Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire
Romance / Modern / Completed

Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire

Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire
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i liked this manga...because hero and heroine never break up and hero alwz supported heroine in every situation
Rizka Refliarny: m

Francis Khaelan Sañosa Arnoza: so xx
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awww.. story is being so sweet.. his friends are funny anyway.. poor FL best friend, she's normal I think!!!
Katz Gun
the wrap up seems too rush, if i may give constructive comments there are some unsolved scenes (maybe ive missed it in the episode? if so please enlighten me), such as:

1. obviously it was xiao nanye who took su mo's virginity 6 yrs ago, but is there any moment of truth that su mo's realize about it and do xiao nanye remember about it and told her about what really happened that night?
and after married-divorced why did xiao nan ye asked her to go 6yrs ago? what is the reason he wants to marry her but then divorce her. it doesnt make sense

2. what happen to lin jinyao memories? seems no explanation about it and why he disappear, ideally he should remember about su mo and then become the love rival for a while before su mo realized her feelings to xiao nanye (there is a short episode about this but not explanation about his memory and nothing happen after he cancel the wedding)

3. what happen to hongseng jewellery? su mo should claim back what belongs to su family and the bad guy should get karma. i think the story about her nephew also just like an addition

overall thank you author for the good story :) look forward to another one
Code:Zero Two: This Is Like Darling In The Franxx.
They Had a Good Plot At The Start Then They Rushed The Story.
Sona Yadav: i thought there will be to this
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For all haters and bad mouths(@JA B, @Birdy Harmir, and any future and past haters) : People just tend to talk high, but can't make their words come true... I don't like when someone criticize work of others! Besides, you should be be glad there are people who try, because if there weren't, you couldn't do it yourself and, you couldn't experience ANY comic - good or bad. Not everything is perfect! Maybe you are spoiled and don't understand it, but without bad is not good and vice versa! Keep in mind, author did something FOR OTHERS, with view of people enjoy it! And all comics of this kind are nonsense... Nothing like that could ever happend. But that's the point, to run away from reality for a second and to make you looking forward to what is going to happend next! You can tell if it's interesting when you read first few chapters. And if you don't feel like it is interesting, just switch to another one, don't bother to write something just to drop the author. (every author has put description of story you don't have to write anything like - it's same as every second comic here / lame / boring... )
Avoid unnecessary rudeness. Hope i was clear enought.
Ren Abdon: I do feel though that there were a lot of loose ends like the past boyfriend’s memories, and the marriage was super rushed.
CH2 Alpha: more people like seing others fail rather than succed
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Crys Aguiar
Eu não concordo com abusos ou coisas do tipo, mas se ela prometeu fazer qualquer coisa, se ele a salva-se. mas ela voltou atras de sua palavra, então acho bom ela aprender uma lição, a mulher ta uma bagunça só, não consegue organizar a vida, e se eu fosse ela, ja teria deixado esse Ex pra lá, e tambem ja faz 5 ou é 6 anos que ele não entra em contato, ela tem que viver a vida dela e ser feliz. Essa é minha opinião.
kristianna hosang: habour inglisha
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Griffon Kryzen
so this gurl, 6 years ago having birthday party and accidentally cheating on her boyfriend, and I think it's with our ML. and for some reason her aunt's killed herself because of the debt. she tried to get help from her supposed to be boyfriend, but

therefore she want to go city A and along the way she meet the ML /Xiao again. then she borrowed money from him. and now they meet again and settled it with a contract ??!?! 😕😕😕
너의 여자 마리나~: Yeah it’s honestly very confusing
tree: correct
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Snow Bunny
maybe everyone here blaming Su Mo for crying because of Jin...but i don't blame her, because i know exactly how it feel. I had similar experience to Su Mo...clearly here Su Mo and Jin never had a proper talk to break up, Jin is not the one to blame because something happened to him that he forgot Su Mo. So it's pretty natural is they still have feeling for each other but they are not meant to be together. It's understandable that Su Mo still hold on to her feeling for Jin...relationship for 10years is not a joke. It's hard to forget, hard to erase. Jin is better than My Ex..who just left me to marry another woman when he was still with me a month before. Never say anything about breaking up...I Hate him to the core, but Love cannot be erased in just one the news about his marriage still broke my heart and i cried hard.
So i don't blame Su Mo here...i know it's hard for her, eventhough she has open up her heart to try to love someone else...
Snow Bunny: hmmm?? what do you mean?? just read the story...
Johnpaul Anasario: how can I continue reading this? 🥺🥺🥺
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so who was the one who stole her virginity in the first episode? no recall at all? and where does lin jinyao go? the story is only focus to both ml n fl in which i dont mind it at all... as long as i am satisfied 😁
Zafran Enrique: i like ur comment......i don't mind too as long as ml and fl has a happy and lovely live together.....🤗🤗😊
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Rashmita Jena
its kind of frustrating n idk how to explain... they met 6 yrs ago married n divorced no romancing nothing. n suddenly xiao have attraction towards mo when he saw her after 6 yrs n fell for her.. in other hand this girl calling him bastard n at the same time cooks for him,sleeps with him,show affection but still calls him bastard.. aagghh!!!! i can't take it
honestly, i love her bestfriend Shao Qi. she's one of the most sensible character ever. she's not like the typical Bff that just give random advice. she really uses her brains. Su Mo is really lucky to have a friend like her. but i'm wondering where she was when Su Mo needed the help to pay for the debt, etc. I'm not blaming her or anything cause i really love her, but I'm just curious as to why Su Mo didn't ask for her help then? she's obviously rich. or did i miss an explanation somewhere?
Food Aisha: well said :) but I think mb she didn’t join the party dats y
Hannah: i guess you're probably right. Maybe because to her they only met briefly for three times before. and she didnt get the name of the guy. i think it was on chapter 9 or 10? when they got married and divorced at the sametime. She said she didn't get to know the name of the guy. which is a bit weird, because if you're going to register for marriage then you should write the complete name. Or maybe she didn't get to see the name?
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Michael Andreas
Erm....i think the writer just want to finished the story asap because still so many things pending such as Ye Yan, her uncle, her cousin, ex boyfriend and etc. So short cut to show straight away happy ending
his aunt is looking so young.. I thought she's his another younger sister.. but when his actual sister came, she was looking so old, like his aunt
Crys Aguiar
Claro que ele não precisa de comida em casa, quando ele ta com fome ele só sai e vai para um restaurante, Essas pessoa ricas. Humph
How can you not know your husband name ? Didn’t you get married and you got the marriage certificate. Even on the divorce certificate your spouse name was written
saly sid: Yes,Alicia is right!!
Alicia Adelusi: She wasn’t thinking about that at that moment of time she just wanted to get the money and fix her problems
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last scene was hilarious.. anyway Lisa & Jiang, I doubt something is going to happen between them later on....
Park jimin park jimout
so time flies~after 6 years of living yet she still doesn't know how to take off and change her clothes..
HoneyWolf UvU: She probably couldn’t be bothered
Lieshiri Mib Leo: not only her also him, didnt change his clotjes too...
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difficulties will come definitely.. ye yan and FL cousin's mother and so many.. but they need to be happy together.. ❤️💙
Kiara Kim: ik they'll make it through
Kiara Kim: Yup! I agree
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Crys Aguiar
Ele pareceu tao gentil no último painel. espero que logo comece o romance, quero ver muita fofura.
what's with their long hair!!! I personally don't like boys having long hair!!!
Jesley Villanueva: Me too!!!! They’re even longer than mine lol
B Gamer carolina: Bruh you know they over-exaggerate with the hair they really don’t look like that there hair must be medium of something
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Crys Aguiar
Então esse cara que é o irmão da amiga dela, e eu pensei que era o protagonista.
💜💜: Yes...Yes it is
B Gamer carolina: Is this portugueses
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