression that you’re also into him, so by sleeping with him again you’re already digging yourself deeper into this mess. When Doris asked Charlotte if she did indeed sleep with him and why, she herself said ‘I don’t really know anymore..’ and resumes to crying. At this point, I can’t even feel sorry for her anymore because 50% of her sufferings come from the bad choices she made.] Let’s be real—at this point what girl with a brain would continue to walk down this path?
here is how I would continue the story
5 years later
Charlotte misses Ron and the family everyday . she has started working and has a baby . she waits every day for Ron and everyone in a positive way . she stays positive that where ever they went there fine . and suddenly ....well I guess u can tell what will happen
and this is where the actual romance and the truth if everything starts coming up
Asia Hunter: Starz said that’s how they would continue the story
little princez : is that really hapen that u say...
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Nayara Braz Corrêa
These relationship has all traits of an abusive relationship: When the abused one finally takes action to put an end on it, the abuser makes her feel bad... so they never break up and it turns into a vicious cycle. I know this is just a manga and all, but it's just too bad how abuse gets rommantised. I'm sorry for Charlotte. Ron has traumas from childhood and never had an example of a good father, but still...
I'm still reading this manga because I want shine to have a happy ending.
Gerlie Garcia: I stayed to see Shine and Charlotte have their happy endings.
Gerlie Garcia: Same. I love Shine AND Charlotte. I feel bad for the both of them because the people they love/care about keep playing with their feelings.

I'm just glad that Charlotte is determined now and not being as weak as she was before. Don't let Ron and Yvon, as well as everyone else who do, bully you, Charlotte!

Shine is just.. I dunno, he's so caring towards Charlotte despite being incapacitated by his injuries. He's the only one who actually wants to be honest with her and I find that very admirable about him. I just wish he could open his eyes and see that Yvon is just using him so he won't allow that to happen.
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Snow Bunny
i ship Morris and Doris!! Finally, i can get out of my nightmare! I Had a really terrible nightmare because of Yvon ram!! She is really madly scary!! Why is Ye and Shine can like her?? Are they blind?? If they say that they are blinded by Yvon beauty, than they must be really blind! Yvon is nowhere near beauty!! Look at her face, it's so scary!!
Why does Ron not kill her?? Or maybe he can record Yvon's evil action and give it to Shine!!!! Shine is being brainwashed by Yvon...How can you be so Stupid, Brother? Do you want to give up your life for this kind of disgusting woman??
i have questions. i heard this comic has novel version and it reached 2000 episode. i just curious, part when charlotte get pregnant is what episode in novel version? i heard that charlotte will know the truth about her husband in around episode 750. will the author plan to make this comic reach tgousand episode?

in my opinion, it would be better if the author summarizes the story and reduces ron's jerk and shitty scene. and make Charlotte has a little bit self esteem. i dont know i think this story just make me bored.
Princess Hinata: welcome...☺☺
Anonymous: huwaa... i read this in midnight before and i dont know how, i missed 3 episodes 😅😅 i understand now, thank you! 😁
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Holy crap I don’t think pregnant women should even be doing that 😱😱😱 that made me anxious for the baby like WHAT!! And who’s ready to see Ron raging in jealousy? Cuz IM READY IM READY IM READY! Stay jealous you jerk that’s what you get for treating my cinnamon roll like crap!
Wild lemon: Yas Queen
Princess Hinata: ????????
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