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Cute Ogre S2

Zuoan Comic
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A Taotie? What happened to the goddess of the moon in the afterlife? Died of obesity in the last life, what is she supposed to do with this hungry body in this life? The skinny god of delicacy complains all day about how hard gaining weight is. The god of law and justice in his fancy red robe is a fashion icon. And the god of love is a big fan of gay love stories. Come on, can I just have one serious fairy?

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The Shut-in
This is such a sad story, it is just covered in the guise of being a light hearted daily life of ChiChi. She has so much stacked against her that I could see how this could take a turn down to tragedy. It is like kids with terminal illnesses; you want to do everything for them, protect their smile and cure them but alas they are destined to die sooner than most. And a lost don’t know that they are gonna die as early as they are, just like how ChiChi is wanting to save people yet she could potentially end up eating her most loved ones on a whim.
I’m just probably over thinking it and this will just give her some weird cultivator powers, nothing bad.
Rita Ramirez
why is it they want him to come and save her but if she was more intelligent decided she would learn certain things insist on trying to protect herself be a little bit stronger she wouldn't always have to rely on a man to come save her like a damsel in distress ..... SERIOUSLY
Rita Ramirez
I know she's a foodie. but Jesus she gets annoying with that shit after a while especially with having a physique of a porcelain doll GEEZ
Rita Ramirez: besides if I were here I'd be TIRED OF HEARING MODENGS MOUTH FO REAL
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