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Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire

The one that knows
The cliche everything is falling apart when you sleep with a stranger! Your family member dies, your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you for another and makes you jealous (or just leaves for good)
The stranger you slept with turns out to be the famous young CEO. He has a sad back story.
You guys fall in love.
You enter his company and work as a secretary or whatever. Everyone around you bullies you because they’re jealous of you. You’re innocent and sweet. You suddenly get in trouble with men and the Male lead comes and saves you. You become more confident and now can stand up for yourself. Then you live happily ever after

That’s the kind of drama I’m into (there are plenty others but this is THE MOST CLICHE STORY EVER! everyone uses sex to start their story off like dude use another intro!
Jackie😜✨: what we can do girl? '-'
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Jen Yi
You know what I am not going to complain about the ending. There are a lot of stories I’m reading that are like 500 to 600 chapters and there’s still nothing, just people scheming and whatever. I feel like it’s a good way to end it, he just wanted to marry her, the little girl, that was his goal and there we go he married her. He married her, divorced, blackmailed her, misunderstood each other, hurt each other, then she forgot the other man and started to love him. I’m thankful, I am glad that you did not drag this on with unnecessary drama and people. Thank you for your hard work.
Jen Yi: I know! I wanted to know about them too. The author didn’t say anything maybe there’s a second season or something, but it’s still satisfying in my opinion
Aenaonahafiah 44: I think the story is not clear enough. Still make other questions for few reasons, where the other guy who has lost his memories, and what about the revenge to his uncle
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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
I'm satisfied with this ending, even though I came a little quicker than expected, I'm still satisfied with the ending. This was one of my favorite manga, n it was the second or forth manga I read on manga toon. I would have finished it earlier if I had know it update the last episode just today I found out.
I really enjoyed this manga even though at this point I forgot some of the details in this manga, I really do like it. At lease it didn't go to all the unnecessary things that happen in other manga that carry it on for a long time.
All in all I'm happy with the ending, haves happy life u two.
😍😍😍😍😘😘PH: me too. extending the story not nice
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what? it cant end like this. i like this comic bcs the story is smooth, no stupid miss understanding, and the ml is kind person and not a jerk. but, i think author must explain the plot clearer. how about her revenge to his uncle? how about her ex-boyfriend who suddenly missing? how about Ye Yan? she havent received her karma yet.

please author, dont end a story while there are much question havent resolved 😭
Daniel Aragon: i agree
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Why, I mean literally why in every story the FL is less beautiful and gorgeously charming than the co- female leads, why is the entry of these girls are like, wow! she is hot, so beautiful, so classy, why?? If FL isn't that pretty how can such a handsome ML falls for her! I know other things like generosity and good heart is being taken under consideration but still?
Aliza Sayyed
At the start of the story....they showed that she slept with some unknown guy considering him as Jin
what about that...N his ex....its soo confusing.
Whole storyline was good...but I think ending can be much better....N Why did one of ML friend told FL to stay away from him...what was the reason🤯
Damn...stuff like this should b cleared before ending the manga😶
Kim Namjoon
Hoho! So it was Seokjin 😂
Danielle Marie Mercene: the worldwide handsome
KIMseokJInsoo😘: My bias
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Ayano aishi
chicken noodle soup??? with the soda on the side??
Anonymous: that song was a weird song
•아라•: tama tama tama tama
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Snow Bunny
so the reason of why she didn't change her dress before is because she didn't have enough money to buy a new one?? Hmmm but she lived in france for 6 years...Wow can she survive??
Ziyah Sulthana: She already paid her fees so were the same dress washing and drying for 6 years
Tdyf Ghhffv: I think he was talking about the red dress, she might have been wearing all days she been sick at his place
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Snow Bunny
why is she always getting hungry?? amd i'm really jealous, she ate so much but not getting fat! if it were me, eat that much will definitely put on some weight gain and flabby stomach in just a day!!!
Misty: *eats lays* *crunch* *grabs Snickers* Um.. *crunch* yes..
W¤W Am ₩elC♡M€: A.S.M.R. *crunch crunch*
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Hiromi Tachibana
you know WHAT? i want to laugh! this manga i always wait for...ended worsly and unreasonably than anyother manga i ever read!
The manga i waited for listlessly! Thinking about day to night! ended as if life is a joke!! Author dont you care a bit about my feeling! I know i should be happy about them being together but still .... as a special author dont you feel that its totally incomplete and missing....
But still i will be waiting.
WAITING for you to resolve it!😫
Hiromi Tachibana: the old is gold!!!!
The hope won’t die : It feels as tough my heart is breaking apart when I see such a good manga fade away like that. I wish to forget it and read new good mangas on this app, and then I get this.............. THE MANGAS MANGA TOON HAS STARTED UPDATING AREN’T AS GOOD AS BEFORE... why..
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Tbh...I never get why everybody always says FL in this story, and others, are ugly. I usually think they’re pretty cute or beautiful. Meanwhile, all the other characters are like ugly girl this, ugly girl that. I’m starting to wonder if I have a low standard of beauty, lmao.
Snow Bunny
hemmmm the ML always has a red light flashing on his eyes while wearing his he an X-Men?? Scott!! hahahaha 😅😅
manga__lover💖💖: hell yahhh 😂😂😂😂😂
kikuchi Apalachicola: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Christy Scoggins Mussared
So what? i got back with my ex husband. just up and got drunk one night and texted him from the bathroom. People act like that's such a bad thing. If it's meant to be it's meant to be. Even if it's difficult.
Sometime I don’t understand why a girl keeps chasing a guy who clearly doesn’t have any interest in her? There’s a lot of other guys in the world why torture yourself for someone that won’t be yours?
Kanmuri: true but if you also love someone, you will let them go. Forcing yourself to them is not a good thing.
Code: 404: because those girls are idiots
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I really love da story the way the author make the plot twist the sweet scenes but i kinda dont like the FL becuz she is so weak and dependent that can cause trouble to herr and as always ML is going to help her,hayst
Intan Hana
it's really useless she bring baggage when she never change any clothes. is she Really that poor? until the author never give her any clothes.
Baitil Atiq: for 6 years and who knows how long before 🙈🙈
Jona Cristine : it must be her uniform
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Adiba tahsin
she is wearing same dress from 6 years....
I have many dress I will gave her a new dress..
Maria Shoni: hahaha😂😂
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why does every manhua here starts with a sex scene😂
Nauccx: bang a rich boi and he'll automatically fall in love with you. This makes the plot very predictable. If you want something different then try my novel: " A Shattered Mind "
Mariya S. H. : I too agree with that
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Ziyah Sulthana
what about her uncle and cousin did they find out? did she got back her parents company? so many questions left why ended in an hurry
khaysie_heart: yea... season 2 plsss... them give them kids hihihi....
Ziyah Sulthana: and also the boyfriend part wy lost memory wt her school mate girl did to him to make him forget her completely something happened wy ???wy???wy?????
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