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Titania Arra
I see some emotionally-charged comments here. Really fun to read, although I think we should all just chill and relax. Aubrey looks mighty scary when angry. I feel sad for Nina. But, he also suffers from a string of mental health issues like paranoia, which may have resulted because of deep trauma from early childhood; he also seems to have anger management problems on top of this. Obviously an emotional wreck in other words, a real piece of work. It is not easy for our girl, Nina, to be the emotional sponge and punching bag but this is part of the story's plot. I only hope this story progresses positively and that the ML will ease up on Nina. If you look at the main characters objectively, they are both wounded--Nina being cast away by her adoptive family, an orphan without the security of a real home and Aubrey, born with a silver spoon with mental health problems--these are characters the readers will both love and hate, one way or another. So here we are, a little upset because we're hooked as we are emotionally invested in this story. No opinion is right and wrong. We're all just spectators of this epic drama. Let's just chill and hope for the best. I hope our Nina comes out a champion, above everything.
Cherry Blossoms: Before u tell us how to learn how to speak properly learn it firsr
Yumi Azuki: You can honestly just leave but i guess you don't want to :/
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To be honest, both Aubery and Nina are not at fault here.

Yes, it may sound a bit ridiculous but they both have a lot of issues here. First of all, Nina barely ever gets to speak up for herself and that affects the situation A LOT, as we can notice, Aubery has a mental health issue that needs to be treated, maybe he wasn't like that in the past so we can't just simply blame him.

I feel like Yuki Shouldn't even try to be in the picture, even if the child is Aubery's, she should move on and stop trying to hurt Nina.

I know that this will sound very selfish and not okay, but if Nina wants her oh so wanted freedom and respect, she should try and help Aubery because he doesn't seem alright.

I know that many of you won't agree with me nor even read this but this is what I have somewhat analyzed.

And yes, I do know how much Aubery has hurt Nina, but he needs help, they both need help they both can't get what they want if they don't make any progress.
sarang: yeahhh i just want to strangle her to death😑😑 and i just hate the fake friend they are the worst being on planet acting like they care for their friends but they dont
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Well I also can’t hate Aubrey.
I don’t think that he’s trying to say, that Nina is a baby making machine like y‘all thinking. Look... we’re now at chapter 214... some of you are here since chapter 1... and must already know how Aubrey is thinking and his way of acting. He’s trying to tell and show Nina, how much he loves her but just in the wrong way and OF COURSE his disease is a big Reason for his behavior. He wants a baby from her and only her, because he loves her so much, some of us can’t imagine how the feeling is if loving someone this deeply that it can become sick, he doesn’t want to hurt, that would be last thing he want, he wants to be with her, marry her and it would be a dream for him if the Woman he loves soooo deeply, could have his kids. He’s not that „sick of love“ type that cries all the time for his love for example, he’s the aggressiv type, that don’t want to loose his love at all cost because she’s the one that he wants to live the rest of his life with and his disease makes his „sick love“ sadly even worse but Nina already know how to handle his anger and that she CAN’T hate him is also a big fact for YOU that means she has somehow forgave him for the past or she were able to forgot and look forward, if she still would think about that, then wouldn’t she hate Aubrey ? Yes but she doesn’t. My opinion maybe sounds childish to some of you but that’s just how love is sometimes.
MC_206: Yes I will, u too
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Putting caps on something doesn’t always mean an aggressive tone. It’s supposed to emphasize the word. Nobody is fighting over here, this is just a productive discussion we’re having about this chapter in particular. And how does putting emojis in our replies make us sound like we’re mad? I don’t get ya man, but okay. lol means “laugh out loud” there’s nothing aggressive about my comment, and I wasn’t being sarcastic or snarky either.. but ok moving on. Have a nice day.
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Aubrey, that stinky little a**hole 😡
He basically told her, he would not marry her, but someone who matches him, which means he thinks she is not good enough for him (I think he is just a coward and doesn't dare to defend her in front of his social circle). If he already thinks this before they actually are in a relationship, she just has to think how log it will take until in his eyes she is not even good enough anymore to be his “ditry little secret“. And what will happen then? He makes her depend on him alone, so when he kicks her out like yesterday's trash, she will be left with her reputation in tatters, without family (ok, nevermind) or friends and without the means to survive.
Of course, she wants out as long as there is still the possibility to only lose time and nerves and her old flat to him. She would suffer damages but she could still build a new life for herself and might even be able to find someone to share her life with. Nina doesn't dare to become emotionally dependent on Aubrey and he just proofed again, that she made the right choice with that.
I am sad and really upset, because I had hoped Aubrey would have learned by now, that this is horrible and he shouldn't do this to anyone, especially not to the woman he claims to love. Well, by doing this, he helps her rejecting him. He reminds her, that he is still a horrible little flea and she really does not want to keep him.
Anonymous: I’m not bothered reading all that, but fr he loves and cherishes Nina sfm
Griffin Grey: Exactly! That’s why although Aubrey is over the top, I simply couldn’t help but eventually be happy that he ended up with Nina. He will really try to change and he will succeed to cure himself because he treasures Nina and doesn’t want to keep hurting her. All these stupid things that he says (wanting to marry someone else and have Nina as a mistress) will chance when he realize that he will have to be intimate with another woman and that he will lose Nina. He loves her and he is gradually realizing that by loving someone we must treasure her, respect her and have as priority her physical and mental well-being. No one taught Aubrey these things. The moment that he will throw on his mother’s face everything she holds dear and he will say that Nina is the only thing I want and I don’t care for anything else, is priceless 🥰. He is very capable and doesn’t need his family. He can destroy his family just for fun. His number one priority in Nina. When he stop hurting her with these unacceptable ideas (be a mistress and have children out of wedlock), Nina will return his love and help him relax and behave like a normal person. I don’t blame Nina for holding back with the nothing he is currently offering.
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I know alot of people are gonna hate on me for this but i still gonna say it . Ive been reading alot of comments on how carson was really messed up in this situation but now what i think is that yes carson really shouldnt have said nina was the cure and say that she should be a mistress but understand this carson how know aubrey for a very long time right and has been serving him for a long so he knows how much aubrey has changed after the incident but put yourself in carsons shoes for a little carson has been observing this for a long time so of course he wants to help right and now he will do anything so that aubrey doesnt have the issue that he. Now when nina came and aubrey started to like her alot and aubrey was really bad in the beginning but then started to like nina more so carson saw this and was like maybe she could help aubrey since he seems to like when she is around. So that means carson would have to make nina stay any way possible even if it meant doing something as bad as that i know this sounds messed up but im tryingg to that carson was just trying to do evrrything in his power to help aubrey i know its messed up that he didnt think of nina but still. Im not saying what he did was alright or that nina should just stay with aubrey im just saying that carson was just trying to help Aubrey anyway possible even if he is a butler aubrey means alot to him. Dont start saying im dumb and being rude im just saying what i think is the reason why carson is doing this
dreamyy angel: Just because you don’t know what kindness or love is doesn’t mean you treat people like a piece of shit. And like their your thing
Heather: He isn’t just some shitty machine
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I’m so happy that I’m noticing the improvements in Aubrey’s behavior in the recent chapters! I’m also happy with how Nina improved as well because I couldn’t stand how even though she found out Yuki teamed up with Dora and framed her, that she would still believe her lies whenever she tried to set herself up with Aubrey to steal her man! She had enough of her lies and BS like I was wondering when she would stop feeding this girl, almost everything that came out of Yuki’s mouth were lies!! So proud of both of them! But still, I wish he could get treatment for his illness and give her a secure relationship and home instead of making her the mistress.

And Yuki, you are in NO place to call Nina cold or evil. What you did was beyond disgusting and you got everything you deserved. You made your bed now go lay in it!😒
💕 Keiksoccer14kpoparmyblink💞: Yeah she did not be rude or evil Yuki she just was fed up with your lies and you playing her
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Poor Aubery and Nina 😔 It won't be this bad if Charles didn't try to intervene and also lied about b*tch friend Yuki having Aubery's child 😔

Aubery is getting better and try to control his temper. The past few chapters his temper is waaaay better than the first time he met Nina 😖 He didn't have the intention to hurt Nina at all, he has problem and can't married Nina for his own reason (which I don't remember if it's mention before or not) but he also loves and smitten by her 😖
And Nina has all the rights to get angry at him, but shouldn't she also angry at Charles? Even if he is drugged, he still do all the cruel things to her. And after he sober up, he lied to her and make thing worse for Nina. Even he knows Aubery temper and I think Charles didn't have the power to beat Aubery so even if he try to scheme he still only end up making things bad for Nina if he failed😣
If only he didn't show up when she is taking a breather alone. Aubery won't think she is having a secret tryst and this won't happen 😫
By all means I didn't hate Charles at first, but after he lied to Nina when Nina is starting to open her heart for Aubery and having peaceful life (not having true freedom but at least no Angry Aubery) I start to dislike his reckless behavior 😬😬😬
Those 3 needs vacation alone to clear their mind 😑😑😑😑
dils: Charles wants Nina, and Nina's attitude towards Aubery that starting to change makes him anxious. That's why he probably think Aubery will let Nina go if he got his "child". Did he think Aubery won't do his own DNA test on Bob 😑
I think it's one sided love from Aubery. But he is being too possessive of her so it's not a healthy kind of love that Nina wants. There's many times that shows that Nina's feeling start to change towards Aubery (not love, not like but not really dislike) she starting to accept him, but the problem with the fake DNA test make her thinking that she can't be with him since he has a son with Yuki. and the fact he said he can't marry her only makes her build more walls.
Nina is too kind for her own good. wait, Idk if I can say she is kind 🤔 If we think of it more, Charles isn't really that better than Aubery 🤔 when he was drugged by evil sister he also abuse her physically and mentally but he still forgiven by Nina and even after he sober and lied to her, she still being more casual than when it comes to Aubery 🤨

I think what Aubery did is quite understandable but NOT ACCEPTABLE. He already think Nina as HIS, like a husband/bf caught his partner cheating 🤔 and seems like now we gonna be back to the starting line 😖
Amita Gupta: yaa i think you are right Charlie's behavior is worse noe i dont understand why naina believe him soo easily when naina find yuki and own step sister do that dirt tricks plan together he helped naina...but now he scheme with yuki now and lie to naina all the time.... i dont know what he is want.... and aubery plzz be mature if you like and had a family problem you think carefully and find a way whh are you want naina become mistress in all life you fight for her i know its big plot but i cant say this is love and naina and aubery are couple bcoz they just using each others not suported not loving....i dont think this is love
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i really cant understand why are you guys blaming nina she didnt do anything wrong it s all aubery's fault oh really how can you say easy "if you wont stop i ll kill you both "WHO ARE YOU ?!!! how can you say this YOU ARE NOTHING even if you ceo A gentleman should be kind to women if i were author i change ml (aubery) and make the ml charles and i am a girl if i were nina i sue aubery and be together with charles and i wrote my opinions 100times and some people said to me "charles is rude how can you love him"
"i hope you understand how sweet aubery is"
in your opinion aubery is sweet ? if your answers yes please thought it two more time
and i know in my comment there are people saying "you cant understand aubery he loves nina he is just jeolous blah blah blah "
yes i cant understand aubery i have a lover too and i never be rude to him "if love means are rudeness,or familiar with this aubery right "
Mariska Hi👌: you are welcome
♡•°•Melike•°•♡: thanks ☺️
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between being a psycho and loosing memory, charles has a better excuse. plus charles took a lot of measures when he noticed that his memory was altered, he isn't even taking meds to relieve his migraine coz he doesn't want to be controlled anymore. he also planned to divorce nina's sister so that he can be free and once nina accepts him, there won't be any complication. Plus after recovering from memory loss, charles never forced Nina to be wd her, always the gentleman. How about aubery?? aside from abusing nina, not giving her freedom, asking her to be a mistress, asking for a child and making him/her a bastard coz Nina isn't the legal wife, his excuse is always his sickness and damn trauma!!! For all i care, Aubery can be treated!!! he does not want to be treated coz he thinks too highly of himself and obviously does not love Nina a lot to the extent that he won't undergo therapy. Charles is in physical and mental pain right now but tries to suppress it coz he loves nina a lot but Aubrey uses the I am a paranoid card and refuses to negotiate and understand nina. Aubrey Kung, if u really love Nina set her damn free!! Charles did it. so why can't u????
P.s. i copy pasted this from my comment to an annoying comment coz i swear charles has a better personality so far as thw chapter goes unless author makes charles a psycho too like aubery then yeah u guys can talk shit to charles. but up to this point, am going with charles
Ann : ok i stand corrected wd the divorce part. so charles is still single and can pursue nina. nheheh
Ann : u may have not read the story of "who made me a princess" where the male lead is a father an emperor per se who loved his daughter so much yet he had an amnesia and can't remember his daughter. he actively punishes her daughter and even tried to kill her with his own hands. yet the story still goes well coz the father repented once he got his memories back. being a psycho and losing one's memory is very different. memory involves emotions (medically speaking) and once ur memory is lost. ur emotional attachment also is gone. That's why charles actions before even the emperor that i am talking about has valid reasons for their actions. try studying neurology and psychology so that you will know.
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Rhose Hah
in my own opinion neither of Aubrey and Charles don't deserve Nina.... a kind, gentle and independent person like her don't deserved both of you one is paranoid and selfish and the other one is a green tea 😂😂😂 Nina love simplicity of life as a matter of fact by reading this comics Nina wish to have a family that she can called her own because her poster family don't treat her well she only been their daughter by name but never been really treat as a part of family... if you have sympathy of Aubrey so called paranoid attitude how bout Nina sad past?? and for me I think Aubrey is a coward and selfish why?? because you can't able to Fight for the woman you "LOVE" because you are afraid of your parent Shame!. offering your so called "LOVE" to be only your MISTRESS not your "WIFE" is a slap on the face! their no honor on it! Shame! I know their some people whose going to dislike my comment it's fine anyway...that why it's called a comment section...
シナリ: i actually feel bad for aubrey...
Callista Caprice: lol sure why not
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Breana James
No. No. No This is exactly what I am talking about. He is nothing but a control freak that just want to ruin her life. He says many times that he wont marry her all she can be is a basically his mistress. He will marry another woman. So what he says I'll never touch the woman that will be his wife, Nina is the only woman he's be intimate with. Everyone will see her as the mistress, the homewrecker, the side chick because that the only option he is giving her. And God forbid they have kids, those poor kids were be seen as oh their mom a mistress, whore, sleeping with a married man. I mean if Bob was his son he was send him away not caring about him at all. That's horrible that shows right there the type of father he would be. And his wife would just torture Nina and God forbid any kids they have because she'll see Nina as a thorn in her side of getting Aubrey love and attention. HE NEEDS TO STOP TRYING TO FORCE HER INTO A LIFE OF MISERY AND DESPAIR. He needs to leave and get the hell out of her life. He is only making it worse the poor girl going to have a mental breakdown if this continue
slenderdan123: annoying
shut up!
luo yao yao ( landuo): read now episode 221 English version of bossy presiden on IG
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Ayesha Deiki
Dear comrades,
I think I know what aubery is feeling but for the fact that nina is also hurting is unfair.Were all quite sure that they may have mutual feelings with each other but....
in my perspective I will also rampage when I know that aubery this man has a fiance that he will marry. Please think carefully you may say I'm taking sides, yes indeed!! For I dont want a man to say that he loves me with a mere act of foolishness. I understand aubery's love for he's brother but nina is hurting everytime I read heartaching mangas or manhuas like this my heart start to aches its painfully i go screaming in side my head. I know I might be thinking one sidedly but my mom said that a relationship is give and take. Therefore nina doesnt want love and not just marriage but a place she can confidently say home and with ease in mind and A MAN beside her knowing that his hers and she is his a man that is beside her that she herself knows she is not wreking someones life. You see guys its just the word peace ease and love that she want but I believe there is a way to solve this problem throughout the manga but MINA SAN!!!!!!! itai desu!!!! mMY HEART IS ACHING RIGHT NOW AND IT GOES "FOOLISH AUBERY!!!!!"
okay FIRST OF ALL, Aubrey! She’s NOT a baby making machine or some toy that you can possess! Your contract means absolutely NOTHING since that’s not gonna change how she feels about you anyway since that signed piece of paper did nothing but trap her from her freedom! Which is the only thing she wants from you!
SECONDLY! Just because you made an empty promise saying you won’t sleep with the woman you’re arranged to marry doesn’t make Nina’s situation any less worse than it already is!!!🤦🏻‍♀️Making her your mistress means she will ALWAYS live under you and your wife’s shadow, and she will ALWAYS be branded as the other woman, and your child being branded a bastard! That is such a SELFISH way of thinking like HAVE SOME CONSIDERATION not just for Nina but also your child that you so BADLY want to have with her! 😤
You KNOW she had always lived under Dora’s shadow and always felt unloved and unwanted when she was with the Sze’s so you put her out of that situation just to put her in a SIMILAR situation with you and your arranged marriage!?!?!? How about finding a way to cancel that arranged marriage instead of putting the girl you love SOOO much in such a painful situation along with your future child!?
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Until he gives her a healthy relationship, finds a way to cancel the arranged marriage, and get treatment for his illness, I 100% support Nina rejecting him. He is unable to give her a happy loving home until this chapter, and I’m glad Nina has self respect and love for herself that she would not degrade herself to become someone’s mistress.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Right!? And there are even people saying it’s Nina’s fault for “triggering” his illness 🤢🤮 that’s so disgusting I get that this is a comic but how can they blame a victim for being abused by a mentally ill person!? Just because they’re mentally ill doesn’t mean what they’re doing is not wrong or messed up!
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Props to Aubrey for finally apologizing to Nina!! Hopefully he will not put her in a difficult situation anymore and find a way to cancel his arranged marriage and then pursue Nina because she’s been through so much and I just want her to stop getting hurt and being pulled into these unfair situations all the time! I’ve always been leaning more on Ninas side but I’m glad he finally took a big step and apologized to her. I really hope from this point on he’s going to make some big changes and even go into treatment to cure his paranoia! Deep down I know Aubrey is not a bad person and he’s a hurt individual himself but he really needs to overcome it to really win Ninas heart over! Maybe start off by giving her some space and letting her have more freedom and she’ll slowly open up to him!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Yup that way Nina doesn’t get hurt and Aubrey will be able to give her a healthy relationship!
Ashleigh: I agree. Let her be free and be friends together, forgetting the past so things will easy for them. Then Aubery can court her
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Aubrey is a schizophrenic. Throughout the story thus far, it was suggested it has been untreated all this time. Due to this and his intelligence, his family allowed him to get away with anything. Also, this has not probably been acknowledged as to not embarrass the family reputation. As far as he is concerned, Nina was his from the time she worked on the ship. She is or will be the mother of his children. He already knows the truth of that incident but doesn't care. Also, he is not aware of what love really is. The closest relationship that he ever had was his familial relationship with his brother.
Nina has spent most of her life abandoned and seeking approval of her adopted family. She is a caring person no matter whom mistreat her. Naive and Foolsih. She may have feelings for Aubrey but she is unsure of everything she is. She may have Stockholm Syndrome from being held against her will. Also, it doesn't help that she has been used, abused, and tossed away.

I understand where Nina is coming from when it comes to marriage. She deserves to have someone who will truly love and cherish her . No one wants to be the side person. Aubrey plans to get married and live a loveless marriage and have Nina as his mistress. That will end up in so many complicated situations I hope Aubrey will come to realize his mistakes and obsession with Nina and let her go. But as this story progresses, just have to wait and see.
Kami: I just happened to reread this a few times, just to make sure I read it right and can relate.
Kami: I just happened to reread this a few times, just to make sure I read it right and can relate.
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Why is no one noticing Aubrey's improvements? He literally went from someone who just wanted to get back his child to someone who truly loved Nina. He helped her in so many different situations the most prominent being when he defended and protected her against her family. Aubrey has a mental illness and with that fact he's actually doing pretty good considering HIS circumstances. Anyway why are people blaming Aubrey about all this mistress thing? He literally said it was a family issue/business. Aubrey is not loving Nina just for her to become his mistress. He's doing all of these things and improvements because he wants to show Nina that he truly cared for her. and when Nina accepts him, I believe that they would go against the Kung family and convince them that Nina should become the wife of Aubrey. But, Nina's actions suggest that she just ignores all the good things Aubrey has done because her mind was so fixed into thinking that Aubrey is a violent and possessive person. Although not explicitly stated, Nina's plan is obviously to purposely trigger Aubrey's mental illness in hopes that Aubrey would leave her and as a result, well, this sickness. I think what Nina should do is accept Aubrey and, together with him, convince Aubrey's family to let then officially become man and wife.

This is just my opinion. Pls don't bash me hahahahaha.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: If he can’t control himself from abusing Nina he SHOULD GET HELP!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why should a victim understand why their abuser abuses them?. His mental illness is no excuse for his behavior 🤦🏻‍♀️ Serial killers and pedophiles are mentally ill too, so you think their victims need to be understanding of them when they decide to murder or molest their victims!? They “couldn’t control” themselves either. Make it make sense man. He is sane enough to be held accountable for his own actions. And there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for someone abusing or r*ping another. She doesn’t need to even try to understand Aubrey. Why does she need to try to understand him when he’s never done that or given her an ounce of respect in the first place? That should be given first by Aubrey 😒
Yasmine Baroody: Why is no one remembering Aubrey has a disorder with personality. He literally cant control himself, plus no one notices his improvements, yes Nina deserves good things but she needs to also try to understand Aubrey from his perspective.
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Isa Cat
Ppl, sorry to say that but... I don't ship her with anyone because when Charles was the "evil one" in the start he really doesn't consider Nina's feelings... And Aubrey was who be on her side, and now just because he is just punching her because he is jealous won't change his love for her... He was just jealous, I know he do so much for Nina but I don't ship her with anyone YET maybe in the future I change my mind, but now everyone is being a JERK because no one cares about Nina's feelings... Charles don't cared in the start... But he has regret after A LONG TIME, and hurt her so many times when Aubrey punsh her once and regret faster, not saying that i ship her with him... But if i REALLY need to choose one... Aubrey is who have been more cool to Nina, even her family tried to turn her down and Aubrey helped her... That's just my opinion ok? I'm not saying that anyone need to agreed with me... But I just think that for now (if my english is bad, sorry i'm brazillian/se meu inglês for ruim, desculpe sou brasileira)
luo yao yao ( landuo): read now episode 221 English version of bossy presiden on IG
Ichijo Raku: same here
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black love
first the people that hates aubery, pls dont read this .... (if you want :P)

here is what I think about this. I think that nina should be honest and tell her true feelings for aubery. I think aubery deserves to know the truth and needs better attention. he is always looking out for nina. and I dont think nina has done the same thing to aubery back. and that makes feel sad for aubery. but the thing is...we dont know Aubrey's past. well we do.... 3 years ago and when he was a child. I think that Aubrey was either raised in a bad environment or never had a family. I think that's why he is upset throughout the story. and nobody understands how his life in that was in his past. and when he goes to that ship 3 years ago, Aubrey was drugged by nina's friend. so he DIDNT WANT to get her pregnant. although she did. and when she took nina that's when she got know aubery better. and nina was his happiness and his love of his life. but I dont think she knows that's how aubery feels about her. sometimes men just dont know how to show their true feelings to their women. and when when he asked "have you ever loved me?" I truly understand why he asked her. nina never showed love to aubery. all she showed was fear and pitiless. so I dont think it was Aubrey's fault for being rude. it was his childhood. sure he r@ped her and did bad things.... but he didnt mean too..... that's just my opinion dont take my word for it.....:P
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Nina Zhe answer aubery question about whether She loved him or not in new chapter bossy President
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To the people that praising aubery for changing so much, "loving her" care for her"...are absolutely mentally retard...put urself in nina shoes how can you stay in such a abusive relationship or no abusive ownership like a dog...even dog being treated nicely by their owner, I try to understand POV OF sorry but not sorry I can't, I can't with someone that just treat me like his sex toy, bird in cage, monitoring my evry move like I'm gonna kill someone, so kind of making love is raping is when the other party wiling to do not forcing......i just realize that human are not human anymore...even thou this just a comic, but what will happen if this really happen in real life...those person will keeping thinking about suicide or killing them self....its so scary
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Rea Emerald : We all know Nina can manipulate or she knows Aubery's weakness; and since he loves her so much, she can always leave him. I'm just guessing that Aubery won't kill Nina because how could you kill someone you love? Aubery is traumatized already, I don't think he can do it again. If that happens, his illness will become worse and guilt will take over him, which can lead to suicide.
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Honestly Carson is wrong on so many levels for trying to convince Nina to submit to him. She doesn’t want to become a mistress, and it’s her decision if she wants to love Aubrey back or not, why is he acting like Nina owes Aubrey love and commitment for a couple of nice things he’s done for her? I get it Aubrey is not evil and I see the good in him, and I notice he’s had a painful past himself , but that doesn’t give him a right to keep Nina captive and try to force her into becoming his mistress. She’s not his rehab center, she’s not an object or a tool used for curing his paranoia. I actually highly disliked Carson for enabling Aubrey and letting him torture her in that mansion in the beginning chapters, but he’s disappointed me again in this chapter. Let her decide for herself for once, and if he wants Nina to accept Aubrey and stay by his side, Aubrey needs to give her respect and freedom first. It’s so unfair to her not only to her to make her his mistress, but it’s also unfair for their future child to be deemed a bastard and an illegitimate by others, and it’s also unfair to his future wife who has to live with a man that doesn’t love her.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I thought I was the only one that saw something wrong with Carson honestly 😔
Valeria Octaviani: this is exactly how im thinking
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