The Epic Revenge

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The seemingly naïve girl is plotting a revenge. Every coincidence is a precise calculation. Every accident is a well-considered act. It’s romance against fate between Qingzhou Gu and the Young General. What will happen to this ambitious girl who’s so determined to take back the heritage from her mother? The epic revenge and romance is unveiled now!

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Cliffina D. Luffy
i thought he wants to take advantage with undressing her well you know.. he is one of a kind, a pyscho. but still... im hoping for mature content. 😂😂 now am i a pyscho too?
Skullady1172: Wtf no he to nice when she asleep
He loves her
Too much
KarmaA6: Same 😍😍 mature content👅👀
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❄❄Shira Yuu Kii❄❄
cant the men in these web coimcs be gentle? like in which earth u say to the girl u want to be with to become ur mistress?!? i am pretty sure soon he is gonna be as gentle to her as if he is handling a glass .. i am waiting for that time to come..
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rhhdtl: O 1 D G K U ☺use this code
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Question did you start to draw this guy with smoother lines on the jawline and chin. He looks like younger and a bit different. Compared to how you drew him in other chapters. I might sound annoying but I really liked how you drew the jawline and chin in other chapters, mad him look more manly, mature. 😍😍😍 how you draw him now is not bad he looks attractive. But the way you drew him in other chapters. 😫😩😍😍😚. In the end it be yo to you how you choose to draw your characters. I’ll still read. . . Anyway keep up the good work 👍
rhhdtl: O 1 D G K U ☺use this code
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