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It took me some days ,seconds ,years, milliseconds or idk but I love him but Nina girl you are on a whole new level till now still didn't fall for him I see your choice '' CHARLES ". OKK IT ABOUT PREFERENCE SO MAYBE YOU DON'T LIKE THE REAL STANDARD AND LOVE. NINA LOVES TO BE PUSHED FROM THE PERSON SHE LOVE OH WHO'S THAT CHARLES.
viktorisspice😂😂😍: definitely I am retard but a better one than u
viktorisspice😂😂😍: bye Alex ride alone with your dumbass thought I told you to watch your tone but u don't seem like one so. Fly alone
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It’s annoying how much this FL gets blamed and cursed at for not accepting the ML even though it’s completely understandable why she does it 😒. He never specified that she was his girlfriend, and treated her as a mistress of his for a long time before actually falling in love with her, it’s no surprise that she thinks she’s just a mistress to him after his especially arranged marriage ordeal came out, not to mention he treated her like absolute garbage through 75% of the story 🤨 why are people so surprised and angry with her? I just don’t get it, I only feel sadness and pity for her. People can understand Aubrey, but why can’t most of them empathize and understand Nina as well? *sigh*
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What the hell?! So many people saying that Nina should gone Aubery a chance. Like what the hell?
If this were real life, he would be in Jail, end of story.
No matter what he does, even if he were to die, he does not deserve a chance.

He is a repetitive rapist and violent person, when something or someone don't go his way.

Even if she fall in love it won't be real but Stockholm syndrome. He cut her off of the world. Leave in the bubble he created.
That is a psycho for you.

I hated him at the beginning and still do. Him being nice won't change it. If it was enough, we wouldn't need the police or justice court....
.........: I totally agree with you.
Ananas: Nah I’m real life they’re in China... and in China, rich ppl can cover up everything
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Nina he is an asshole. dont mind him. Girll go and find charles. ❤
yess i changed my ship. who the hell does he think he is huh.. stupid ass. Women are shallow you say, you are the most shallow person ever!! i thought he was nice and cute but no, hes just another jerk who thinks that he can rule the world. but sorry mister nina is smart. hmph i hate this guy now🤬😡😭
(i think the author wants to change the ship and wants nina and the readers to start hating aubery. )
😈Evil Minds..😈: thanku so much for showing your interest
littlecara🌟: Heyy I am from india too, and i would love to read your novel! :))
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Chen Liyue
At that moment, I really wish for Aurbery for getting medical treatment.. People around aurbery are really careless about his health, specially his parents..Although aurbery's mental health is not stable, but i can't support what he is doing to Nina.. Imprisoning nina is not a supportive activities.. Aurbery knows very well that he needs to consult a doctor but he is not consulting any doctor..
Nina is afraid of Aurbery.. She does not to be mistress but aurbery is far above to realize it.
If aurbery gets medical treatment, beg forgiveness to Nina and proposes her for marriage, than nina can consider to think about it..
In the end, I think nina deserves better life and deserves better person than aurbery and her es bf...
Luo Yao Yao (princess landuo): come guys reading the English version of bossy president next chapter 243
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the new little Masha creation ofc
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Omg Who cares if Aubery treats her like shit! hE loVeS hEr sO mUch! 🤪 she’s so sToOpiD!! WHy caN’t she jUst kiss his ass and accept him! Stupid fûcking Nina! Just let him r@pe you and hold you captive! 🤪 it’s ok if he hits you because he has paranoia!! You can’t blame him 🤪 it’s nina’s fault!
Y e s h: Selling that shit like it's crack.
I like Aubrey : shush is a drug dealer dealing out stupidity 🌚
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Aubery is a psycho... I think he never loved her whole heartedly... maybe he was scared to do so because of his brother's leave... it's most likely to be that he needed her to stay by his side more than wanting to love her... but I still ship charles and nina because seriously if I was her I will never be able to forget charles and will always try to help him remember no matter what! A promise is a promise.
well that's just my opinion :)
RedRose: you got a point!
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: It's not love. It's obsession.
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Queen Ellarh
Well,Charles is not so great either... remember when he was under the effects of drugs,he told Nina he would collect her dead body. If he can say this to anyone at all regardless of how much he dislikes them,that just shows what kind of person he is.
Aubrey isn't good for Nina either.
This is the time that I don't mind Nina ending up with the robot😁😁
🍲🥘I eat noodles at midnight, ghost reader 🥘🍲: And I never said you did read again. I said you guys come up with the same old bs over and over again.
Queen Ellarh: I never said Aubrey was good...scroll by
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xiao shen
since it's a holiday and all, had time to skim through some comments under this comic and i really find it so crazy to see the same names hating on Aubery and mocking--even arguing with--the followers of this comic who are either choosing to be neutral or giving his character a chance to redeem himself. Like seriously, same names! The same people disparaging, cursing at, making fun of, vilifying followers of this manhua. Why? They so obviously hate this comic, why do they keep checking for updates and continuing in abusing people in the comments section everytime? It's obvious these people (seems already like a group of friends to me) purposefully wait for comments they can make fun of.

Hating on people for liking a fictional character they hate for "abusing" another fictional character and yet enjoying abusing real life people online, calling them names, laughing at them, some even asking them to kill themselves bcoz of their "stupidity"?! i mean, am i the only one who thinks there's something seriously wrong with this picture?
venkata varshini jinka: please tell me the name of the novel for bossy president
xiao shen: it's not an app. you dont need to download anything :))
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Paula González
At first I hated that Aubrey always treated Nina like she was a thing, but I thought maaaybe he is going to change and realize that he is wrong, and feel ashamed of all the things he did and ask Nina for forgiveness just then they would be able to love each other but I kept waiting and kept waiting, then I thought maybe Aubrey is never gonna change and Nina is the one that has to be strong and make herself respected, cause after all she suffered she deserves it but then again I was wrong, all this story is nonsense, Aubrey and Nina deserve each other.
This is sooooo boring, enough for me...
Kourtney🔥🔥: you just have to see both sides in different angles.
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At this point of the story Aubery really is such a clown: be aggressive with Nina, locked her up an entire month because he think with special dealings she will fall in love?? And thank God Nina eard the truth because THAT'S THE REAL AUBERY KUNG, a narcissistic and liar. Sorry for all his fans but I will not belive anymore that "he loves Nina and don't know how do it properly". Girls are smart and strongs 💪🏻 So Go Nina and kick the king ass!
kixkat: totally agree😁
Yoaimiru: True, i was thinking that he hanged... But not. So fu*k him xd
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Am I the only clumsy person to swip up the panels and accidentally use points for the previous episode LIKE I ALWAYS WASTE MY POINTS LIKE THIS !! ( Sorry if my grammar isn't correct English isn't my mother tongue so .. 🙃)
Satowa (♥️MTN♥️): Me too, it's always happens with me
i can see u homan: me too
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can people please stop hating on Nina and actually take the time to understand her first. she has been hurt deeply to the point of trauma by him, it isn't easy to get over trauma, she can't just easily accept the same person who caused her trauma like that. even if she wants to there's the problem of him not being able to marry her, this is a girl who has suffered throughout her life for not being legitimate, how can you ask her to so easily become illegitimate all over again. she can't
xx_shadow_xx: HHAHAHAHAHA LOL
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: Do you read comments? Every Aubrey d*ck sucker.
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I have no idea what’s going on, like they were just happy together then they hated each other then they were back to happy, abrey is as obsessed and crazy as ever and the MC still don’t know what the shit she’s doing, I though she was going to be smart and make Aubrey change his personality and then marry him, but all that’s going on is more and more misunderstandings and stupid scandals that’s just prolong the story, I’m waiting for some reconnection and interesting stuff about their relation ship, I don’t care about Charles, him and the MCs fam haven’t been mention for like 40 chapters, why bring them back up when they don’t even are apart of this
Aubery loves Nina(still always say "She (Nina)is in love with me),he hates Charles because of Nina (as she cares for him) if he was taking Charles business down due to competition then that was other thing but he is taking him down because he jealous of Charles......Nina has right to be angry especially after what he said in previous episode😑😑
Everything was going smoothly,something had to happen (this time Aubery made everything wrong himself)😑😑😑😑
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: So you are agreeing with me?! It's not because of business competition. Both past and current Aubrey are not doing it for business purposes...
p.s💛❤: If Aubery was same as he was in the beginning then he would have targeted Charles because he felt like it.
But currently Aubery is kind of trying to become a better currently he is taking his business down because of Nina.
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You guys understand Nina wants freedom and shes not stupid for that. She already knows Aubry loves her to where he will go to the extent of making her fall for him, but she needs not only love but freedom.

My mom basically went through the same thing, She had a boyfriend, he was crazy in love with her to the point where he didnt let her leave without permission, the only place my mom go to leave was for meeting her parents.

I hope Aubry figures that out one day.
Jin Yu is for Lin Han: He will.
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so sweet but he still can't give her what she always wanted, when the time comes for him to marry with another woman cuz he said previously that he "the great Aubrey" can't defy his family orders so then what he gonna do? He can't give her a sense of security nor a family, will she forever be the mistress? Living in the shadows and never be proud of herself cuz can't say loud enough that she's the truly wife of Aubrey or if they had a child it'll be "oh my son this is your dad but you can't call him like that in front of others"... well love it's a must on a relationship but isn't all, respect and dignity above all. I still disagree with this shipp and well she isn't in love with him yet so she can get out of this situation without being hurt.
Izumicchi: she likes him but isn't love yet... She's just seeing him in a new light and at most the feeling that she has now is only a mix of gratitude and pity for everything good that he made for her 😔😔
Shriya Singh Rawat: I agree with everything you said, but she is, in fact, in love with him. So she will be hurt, even if she leaves him.
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She should’ve ran him over with the car 💩
Izuku Midoriya: hehehe crackhead hours heheheh lol wtf
Izuku Midoriya: i agree with you for running Aubrey over with a car i hope the covid-19 is there (it is there tbh) and i hope Aubrey catch it with his mentally staible ass
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To all who dislike Aubrey. I definitely agree with you on that. Aubrey does have an attitude. He does abuse Nina physically and mentally. He had crossed so many lines since their first meeting. However, Aubrey has his moments of being nice to Nina. And ha maybe the only one who had stand up for Nina in all her life.

Aubrey's character is quite confusing, at times but interesting. It's clear that Aubrey doesn't know how to handle the situation because it's his first time to ever felt this way before. Yet, Nina doesn't feel the same. There's also his perspective in life that just because his "The Aubrey Kung" he can do and get whatever he wants. and the fact that is a paranoid person. BUT COME ON... WHO WOULD WANT TO BE WITH A GUY LIKE THAT?

At times I like him to be with Nina but that's when he is being nice to her. And most of the time I just want Nina to be free and have some peace and quiet in her life.

And to all that says Nina is stupid THAT'S ABSURD! Nina is in a hopeless situation where her every action is questioned. And he doesn't have feelings for Aubrey yet... or doesn't acknowledge it. Because who would like a guy forcing you to like him when it's clear you don't want any part of.

All in all, despite my judgement. I love that drama and LOVE THIS COMIC
Oh Aubery is not the cold hearted guy that everyone thinks he is, actually Charels is worse, you guys will find out he actually does somthing far worse then Aubery has ever done, also he Loves Nina, he doesnt just keep her arround not only for her pretty looks but also because hes lonley too, Aubery grew up abused and hated by his father which alot of you readers will soon find out, he wouldnt hurt her even after reading the book, I believe hes going to actually feel more bad for Nina, and will come to understand how her and Charels became close friends, because Nina was lonley and Charels was the only friend she had, about Charels saying he would Merry Nina and she would hope Charels would stay with her forever, they said that back when they were kids and way before she met Aubery, so Knowing Aubery he seems mad now but hes smarter then people give him credit for and I believe hes not going to be mad at Nina for being friends with Charels and for the Diary, she wrote it before they met too, so hes not going to blame Nina for her pass, shes already been hurt enough and Aubery knows it.
Lazuli18Gamer: I might be 😜😁
Lovemecake🥰: The “do you wanna die” reminds me of the ml in boys over flower😂
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