The Epic Revenge

the girl in my picture she is sulli. she committed suicide yesterday. she was my favorite idol in kpop
I'm still sad because she died and sad because some people commit suicide due to depression and bullying everyday. like few people here in this app leave stupid comments to authors Calling them trash or even to readers who don't agree with them
we should learn to pay attention to what we say. these people are humans they have feelings. they may pretend to be strong but we get hurt. and words can kill. if you don't like something or someone just ignore them. don't talk to them .
what's the point writing something bad or negative to someone and hurt their feeling. do you feel happy when you do this ?
I've been bullied before because of my own sexuality . I'm proud of who I'm.
I've never forced anyone to talk to me or love people of my kind.
I want to say to bullying victims never give up your life. pay attention to people who like and support you the way you are. your life is precious and you are important to yourself and to the people who love you .
#rip_sulli 😭

LOTTO: it's sad how most people don't recognize your hard work but your mistakes *sigh*
LOTTO: be strong. Although I've never been bullied before but I know what it feels like to be hurt and maltreated. I've seen people being beaten up for what they did not do, and I've fight for them because wherever I see people in pain although it doesn't concern me. I can't help but feel pity for those who can't defend their selves, those who thought low of their selves. that's the reason why I hate bullying
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how can she be so dumb n not to focus on her words. she should also put herself in Pei Si's shoes. She will regret it after she will lose him. She just can't understand Pei Si just wants to protect n care for her. He just can't bear the sight of her being hurt. Author pls give her some medicine to get her think straight
Adebayo Ayeni: Do not say that is ok to play or abuse a woman and then forgive the person because he is changing, there are people out there who ended up with trauma because someone like the Marshall toyed with them and led them to a big depression or suicide. I have a friend that was toyed an treated in a similar way and almost got herself into something huge because she was depressed and finded no meaning to life Anymore, so please have some self respecto for the victims
jyoti bagri: and you dont know anything about beichen's past . He had the most trauma from the past but he Didn't do anything seriously f*cked up in the name " psychological trauma". No one has to accept or forgive someone's crime or rude behavior because of thier past or torture .
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Amina Kay
that guy is horrible!
he can't think himself and is ALWAYS getting fooled by them!
and when something happens that he doesn't like he is doing something like that !cause he can't think himself!
what does it bring those two to "let him lose face"?
I hate people like that! caring more about reputation than about their own family!

I mean they are evil but they don't really have another opportunity in such a situation!
it is like that. they are fighting to be able to have a good live.
he just doesn't get it!
just taking a woman as long as she does suit him !
and not because he loved her actually.
and even if they do crash something they don't deserve THAT!
I actually would prefer getting dumped out of that family before THAT😡😡😡
isabela rodrigues: i would like to kick his ass
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🌹🌹this brings me back to chapter 146
when the author depicted her as roses and he as thorns I think it was intentional or a more accurate depiction of their relationship
thorns always protect the roses.
the roses are pure and beautiful.
and thorns are hard they sting anyone who tries to hurt the roses. but thorns never hurt the roses. the thorns are being misunderstood in this situation. everyone see the thorns as something unpleasant. scary. something that might harm the beautiful roses. but that's not true. the roses can't live without the thorns . the thorns give the roses protection and life. he wants to protect her. but he is always being misunderstood when he does protect her cause he resorts to mean cruel ways of protection that might harm other people but they don't harm qingzhou.
KrowTex: [everyone liked that]
Raihan 💜💜💜: yes 😍
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✯✯𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ✯✯
pei is is secretly the nine tails demon (Naruto transformation) 🤣🤣
everyone asking for pei si I told you guys few chs ago. that pei si will perhaps show up after 5 chs . what she said here means that pei is back to the city. he will come back again after a certain problem with gu shao ends. I guess 2 more chs to see him
me personally tbh can't wait bc I like pei si so much ..

Leviswaifuu: Kyuubi 😂
Jeremiah Joelin Ja: i like him tooooo
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I am really disappointed with the lead girl.... she is expecting him to propose marriage to her but has she herself ever given him love,care or even a bit of affection??? It has always been him who has come after her and not even once has she tried to give a bit of attention or affection to him.. she has never tried to understand him and has never given him a chance to explain and has never trusted him always have pushed him away and that is the reason he always gets hyper and does su h stupid things... She has never thought of understanding,explaning him calmly or even has never tried to listen to his side and here she is expecting him to marry her... How is he going to understand this thing without her telling even if she once express her feelings he would fulfill all of it and I trust him on that I know what he did is wrong I also don't support him for that but he just wants her attention and affection and wants that she does not pish him away.. Author I really want him to go away because now it's high time you show how the lead girl feels without him because she is being all stupid now alot.. Sorry for this
RK: but I also second with what you said. I just relayed my piece 😉
RK: well, it’s true if you took into account the perspective of pei. However, as much as how uncomfortable and forced the female lead has suffered because of the male lead, I guess it is retribution. End doesn’t justify the means. His means is to tease and force the female lead just for his intentions and objectives in terms of loving her. Both of them are to be hold accounted to what happened with them. He knew he is a general, he has many enemies. Yet he still chose to love and pursue the female lead. Also, by what you say about her not understanding pei, with the things that happened between him and her, you can’t expect her to see through his feelings because of his nature: a pervert who always pushes her into the corner. However, she still fell in love with him. While him, though he lives her, he should’ve seen through the consequences of his actions about his position, enemies as well as what the female mc would feel. He should’ve also been sensible. Both of them have faults.
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What is wrong with this FL? This pervert was clearly being rude and unreasonable to her brother yet she didn’t struggle enough! She didn’t defend him enough. Was I just imagining it during the first few chapters when I thought she could at least defend herself a little bit? I understand she can’t match the general but she doesn’t show that much restraint over his actions.😕 Her brother just got put to jail yet she’s not panicking or worried enough. You might as well let yourself be a whore like he calls you.😑
Ohagi-chan: well i guess she is scared to get her skin stripped off
anyone would b
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✯✯𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ✯✯
read this if you want to know when will pei si appear again
this is a WARNING

after guy shao problem. the maid in pei si annex will call qingzhou to go out.
pei si will wait with his car open. a few female students will see him. and you know handsome pei si is. one girl of them will try to hit on him and get to know him but he will ignore her. qingzhou will misunderstand the situation and be angry. but she won't say anything. pei si he will take her to go fishing.
✯✯𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ✯✯: this manga is based on a light novel
Leona Desrosiers: Where did you read this at.
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V is a baE
guys we don't see marshal in every chapter.
bc this story is about qingzhou revenge and falling in love
this is why they make few chs for romance (to make her slowly develop feelings for pei si bc he is the male lead in this manga ) and few chs about revenge.
it's a long absence this time .
let's protest 🙋
snow white: let's protest
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Step 1: Open
Step 2: Scroll down fast to find Pei si.
Step 3: Close.

ps. You know what they say about absence makes the heart finder. This true in our case with Pei si. 😁
Taeyong 💋: Yo that like latterly me!!!!! 😂😂 I mean like I miss him so much I want to so Jealousy... 😅
Leviswaifuu: Omg how true lolol
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Oh deary, dear. I wonder what will happen. Come to think of it. Master Huo is too old for Qingzhou. The story states that six months has passed since the story had begun from. Mr. Huo is said to be 29 years of age. Qingzhou is just 16? 18? Too underage which isn't good for his and Qingzhou's reputation. Pei Si or the Marshal must be at least 23-26 years old which still doesn't count since Qingzhou is still young. But oh well. I'll keep waiting for this story to go on.
my life. my rules.
we need some action passionate romance crazy type not a dull romance story .
if I want a boring everyday life romantic stories I could ask any of my girl friends about how things are going between them and their boyfriends.
that's why I like pei si more than huo.
huo follows the same sequence of everyday life romantic stories and blah.
but pei si is a crazy pervert. I just love him
he is adorable ❤️
✯✯𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ✯✯
according to my own calculations I think you have to wait for more 5 chs to see pei si again
but I could be wrong because the manga order is different
it could be less or more.
don't trust maths me and maths are like sworn enemies
✯✯𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ✯✯: gu shao he is the one who will disappear ** for over half of the comic
✯✯𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ✯✯: sorry my reply is late. I uninstall the app when I don't need it
anyways yes he is not her son. that's why he is a good person not like her. he will travel to France and find a new girlfriend there. he will come back again when pei si and qingzhou are married. qingzhou will let him name one of her and pei si kids.
he will disappear for so many chsssss
for like over half of the comic.
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you don't understand marshal pei si
. he wants you to say I belong to you and you belong to me. . he wants you to get angry at him and probably slap him when you are jealous. he wants you to miss him when he is far away . because he doesn't understand women feelings .he would do what you ask him to do . I'm sure of this.
being secretive about your thoughts hiding them from him will make things even harder for him.
why am I even writing this ? idk 😂😂 I could be wrong.
Thina Calana: Have you heard F*cked up kinda love by Julia Michaels.
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hentaiiii angel 🍑🍑
roses are red violets are blue
I missed pei si and so did you 😜🤷
well done qingzhou don't go with this man
I think qingzhou is fake sometimes. she likes to sugar-coat everyone and compliment them with lies. she shows her true color to pei si 😜
Jeremiah Joelin Ja: her and pei si are unique characters. they are a match. they can only handle each other.
Langoustines Délicates: but I don’t think that’s a problem, I mean she never denied it, we have always saw her acting like this, and I think this is really interesting to see her a manipulatively sweet character, that’s fresh
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Rose KS
“I should act obedient” - finally an MC with brains! If you pretend, they won’t suspect you and you won’t give yourself away! So many stories have MC’s who want revenge but they are not subtle so their rivals realise their plan and are able to compete.
So far this story is off to a good start. A smart and strong FL!
Wow she is finally getting kicked out but that will only mess Qingzhou's life more.Haha atleast he's letting her off alive,if it was Pei Si he would have skinned her alive.How dare she try to frame Qingzhou!? Man if Pei Si hears a word about this she is so dead.
Leona Desrosiers: For the Epic Revenge
Leona Desrosiers: What novel where did you read the novel at
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Ugly duckkkk
this comic is one of the best comics in here.
if you like smart female lead and dominant male lead then this one is for you.
the male lead has a significant gradual change in character . if you don't love him in the first chapters don't give up and make sure to read to the recent chapters to witness beautiful amazing gradual changing . he is not only handsome and crazy he also has a gentle side he only show it to his lover
the FL is the hard to get one. she is clever at hiding how she feels . and they look charismatic and nice together .
the art is consistently beautiful. this story shows how China was when it was divided
overall 9/10 story imo
sorna lakshmi
dude if u really are afraid abt her safety after getting married lemme tell u dis!
if u have ppl who wants to kill d ppl close to u she'ld already b dead... cz u just take her to ur place randomly ND any guy who tails u must've seen her already!!
better marry her!!!
save her frm d hell she's experiencing currently!!!
love ya!!!! ❤
Keren Marshall
Its October, anyone else reading with me...
Keren Marshall: 😀😀😀😃😃😀😀😀😃😀😀
the priest ➕➕#nik: then i will be in area 586248854287456247890456885694579655269523685569945679576926769167948375818732549536964346952808500055055852984549946464437691946949432480835588554885558856254964669*8*464*4,9296465181918546648153393518561816461992665367258755999949567923321111234666760086769154629665**5**5652546684673949886695049634949666656636
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