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Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire

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Su Mo's world fell apart after she got drunk and lost her virginity, and her family members passed away. To pay off the huge debt, she had to sell her marriage and was divorced at the day of getting married. Six years later, the fate made her fall into his hands again. The boss said, "Lass, give my money back or be my woman!"

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Jen Yi
You know what I am not going to complain about the ending. There are a lot of stories I’m reading that are like 500 to 600 chapters and there’s still nothing, just people scheming and whatever. I feel like it’s a good way to end it, he just wanted to marry her, the little girl, that was his goal and there we go he married her. He married her, divorced, blackmailed her, misunderstood each other, hurt each other, then she forgot the other man and started to love him. I’m thankful, I am glad that you did not drag this on with unnecessary drama and people. Thank you for your hard work.
Hiromi Tachibana
you know WHAT? i want to laugh! this manga i always wait for...ended worsly and unreasonably than anyother manga i ever read!
The manga i waited for listlessly! Thinking about day to night! ended as if life is a joke!! Author dont you care a bit about my feeling! I know i should be happy about them being together but still .... as a special author dont you feel that its totally incomplete and missing....
But still i will be waiting.
WAITING for you to resolve it!😫
ok so another rushed story probably the author ran out of ideas or just want to move on to create another stort well regardless its still decent but have more potential to grow wish the author handled it better and I hope in his next work it will be much better well thats all and good bye to another comics
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