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Guys in the novel version. I'm afraid to tell you that Ron is really disgusting. He slept with YouYou the ex-girlfriend of his brother who burned him. He kept it a secret with Charlotte and Sihen who's living all 4 together in one mansion. When Charlotte got pregnant. Ron uses her as a pawn his revenge. During the time she's kidnapped, Ron slept with Yan Bang, his assistant as well as leader of underground sindicate. Even after the kidnapping incident. Yanbang continue to be Ron's regular bed partner even until his son turned 5 years old. He's even staying in the house of Yanbang with his son during weekdays while doing her in private room while the son was sleeping. The adultery continued even after Ron and Charlotte got divorce, Charlotte divorces him because She caught Ron and YouYou having sex with Ron but Charlotte still doesn't know Yanbang who is the assistant of Ron is also his sex partner for 5 years during the time she was pregnant and kidnapped. Charlotte only knew Yanbang is his trusted aid that's why she also trust Yanbang. When divorced, Ron chases his ex-wife but Still in contact with Yanbang and sleeps with her from time to time taking his son to Yanbang's house... Charlotte accepted Ron again without knowing the disgusting relationship between him and his assistants and even until the s*x scandal was released in public by YouYou, Charlotte just accepted him again trusting his love and remarrying.
Julia V: Hes got some serious issues
Julia V: Wtf!!! That is so f-up I'm happy I didn't read the novel version because I would have thrown my phone across the room a while back, just by reading this I got pissed😑
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Princess Hinata
I have already read it upto 168 episode.. After reading all the episodes, i really feel pity on charlotte.. She is really an honest and soft minded girl.. This guy ron is really psycho.. He is so cruel!! He is just torturing charlotte.. He actually needs to consult a doctor.. The whole family of ron is really crazy. I will be very happy if charlotte divorces him and leave this crazy family forever. The whole family excluded ron' brother is really crazy.. How can they torture the girl like?? However, whatever happens, charlotte is not responsible for shing's condition.. Why did ron hide the truth from charlotte?? Is marriage a joke to him??? Ron is really a crazy bastard...
Pilus: @Inyne
Inyne: @Pilus

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Nibury 😘
i m literally hating and despising this comic, author and especially Ron even though its one of my favorite manga bt after reading spoiler from the novel i m quitting this pathetic sadistic story of a guy who eventually toys with eveyone emotion and make play thing of Charlotte. Main problem of this story is not Ron bt the author who drew such a male chavnestic character.Really hating end of this story in which ron sleeps with number of women after Charlotte Left her two twins with him and ultimately married to other woman named Mo or something as per novel and have kid with her. Before finding his so called true love with that damm mo he sleeps with number of women even in presence of his child with Viyon Ramm, yes he had child with vyon too though that child is of Shane ( his older brother) through insemination bt still he sleeps with that psycho vyom. And after all this hardship there is no single good thing come to end for Charlotte instead she becomes side character of the story as main lead is Ron here. such a disgusting story, hope at the end manga author does not follow novels ending.😡😡😡 I m not wasting my time on such a story now 😡😡😡 Ron u go die and leave Charlotte
Neha G: whoa really thanks btw 😅😅😅
momose narumi: Mo is a new character that hasn't shown in the comic version yet. You can find the link at the second top comment of this comic. There's 200+ comments inside so you'll have to look for the comment that send the link. 😅😅😅😅 There's also more details so prepare your heart and mind because it's really hard just reading the summaries. Ron is such a manwh*re.
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For me Ron is the most disgusting male lead, I've read a lot of stories here in mangatoon. And he is the worst male lead ever. All I can say is he is disgusting..hateful..and evil. I like him at first but as I continue reading the story. I can't tolerate how he treated charlotte.

All he do is humilate and torture charlotte both physically and emotionally. Even verbal sometimes. She's the most pityful Female lead ever. Living with Ron is like staying in hell. Turning her eyes blind when she knew that he is a twisted man and evil deep to the bones!

And I hate the servants of Feng family too. They don't really care about her. They only care for Ron and his brother bcoz if they did. They already told her the truth about her marriage with Ron.

Charlotte is really pitiful and it tears my heart. She don't deserved this man and his family. 💔
Pilus: I understand.
🖕🖕🖕: I pm you I hope you can understand my instruction 😎😎😎
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Raihan ARMY 💜💜💜
some one once said that this nasty Ron slept with lan you you the ex-girlfriend if his brother Charlotte will divorced him I don't know its real of not but I just read it she will have the kid and the kid I think will live with him he also has an assistant that 5 or 6 years she is his partner bed and Charlotte doesn't know about it until 5 year's later when Charlotte divorce him he ask her to remarry him then Charlotte accept him and and lan you you will realise all the nasty things that he has done but Charlotte accept him again..
✯✯𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ❦✯❦✯: ok so I've read the last 10 chapters in the n0vel
sure the n0vel is still on going
and Ron in one of the chapters was with his kids and went to call his wife. the one he called was Charlotte. or how they named her in the n0vel (snow falling )
Raihan ARMY 💜💜💜: Ikr I also read a bit of it and the name if Charlotte is snow it's so confusing who is who I'm sure for those people also get confused and think the story is like that but who knows that's my be true 😕🤷‍♀
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charlene dreambucketlist
well, after reading those spoiler written in this comment section.I read the novel personally because they call Ron was a bastard. But in the later part of the novel even Xuelo separated from him, Ron still remained his dignity he never mingle with other woman even Lan You, instead he deceived Lan You and make believe that daughter born from her the father is Ron but actually that child was belong to his brother. The kid also of his secretary ,others think that his illigitimate child but actually its not,that's the son of his besfriend Yan Bang. Yang Bang even he is a man, he fall inlove to Ron but Ron didnt tolerate his feeling. Even the young xia yishu was not successfully lure or seduce Ron. He really love and pamper his beloved charlotte. He married again, have children 2 boys and daughter andthey have a happy family. In this story is showed how he love charlotte so much and he do his best to be faifthful to Charlotte and an outstanding father to his children and godchildren.
srishti yadav: where did you read this novel can you please tell me.
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Spoiler alert 🚨

Charlotte will find out the whole truth and she’ll be very mad and she’ll decide to leave him but Ron doesn’t want her to leave so he locks her up but his brother tells him to let her go and after that his brother commits suicide and the aunt that works at the villa goes to Charlotte gives her soul and some money but charlotte suspects that something happened because the aunt looked weird so she asks what’s going on by nobody tells her then she calls the driver and he accidentally tells her so she goes to the hospital and Ron tells her to leave but she refuses to then he brings that girl to help Ron be better and she stood up next to Ron for 10 hours and Charlotte feels a little sad and jealous because Ron starts to give that girl special treatment which is pretend to love and care about her cuz she woke up his brother but the aunt feels that Charlotte is not safe because that girl would do anything to get Ron (even kill Charlotte)

Hope I guys liked it ❤️❤️❤️

Raihan ARMY 💜💜💜: I know what are you talking about I saw that chapter
Maggy Laster: Were did you read it say it in the comment section so everyone could see
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IDK If the ML is pretending to be dumb or is she really really how can u not be able to recognize the same person? In the story till now she still didn't get it that the person who's on wheelchair, can't even stand up properly, badly burnt still have the time to flirt with her? like really who does so???
He's in pain himself and he'll try to flirt with her... playing that "wife" game..? She should be able to recognize by now that he's Ron...but she's really really dumb. How could one not be able to differentiate their face that they are sane or not? Even the readers who wouldn't have been told that Ron is playing the hubby role would be able to recognize him and she's spending her all day with him and still can't see through the act....IDK should I be or angry on her or should I feel pity for her that she's being cheated...
🐰Bubble🐰: sryy i mean the FL lol😐😑
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Guys in the novel version. I'm afraid to tell you that Ron is really disgusting. He slept with YouYou the ex-girlfriend of his brother who burned him while keeping it a secret with Charlotte and Sihen who's living all 4 together in one mansion. When Charlotte got pregnant. Ron uses her as a pawn for his revenge. During the time she's kidnapped, he slept with YanBang, his assistant as well as a leader of underground sindicate. Yanbang continue to be his bed partner even until his son turned 5 years old. He's even letting his son stay in the house of Yanbang while doing her in private room. The adultery continued until they Ron and Charlotte got divorce. Charlotte knew Yanbang is his assistant and also let her son and ex-husband stay with Yanbang during weekdays but Charlotte never knew they were bed partners for 5 years now. When divorced, Ron chases his ex-wife and wants to remarry, even then Yanbang still continues to be the assistant of Ron and continues the adultery... Charlotte accepted Ron again without knowing the disgusting relationship between him and his assistants and even until the s*x scandal was released in public by YouYou, Charlotte just accepted him again without any questions at all.
Spoiler alert.
The novel end with ron and Charlotte not together. And ron being scumbag by sleeping around with many woman including yvon. Charlotte and ron will have 2 kids and divorce before remarry but still Charlotte run from him after she see ron adultery proof. But let's hope the the author change the manhwa plot so tgey can be together and ron be a good man. Like how bossy president plot changed.
Nguyen Thanh Tuyen: Nooooooooooooooo tell me that’s not true
Cute Princess: NOOOOOO! i want Aubrey and Nina to be together in bossy president.
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Guys let me give u some SPOILER. In 174 chapter she will b pregnant and still it will take more than 100 chapters to found out that who is her husband. Be careful guys this is going to b a roller-coaster ride. And ur mind is gonna blow not a single hair will b left on ur head. And u wanna kill evry character personally with ur own hands and wanna get rid of this comic for good but he updates r slow so this will gonna take 5 to six years.
ERZA SCARLET😇: ah so u read the light novel.ok but It's boring than reading comics.
Deathdreamer Sam: what 🙄🙄🙄😱😱😱
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oh ! i think he's jelly 😜: I don't want to read it but hell yeah I'm gonna read cuz THIS COMIC ISN'T GETTING ANYWHERE!
ícч•вut•αm•σn•fírє~: Oh By the way that ex girlfriend is crazy she is a really really crazy character and she will do anything just to have Ron by her side. She doesnt fear anything even death and she likes seducing people
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here comes the devil 😈😈......🤣🤣😂🤣🤣......u r as good as dead girl......😛😛
🌻sunny💗🍨💗🍨: akhi sis😭😭😭😭😭. ok😊😊. you always take care. we're all wait for your return 😊😊
ANNA: this is my well happy......byeeee......😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Huda Hassan
Guys, this manhua has a heart-breaking ending. Ron/Xinglang us just a disgusting scumbag bastard who sleeps around with any woman, even with Yaoyao, his bro's gf. In the end, he marries another woman named Mo and has a child with her, but I don't know the ending of Xueluo after they divorce. Xinglang only treats Xueluo as child-producing machine who gives him 2 child. He sleeps with his assisstant named Yanbang. He trades Xueluo for Li Xin's safety, let her kidnapped even when she is pregnant. He sleeps once with Youoyoy and pretend that he is the father of her child (the child is Li Xin's through insemination)
Suga Min: what the hell ? is that right ?
Siya Satija: Really??? ??
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This psycho lan you you..... I don't know how Ron tolerates her..... 🙄🙄🙄🙄 seriously...... I mean how dare she touch Ron.... you loser.... Ron is not yours... never would be.... doesn't she understands that he hates her....

and you deserve it.... 👍👍👍👍👍

you are the one who caused fire.... and almost killed both shine and him.....and you scheming with someone till now.....and still hopes to get along him.... 🙄🙄🙄

Vaishnavi : no..she is the one who caused the fire....
Mitsuha X Taki: hmm we doesn't know the real story yet there always a plot twist
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guys, Charlotte will get pregnant....😍😍😍😍

Charlotte n Doris will stay at the dorm and Ron will send food for Charlotte and she don't go but Doris will go and take the food to her. then she will eat but then she started to vomit. then she go to hospital n do the test and found she's pregnant with Ron's child. ❤❤👍👍👍👍👍

but she dumb ,will think that Ron won't be happy with the child n treat him badly. so she don't tell anyone.... But inside she's happy with the baby.... 😘😘
sikha : u was wrong.. but still thanx cz I get some new comics which r interesting (lol 😏😏)..thanx
Banana Fish uwu: but another name I've heard is mangadex...(Im not sure...again lol)
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Tangela Reynolds
he's so confident. but did he every really consider her feeling? I doubt she would just accept it, with no complaints, when she finds out the truth. you all have lied to and deceived her and made her doubt herself and believe she violated her own beliefs. but none of you seem to care about that. charlotte is a good girl. and she has been cleared into doing something she thinks whole heartedly is wrong and immoral. but the only reason any of you are comcerned with the truth is because you feel bad lying to her and you want Ron to move on none of you truly care about her. this is ridiculous.
Princess Hinata: Well, when you read more chapters of this manhua, you will be more annoyed with crazyness of the family.. Ron and Ron's family don't consider her as human, they just think of her machine...😑😑😑😑😑
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I just don't understand this manga. why portray Charlotte as a good woman. No good woman on Earth will be sleeping with her husband's brother, unless she is bad. But Charlotte is doing that with no shame whatsoever and her conscience isn't eating her up because her husband is always indoor and on a wheelchair.
I mean there is no difference between her and Ron.
Someone that can sleep with him while thinking his brother is her husband, how can he remain faithful to such person!!!!
Nostalgia (´∀`)♡: at first I feel bad for FL but I hate both of them now they are both disgusting she's so stupid and submissive to Ron and Ron is a playboy who have no moral thinking and can lie easily like breathing.
Urooj: remember she was drugged the first time and she doesn't remember anything from the second time, she does feel ashamed and she knows how wrong it is.

at the end tho he is her husband so it doesn't matter.
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Tangela Reynolds
and again...these people act like having an affair with your brother in law is completely normal. he keeps trying to woo her but still wont tell her that she is marriwd to him and not his brother. he is such an idiot...doesn't he realize that, from the beginning, if she had known the truth, she would not be so resistant. what he is doing now it making her feel cheap and look down on herself. but he doesnt seem to care how she feels. which is another reason why she is being reluctant. and they are trying to force her to get pregnant by Ron. that will only make things worse as she wont be able to accept that she got pregnant by her brother on law. they should tell her the truth first before they drive her completely insane.
🖕🖕🖕: I agree with you our poor Charlotte suffer too much of emotional torture 💔
Alexis Moran: I understand your point but the whole reason he didn't tell her so they wouldn't try and kill her remember his brother's trying to give up the company which is all the assets
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