The Epic Revenge
The Epic Revenge
The Epic Revenge
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Romance / Comedy / Girl Power / Tragic / Modern / Fated
Author Name: iCiyuan

The seemingly naïve girl is plotting a revenge. Every coincidence is a precise calculation. Every accident is a well-considered act. It’s romance against fate between Qingzhou Gu and the Young General. What will happen to this ambitious girl who’s so determined to take back the heritage from her mother? The epic revenge and romance is unveiled now! MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

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Updated to Chapter 358    /    (48905)
 Updated to Chapter 358 
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the girl in my picture she is sulli. she committed suicide yesterday. she was my favorite idol in kpop
I'm still sad because she died and sad because some people commit suicide due to depression and bullying everyday. like few people here in this app leave stupid comments to authors Calling them trash or even to readers who don't agree with them
we should learn to pay attention to what we say. these people are humans they have feelings. they may pretend to be strong but we get hurt. and words can kill. if you don't like something or someone just ignore them. don't talk to them .
what's the point writing something bad or negative to someone and hurt their feeling. do you feel happy when you do this ?
I've been bullied before because of my own sexuality . I'm proud of who I'm.
I've never forced anyone to talk to me or love people of my kind.
I want to say to bullying victims never give up your life. pay attention to people who like and support you the way you are. your life is precious and you are important to yourself and to the people who love you .
#rip_sulli 😭

~cloudy~: that so sad Sullivan pls rest in peach
tracy maiso: sorry for that may she rip
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Sarah Dillenia
I'm just thinking why Mangatoon does not make this comic awarded as strong female lead. I mean c'mon cant u see our FL as one of the best strong female lead after all.
skeee: Bit of a late bloomer
EnaEna: Hello, sorry to bother you but could you please check out my chat story, 'To Conquer, To Rule'. If it's not troublesome could you please comment your opinions about it?
Anyways, to whoever is reading this Thank You for your time.
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Savage Random
she looks drunk... oh Lord I think where this is going... let's just hope her strong female lead title means something...
EnaEna: Hello, sorry to bother you but could you please check out my chat story, 'To Conquer, To Rule'. If it's not troublesome could you please comment your opinions about it?
Anyways, to whoever is reading this Thank You for your time.
Kria Hough: that girl has going crazy why want he tell her the truth what's going on? ?
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❄❄Shira Yuu Kii❄❄
cant the men in these web coimcs be gentle? like in which earth u say to the girl u want to be with to become ur mistress?!? i am pretty sure soon he is gonna be as gentle to her as if he is handling a glass .. i am waiting for that time to come..
OnAFullMoonDay🌕💚: well he is a good guy he just wants to show her his true will love and pity his character in the later chaps when more about him is revealed and why he acts like this
♡『reyhan』♡ 🌿FromHeaven 🕊️: read spicy wife's reborn world
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Loba Gutierrez
ewww old people sexing
Yourlocsl: soggy skin 🤢
💜ᗷTS ARMY💜: her sisters are wrost
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mιsz shυυ ツ
hahahah he always know how to tease her.. she is brave and strong in front others but she is weak in front of him because he is such a pervert 😂😂😂😂 .. but but i will ship them both from her fiancee .. he will not let her go althought that is his bro .. 😘😘😘..
☮💜Anime and Manga lova💜☮: I know you don't feel the same but I burrrrrrrn for you🎶🎶🤩😁💓💜

falaq!!! mohd: I wonder how would he actually be when he falls for her
total 3 replies
lol i have been misunderstand this while time 😂 i thought she gonna married with him...but with his bro?? hahaha since he is his bro then i suppose he will be someone with good looking too🤭 n more angelic..cant wait for the next chapter~ 😭
Simba Chips: i meaaaaan, he was cruel to her
but can't help but think they would end up together
gummytigger: I think the second bro is the helper in the drugstore.
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young general left half a year ago..!!!!
I'm guess almost right...
ha i don't even care about the romance anymore I just wanna know what our female lead will do next!
TsunaBoy: same😆
total 22 replies
I thought she would have been engaged to him but it's his brother instead smh I'm disappointed but it's ok cause that perv will be your husband 😍😍 maybe something happens to the brother so she has to marry him or someone or himself destroys the marriage idk but I want them together now
Baba Sheep: hmmm... accurate
NYAW kl500: that's what I thought at first
total 7 replies
This girl is not naive and I love it.
Your local bestie✨: SKSKKSKSKSK AND I OOP
AND I OOP: Y'all Thank you for 292 likes ayeeee you guys are the best this made my day because im anti social in personal I don't like talking to people because I can smell there bad breath. P€ŘÏØÐŤ. AND I OOP.
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Question did you start to draw this guy with smoother lines on the jawline and chin. He looks like younger and a bit different. Compared to how you drew him in other chapters. I might sound annoying but I really liked how you drew the jawline and chin in other chapters, mad him look more manly, mature. 😍😍😍 how you draw him now is not bad he looks attractive. But the way you drew him in other chapters. 😫😩😍😍😚. In the end it be yo to you how you choose to draw your characters. I’ll still read. . . Anyway keep up the good work 👍
rhhdtl: O 1 D G K U ☺use this code
Hhhh: Enter my code to get 2 free reading coupons!

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i thought he wants to take advantage with undressing her well you know.. he is one of a kind, a pyscho. but still... im hoping for mature content. 😂😂 now am i a pyscho too?
French Toast: No because right now in this chapter she is 16, also I want her to consent to first.
s h e d e v i l z: there are chapter he is going out with other woman
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Esther Quiala
EWWWWWWWW my virgin eyes!!!
↫⩅δαηα Υυι⩅↬: HAHAHA TOTALLY! 😂😂
cuteyyyyy💕💕💕💕: no more virgin eyes
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I am sure she can dance very well
Ps Lily PsLily: I also think so
Nina Love: ofcourse she can dance
total 2 replies
Anwita Dasgupta
I like this woman too
oke: yess i like her too!!
Cathy Wiles: YESSS!
total 3 replies
eww he have a lot of Wife 1,2,3
Irin Sultana😘😘: noo she's not his real daughter
💜MM(Hi Army's👋☺)💜: 5 to be exact (including FL's mother)
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Yuko Roberts
Me: oh i love jealous and possessive guys and military men are really sexy...
“After reading this chapter”
Me: NOPE i think its fine to be single after all
This scared the hell out of me ... imagine them being together... DO YOU EVEN IMAGINE HIS REACTION IF HE LOSES THE REMOTE CONTROL? Ok this is stupid :p
♡🐰Bubble🐰♡: Hey guys, I have written 2 novels on this app. One is Hide and seek with 4 chapters which is romance plus horror and the second one is The beauty and the beast with 1 chapter which is romance plus fantasy so if u r free pls give it a try to both the novels , it won't take ur much time and also leave ur opinion there so that i can write much better.😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
uwu: I'm sorry, I found it hot asf. I have a obsession with jealous and possessive guys that fight for what they want..I can't help it..
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❄❄Shira Yuu Kii❄❄
he might be the first man in manga world who offered body as to repay not asking for her body 😂😂 strangely that sounded cringy yet cool.. i wonder if he really does like her this much?.. well even if he is a thick headed tsundre but i am hoping for some hell of a progress abt him..
❄❄Shira Yuu Kii❄❄: yea.. i used this name almost everywhere for years coz i loved that manga since chapter 1..@kaori
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Cheza Sengoku Sanada
he's got pervert written all over his handsome face. you better watch out girl he's planning something!
Cheza Sengoku Sanada: I feel're not the only one...actually I never even paid any attention to history class in school I officially no nothing about my country's history lol. 😅😅😅
Sengoku Goddess🇯🇵x🇬🇪: Oh yeah! 😍 I just read so much stuff about Sengoku warlords that I already know everything. I know Sengoku period’s history more than I know my country’s history 😂
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