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Yeah. Aubery stood by her side when no one else needed her. he wanted her to stand with dignity against her foster family when they abandoned her. Yes, he made a Robot for her just because she loved the Robot in the movie. Yes, He can carry her for a whole night and make footprints on the sand just because she envied her sister in childhood. yes, he can take aerial photography just to cherish her work. Yes, he can cook for her though he doesn't know how to and end up with wounds. Yes, he can take care of her minor wounds like some serious injuries. SO WHAT!? Does Nina ask him to do so? Eh? Does she want him to Al this for her? No! She doesn't. It's his own wish doing it all, She doesn't need to give a f about it all. Afterall, Aubery is someone who treated her badly on the first episode. Yeah the first 10-15 episodes of 240+ episodes and has captured her and "tortured" her by doing all the "above mentioned"
Chihara Studios✔: Hello! We are currently making 2 novels. One is called "Thread Of Happiness" and the other one is called "Your Name" (yes, from the famous anime movie) if you want, you can always come down and give us feedback, maybe if you enjoy it, you can even like/ subscribe, we need criticism too, so we can improve like the rest of the authors, thanks.
Stupidity: Totally! mentioning "women as animals" that's a huge mistake! Shows his mentality! sucha Paranoid. he has to show respect to her!
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Man I should really stop torturing myself by reading some of y’alls comments on here. The comment section in this manhua is literally CANCER! The victim blaming and extreme bias towards Aubrey makes it hard to enjoy reading this story sometimes. She is not ungrateful for not wanting to live a long miserable life of getting hurt by Aubrey, she has already been through enough misery as is. It’s natural for her to be reluctant on being with him. And let’s not be in denial about him treating her as a mistress. She thinks she is just a mistress in his eyes because that is EXACTLY what he said she will only be in his eyes. Did y’all forget how he forced her to become his mistress in the beginning and told her he will keep having s3xual relations with her even after getting married to someone else? Not to mention he said he will give her “anything” but a marriage. It is what it is!
Niña Lorhien Sardea: I RESPECT U CAPTAIN * salutes*
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live every moment
I think at present Nina doesnt have neither of them in her heart she just wants a sense of security and warmth. And her action for just now ,stoping Charles from signing the contract is she doesn't want any one hurt because of her and she sees him as wellwisher wants him to be happy . And for Charles their is no way for him to get back to her ,he already lostd her. And aburey behaviour towards her is changing slightly in a good way even it is small it is better(we shoiuldnt blame him for what he had done to charels as he is paranoid ) and I hope someday he will surely over come his disorder and love Nina truly.
Chihara Studios✔: Hello! We are currently making 2 novels. One is called "Thread Of Happiness" and the other one is called "Your Name" (yes, from the famous anime movie) if you want, you can always come down and give us feedback, maybe if you enjoy it, you can even like/ subscribe, we need criticism too, so we can improve like the rest of the authors, thanks.
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: They need brain diarrhea... so they can get all the shit out of their heads.
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آئینہ نور
if i like abury who gave them a rite to assasinate my character
SleepDeprivedHuman: Okay okay, I'm leaving anyway
I don't match like caillou: no one asked for you to hop in and keep shit up either
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I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right
My perfect ending would be the evil sister trying to shoot Nina but Aubrey takes the bullet, which proves that his love is real and not just an obsession. Also, his death might be the only thing that could redeem his crimes against Nina. Then, Nina stays single for 10 years cuz after so much suffocating from Aubrey, she needs some alone time. And after that she marries someone. Right now the only option is Charles but I think he will die cuz of his disease. Or she could become a lesbian. I am ok with that as well. I won't be surprised if she develops fear of men after being tormented by Aubrey for so long.

Some stories need a bittersweet ending.
Chihara Studios✔: Hello! We are currently making 2 novels. One is called "Thread Of Happiness" and the other one is called "Your Name" (yes, from the famous anime movie) if you want, you can always come down and give us feedback, maybe if you enjoy it, you can even like/ subscribe, we need criticism too, so we can improve like the rest of the authors, thanks.
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Its not his fault, Dora drug him. He always care abaut her. And Aubrey is Just psycho... Its not good to Stay with that kinda of person. He should go on therapy, and then fight for her felings. If he continues to behave like this, he doesn't deserve her...

WHY you people cant see that is not right?!
I was i. That kinda of relationship is unhealthy and BAD...
Its not like this person love you, this person is just obsessed and can do a lot of terrifying things like Aubrey do to FL.

You cant justify this because he ill. Even in story its bad to show it in good light. I hope autor make something in end that explain that everything what Aubrey do is bad and say its Just a story but in really life you should leave this person.

(Sorry for bad English)
Yoaimiru: Thats why i say he should go on therapy at first
_chocolatemilkeu: at least he need to meet therapist
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Why is everyone so shocked that he would say something like this? 😂 Hasn’t his actions already proved enough that he doesn’t respect women?

He literally r@pes her, tortures her, abuses her, and holds her captive as a prisoner in his home. Did he ever once try to consider her feelings, or give her a choice? Nope! he made every single decision that she should be making for her, and forced her to submitting to him all the time. Actions speaks louder than words, my friends.

It’s only ok when he abuses and disrespects Nina, right? Lmao this is why I can’t take his fanbase seriously..
_chocolatemilkeu: they just a toddler lol
BaconTweedle: Tell me about it. Aubrey never thinks about Nina's feelings unless it's about him. When he was being nice to Nina, it was never about her. It's about her falling for him within a month. *facepalm* Seriously.. it's not shocking unless you're an Aubrey fan. Sorry but like the OP said, he never respect women.
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Manga toon L. O. V. E. R
I know that in the first place, Aubrey already hurt her he r*ped her, I know but also understand his mental issues(I know it's not connected) but he change didn't he, he changed right? For Nina.. If ur saying that Aubrey couldn't be forgiven then are u too or other people cannot have second chance?com'n, Aubrey really tried his best but did Nina really apriciated it? Maybe sometimes. Okay I'll cut the drama here. I know I'm protecting a non existant person here. It's just a manga why did I take it personally. Okay I'm getting weirder and weirder bye! (and also no attacking me pls. It's just my opinion and we all know we cant shake others mind)
안나 태형: More people than you can even imagine. 🤣 Unlike someone who don't know how to respect or to get respect. 😂
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Prity Anurag Sharma
I want her to be with no one.... both of the male have disappointed her many times.....
she should be the example women don't need man to feel complete
Melanie Thibodeau: I agree with that! she should go on her own and be happy
CHLØE: I 100℅ agree with you. Also Aubrey fans are really toxic.
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so since that long gone people negative comments towards Charles saying I will collect your dead body to Nina people are stil saying Aubrey should be with Nina WTF wrong with y'all Charles was drugged and lost his memory he just said one thing you guys are saying his the bad guy and he doesn't deserve another chance while Aubrey kept doing the same mistakes again and again and again rapping her hitting hurting her and you guys kept supporting him and even saying he is the best ml let let me say you people one thing saying something is different while doing a physical assault and hurting is far worst
skullman : yes your right he is still mature to make digital hacking tools not matured to know how to treat a girl from being a silver spoon
love_like_cherry_blossoms: Exactly, actions speak louder than words. Just because Aubery is the so called ML of this comic, it doesn't mean that he is always correct. One who commits same mistakes repeatedly should not be forgiven. To truly love someone, one must value that person as a human firstly. Here, Aubery simply regards Nina as a commodity. Even if he had a tragic past, that does not serve as an excuse to his inhumane treatment to anyone.
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Even though Aubrey did what he did which is a huge step backwards in this story, you can still see how he slowed down because he didn't want Nina to get hurt. He cares for Nina and would rather let her go than to have her possibly get hurt. I really don't care about who she ends up with, I just want her to be happy. It's obvious she has low self confidence and is always sad. If Aubery can make her happy and fix everything that he has done, I'm won't argue. I'm not trying to disagree or upset anyone with this comment. This is just my opinion .
Roze Black
I think Nina's only plan is to keep Aubrey busy with her attention that if he is messing with Charles he forgets about it. If Nina makes it look like she chosen Aubrey he will have no reason to mess with Charles. Everyone again is making Nina out to be the bad guy here when everyone keeps forgetting SHE STILL BEING HELD AGAINST HER WILL!!!! All this poor Aubrey crap is annoying when he literally is the bad guy turning into ML. Anyone know what victim blaming or shaming is?
Roze Black: Right it drives me insane how people are so quick to victim blame and shame on some this stories. That's why I said earlier neither of these men deserve her.
Angela Yi: Wow... the comment section in this manhua never seizes to amaze me on how stupid and disgusting some people are.
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❤Angels of Death❤
thats why i hate aubery he is still same like what used to be i finally believe that he loves nina and not a pshyco man but i am true again and you who are defensing
aubery i cant understand u all HE SAID " WOMEN LIKE SHALLOW ANIMALS " he is seeing us like animals i cant become myself if i dont write anything about that fu*cking b*stard and i know there will be people who is seeing me like a target but pls dont write a comment down if you will defens aubery keep it in your mind because i am really pissing of chapter by chapter
❤Angels of Death❤: i always thought like you and i argued with people about this topic (i remember you and we were on the same side ) just i think aubery changed a little bit but i didnt suprised
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Lmao you really think someone that loves his woman would abuse her and hold her captive? He made it very obvious that he seems women as nothing but toys to him. Why surprised?
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Row Your Boat
I can’t stand these comments anymore about Aubrey! I mean that “Charles” dude is not even better than Aubrey. Like why u guys hating on Aubrey!? At first he just wanted to get his baby back but he didn’t know! He cares about Nina so much do u guys not see that?! Like even that Charles guy is not even better than Aubrey cuz he faked the pregnancy test! U guys don’t see that?! Aubrey does get crazy mad and jealous just bc he wants to protect he’s girl! And our girl here be supporting Charles! See I don’t get it ! This is getting me mad pissed off! So Charles better row his little boat away from my ship!! Periodttttt
Revo Kaemong: I don't ship Nina with any of them...She deserves better...Aubery Just A fake two Face Guy while Charles Just A Crazy stupid person
Row Your Boat: It’s not funny I’m being serious!
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Oki but BTS r gods
I don’t get why you guys like Aubrey so much..? Like when he first met her he starved her due to him not believing her. Also he’s done horrid things to her. Charles only did bad things when he wasn’t him self and under the influence of false treatments and he was manipulated. Aubrey just admitted that he was playing with Ninas feelings and just needed her to be with him. Charles is so much better for her. He is so caring towards her and understanding AND HE DOESN’T CONTROL HER EVERY MOVE!! Like if you compare the two you can see who’s right for her.
jhae: well everyone has its own freedom to whom they want Nina for ... so yeah peace
Crzayreader: well you like who you want I like aubery not charles and you are the other way around it is just that aubery in my opinion made more effort to help her even after he did lot of bad things to her for what he shouldn't be forgiven but still was there for her
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Cloud Mist
Why? Why is it like this? I thought Aubery already changed, like srsly, he made me think that he is now getting better, sweeter, gentler, and good, BUT NOW THIS!? WHAT THE HEY??? JUST SRSLY? SHE IS ALREADY FALLING IN LOVE!WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!? NOW I REALLY WANT NINA TO ESCAPE FROM HIS HANDS AND LIVE A LIFE (maybe alone?) WITHOUT AUBERY OR CHARLES! ITS JUST MAKING HER SUFFER! I MIGHT NOW KNOW WHATA'S GONNA HAPPEND IF AUBERY KNEW THAT SHE EACAPED, he will bring her back, threaten her, abuse her, show her how Charles would suffer and lock her up and will not regain freedom😡😡😡 Srsly, if this happens I wont be surprised😡
𝕮𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖆✧・゚: *✧・゚:*: he never really changed
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Changed? Where??? He still abuses her and holds her captive
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well, i don't ship nina with any one of them. what the point of loving and pampring after misusing, hurting and breaking hearts. in every way nina is the one who pays the price. i want nina to become independant and strong and start her life away from them. and if her feeling are inclinde toward one of them which i suspect, he has to pay the price and suffer before winning nina heart. i hope a new caracter shows up to be as stronge as ML so he can suffer a little bit and grow up from possissive love to mature undertanding love 😉😉😉
🌚moonflower🌹: thanks 😊😊
Revo Kaemong: the most Comment that I really love
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Kawaii lover
Ok, I regret what I said before, you know, the whole hating Aubrey thing because, guys I know you might not agree with me on these but, Aubery still cares about Nina, because when Nina was driving super fast, he really cared if she got hurt. Guy's, Aubery lost his brother and got really hurt but now that Nina's hear, Aubery has another person in his life to care about, and he's scared about losing someone else he love so much. ♡
GOTTA SHUSH UP BRIGHT.V.C AIN'T YOURS: oh..perfect way to describe me
cause ur too good at handjobs
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: Haha yea sure you cumdumbster
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Le weirdo
Umm.. I know that it's stupid to talk about the novel cause I know all of novel stuff can't be converted into manga.. But U guess the author doesn't like Aubery at all.. Because as per novel, they both will now head to kitchen to eat, but Aubery will not let her cook because she is injured but she will insist on cooking and Aubery will help her by cutting vegetables.. I don't know if we get it in upcoming.. Because now it's Aubery heading out for some work..

But my lovely Author, as a humble reader, I request you to show more of Aubery's heart warming scenes

And about today's chapter, Aubery 😂😂😂😂😂 He was squatting like that in front of her with his hands tied, Poor Nina 🙁 Who won't be scared if you squat like that in midnight

And he has so much leather ropes which explains how cruel a past he had.. I wish the Author would show more of Aubery's past as well.. Just keep going babes.. I want them to figure out their issues soon..

And guys please have patience with the story, a paranoid like Aubery can't change into a normal person in an episode, it takes time, let's enjoy the story as it progress..
#paige u r d best: write in d feedback pls cause I m broke
Shreya Manna: I don't think they will...worth a try tho
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I just want to remind you all that Aubrey is a patient of Paranaoid Personality Disorder. His action is proven. He admits it in episodes 210. Nina Knows it and she also know that Aubrey loves her but still she doing something that makes Aubrey Paranaoid. I know Aubrey is a Violent guy and do what he wants but Nina know him better than anyone. I know Nina want a Freedom but if she want a freedom then she must not choose Charles 'cause she will not get what she want......a Peacefull LIFE.
You know, her adopted parents and Charles Family will do anything to ruined her and no one can protect her.
Ahh~ I want to end this plot! So frustrating! but why I still continued reading this... 😫 Crazy Update pls.
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Oh look, a Walmart version of Michelle Phan preaching about respecting people’s opinions and minding their own business, when she herself is trying to censor others opinions and love meddling in other people’s convos. Hahahaha

RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: It’s all good, people r probably tired of seeing me everywhere. I barely ever reply to other people’s threads,since majority of the time I make my own comments and reply to the responses I’m getting, but man people seem to have a problem with me replying to other comments lol glad I’m not the only one who likes discussing with others about the story
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