The Epic Revenge

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The seemingly naïve girl is plotting a revenge. Every coincidence is a precise calculation. Every accident is a well-considered act. It’s romance against fate between Qingzhou Gu and the Young General. What will happen to this ambitious girl who’s so determined to take back the heritage from her mother? The epic revenge and romance is unveiled now!

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Natsume Asahina
another version of aubery kung, but he is too wild +_+ like it if u agree 'crazy update'
Roses18727: @nuri OMG ur right. Never noticed that before 😂
nuri🖤: Cuz its same author 😂😂😂
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coffee & chocolate 🍫🍫☕☕☕
but indeed there is some part I've not seen 🤣🤣
what a perv. I love him
yandere boy
I see everyone hate on him and love mu si. let me tell u the bad guy is mu si not xingpei .
coffee & chocolate 🍫🍫☕☕☕: aishah
mu si will try to r*pe her .
Aishah Husin: Who will r*pe her ? Mu si or Pei si
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mhomai mask
Technically he is a pedophile, she is way too young to be treated that way, regardless of Him being too handsome and reliable. She still need to protect her honor. I love them being a couple I just hope He would be more considerate of their setup. She is technically His brother's fiancé, and claiming Her in his way will only ruin Her.
mhomai mask: Same here, with all the story I've been reading with similar plot, I Got confused of their age.
Hikari: Btw, I misstook her for the Beiyue from "Feng Ni Tian Xia"... She's 12. 😬
total 8 replies
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