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Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire

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Su Mo's world fell apart after she got drunk and lost her virginity, and her family members passed away. To pay off the huge debt, she had to sell her marriage and was divorced at the day of getting married. Six years later, the fate made her fall into his hands again. The boss said, "Lass, give my money back or be my woman!"

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Very few of us will admit it, but female relationships are fraught with competitive urges and territorial impulses, sometimes more so than men. Socially, at work, at school and even within family. Sometimes you feel betrayed by your good friend as she waltzes off with your boyfriend only to realize later that your friendship existed only to enable her to do so. You were a stage in a plan, that's all. Some women only want a guy they can take from someone else--it's suspect when one is totally unattached. They ask themselves "what's wrong with him?" At work, where people should be professional, a surprising amount of backbiting and jealousy has to be dealt with. School...don't even get me started. Even family can be a minefield. Maybe that's why we cherish those women who are steadfast and sincere in friendships and also why we would do almost anything for our true friends. Those stand-up, honorable individuals who would never under any circumstances betray us or allow us to be mistreated by others are worth even more than their weight in gold--they are priceless.
Okoni Nizwa : QN3popMQN please accept this..and throw out pop okay
Jesseka Bush: I'm so sorry you've experienced that. It's not something I've experienced very often so i feel blessed. I hope you don't meet many more people like that!
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Ogundiran Modinat
but must everything be difficulties? dats y I like "ex wife of a billionaire", there is nothing like prolonging matter for decades.
even if there is obstacle must d lady leave the or is it most for the guy to leave her love can't they trust each other.
everything is the same problem, hatred, villain, ex, this is trouble some.
Mainda Juma
But it's true even she can't forget him easily for xiao nanye it's right for him to get mad cz he changed bcz he love her so just do something about your past remember when your hurt you hurt him also so made up your mind before it's too late.
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