The Epic Revenge

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The seemingly naïve girl is plotting a revenge. Every coincidence is a precise calculation. Every accident is a well-considered act. It’s romance against fate between Qingzhou Gu and the Young General. What will happen to this ambitious girl who’s so determined to take back the heritage from her mother? The epic revenge and romance is unveiled now!

MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - shaoshuainilaopoyoupaole,ssnlpypl,Marshal, She Ran Away Again!
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the girl in my picture she is sulli. she committed suicide yesterday. she was my favorite idol in kpop
I'm still sad because she died and sad because some people commit suicide due to depression and bullying everyday. like few people here in this app leave stupid comments to authors Calling them trash or even to readers who don't agree with them
we should learn to pay attention to what we say. these people are humans they have feelings. they may pretend to be strong but we get hurt. and words can kill. if you don't like something or someone just ignore them. don't talk to them .
what's the point writing something bad or negative to someone and hurt their feeling. do you feel happy when you do this ?
I've been bullied before because of my own sexuality . I'm proud of who I'm.
I've never forced anyone to talk to me or love people of my kind.
I want to say to bullying victims never give up your life. pay attention to people who like and support you the way you are. your life is precious and you are important to yourself and to the people who love you .
#rip_sulli 😭

Justmine: the victim of online's bully
RIP Sully
LOTTO: you're right
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how can she be so dumb n not to focus on her words. she should also put herself in Pei Si's shoes. She will regret it after she will lose him. She just can't understand Pei Si just wants to protect n care for her. He just can't bear the sight of her being hurt. Author pls give her some medicine to get her think straight
Adebayo Ayeni: Do not say that is ok to play or abuse a woman and then forgive the person because he is changing, there are people out there who ended up with trauma because someone like the Marshall toyed with them and led them to a big depression or suicide. I have a friend that was toyed an treated in a similar way and almost got herself into something huge because she was depressed and finded no meaning to life Anymore, so please have some self respecto for the victims
jyoti bagri: and you dont know anything about beichen's past . He had the most trauma from the past but he Didn't do anything seriously f*cked up in the name " psychological trauma". No one has to accept or forgive someone's crime or rude behavior because of thier past or torture .
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Amina Kay
that guy is horrible!
he can't think himself and is ALWAYS getting fooled by them!
and when something happens that he doesn't like he is doing something like that !cause he can't think himself!
what does it bring those two to "let him lose face"?
I hate people like that! caring more about reputation than about their own family!

I mean they are evil but they don't really have another opportunity in such a situation!
it is like that. they are fighting to be able to have a good live.
he just doesn't get it!
just taking a woman as long as she does suit him !
and not because he loved her actually.
and even if they do crash something they don't deserve THAT!
I actually would prefer getting dumped out of that family before THAT😡😡😡
isabela rodrigues: i would like to kick his ass
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