Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire
Romance / Modern / Completed

Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire

Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire
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Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire Comics Online. Su Mo's world fell apart after she got drunk and lost her virginity, and her family members passed away. To pay off the huge debt, she had to sell her marriage and was divorced at the day of getting married. Six years later, the fate made her fall into his hands again. The boss said, "Lass, give my money back or be my woman!"

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i liked this manga...because hero and heroine never break up and hero alwz supported heroine in every situation
Rizka Refliarny: m

Francis Khaelan Sañosa Arnoza: so xx
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awww.. story is being so sweet.. his friends are funny anyway.. poor FL best friend, she's normal I think!!!
Katz Gun
the wrap up seems too rush, if i may give constructive comments there are some unsolved scenes (maybe ive missed it in the episode? if so please enlighten me), such as:

1. obviously it was xiao nanye who took su mo's virginity 6 yrs ago, but is there any moment of truth that su mo's realize about it and do xiao nanye remember about it and told her about what really happened that night?
and after married-divorced why did xiao nan ye asked her to go 6yrs ago? what is the reason he wants to marry her but then divorce her. it doesnt make sense

2. what happen to lin jinyao memories? seems no explanation about it and why he disappear, ideally he should remember about su mo and then become the love rival for a while before su mo realized her feelings to xiao nanye (there is a short episode about this but not explanation about his memory and nothing happen after he cancel the wedding)

3. what happen to hongseng jewellery? su mo should claim back what belongs to su family and the bad guy should get karma. i think the story about her nephew also just like an addition

overall thank you author for the good story :) look forward to another one
Code:Zero Two: This Is Like Darling In The Franxx.
They Had a Good Plot At The Start Then They Rushed The Story.
Sona Yadav: i thought there will be to this
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