Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire
Romance / Modern / Completed

Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire

Trapped by A Handsome Billionaire
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
For all haters and bad mouths(@JA B, @Birdy Harmir, and any future and past haters) : People just tend to talk high, but can't make their words come true... I don't like when someone criticize work of others! Besides, you should be be glad there are people who try, because if there weren't, you couldn't do it yourself and, you couldn't experience ANY comic - good or bad. Not everything is perfect! Maybe you are spoiled and don't understand it, but without bad is not good and vice versa! Keep in mind, author did something FOR OTHERS, with view of people enjoy it! And all comics of this kind are nonsense... Nothing like that could ever happend. But that's the point, to run away from reality for a second and to make you looking forward to what is going to happend next! You can tell if it's interesting when you read first few chapters. And if you don't feel like it is interesting, just switch to another one, don't bother to write something just to drop the author. (every author has put description of story you don't have to write anything like - it's same as every second comic here / lame / boring... )
Avoid unnecessary rudeness. Hope i was clear enought.
The one that knows
The cliche everything is falling apart when you sleep with a stranger! Your family member dies, your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you for another and makes you jealous (or just leaves for good)
The stranger you slept with turns out to be the famous young CEO. He has a sad back story.
You guys fall in love.
You enter his company and work as a secretary or whatever. Everyone around you bullies you because they’re jealous of you. You’re innocent and sweet. You suddenly get in trouble with men and the Male lead comes and saves you. You become more confident and now can stand up for yourself. Then you live happily ever after

That’s the kind of drama I’m into (there are plenty others but this is THE MOST CLICHE STORY EVER! everyone uses sex to start their story off like dude use another intro!
The one that knows : Me too
Bhavika Ramesh: that's the story I read most of the time
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Snow Bunny
maybe everyone here blaming Su Mo for crying because of Jin...but i don't blame her, because i know exactly how it feel. I had similar experience to Su Mo...clearly here Su Mo and Jin never had a proper talk to break up, Jin is not the one to blame because something happened to him that he forgot Su Mo. So it's pretty natural is they still have feeling for each other but they are not meant to be together. It's understandable that Su Mo still hold on to her feeling for Jin...relationship for 10years is not a joke. It's hard to forget, hard to erase. Jin is better than My Ex..who just left me to marry another woman when he was still with me a month before. Never say anything about breaking up...I Hate him to the core, but Love cannot be erased in just one the news about his marriage still broke my heart and i cried hard.
So i don't blame Su Mo here...i know it's hard for her, eventhough she has open up her heart to try to love someone else...
Jen Yi
You know what I am not going to complain about the ending. There are a lot of stories I’m reading that are like 500 to 600 chapters and there’s still nothing, just people scheming and whatever. I feel like it’s a good way to end it, he just wanted to marry her, the little girl, that was his goal and there we go he married her. He married her, divorced, blackmailed her, misunderstood each other, hurt each other, then she forgot the other man and started to love him. I’m thankful, I am glad that you did not drag this on with unnecessary drama and people. Thank you for your hard work.
Oak Autumn: I agree
Oak Autumn: I agree
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Snow Bunny
it's not's Gastritis...please the translator maybe got it wrong...he rarely eat, stress, and often eat late, the symptoms also refer to Gastritis...if it hurts so much, it will be very hard to breath, and start feel nausea like want to vomit...because i got the same illness so i know positively it is Gastritis.
Sincere Serenity
loved it but have soo many auestions.. what happened to the ex boyfriend?? his fiance showed up and hurt Su arm because her fiance ditched her..... why didnt he remember being in love with Su... what happened to the crazy lil sisyer that sai Su wasnt good enough... and y didnt they get to the bottom of the Uncle that was suppose to be dead... so many mysteries.. and no answers
Army forever: LoL 😂
Maria Luciyel Tumulak: ARMY!!! 💞
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Davina Josh
it doesn't feel like d end.
it has so many unanswered questions.
where is her exlover
did she ever get to find out wat happened to his mother
did she remembers wen she meets him wen dey where young
wat burial did she attended to.what are connection with dat person
Missus Buenaventura: *she doesn't want to know about his mother bcoz remembering it, will make him unhappy..
*she remembered him during the burial, that's why she asked if he was the boy crying..
*the burial was his Mother’s.. and maybe she was just visiting her parent's grave..
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Whooo!..... did i just read wrong or its really official that Xiao Nanye's name became Su Ye Yan? hmm....and Su mo's name became Su Xiaomo itss already officiall! OMG! Wait....Oh I Forgot They were MARRIED right? oh im just too oa hmph!
I don’t get why he is acting like what happened six years ago was something special... when he literally just slapped her with the marriage certificate, followed by the divorce certificate and just casually walked away.. 🤔
Katrina Gajdzik: I agree. I think that was his way of taking responsibility. I think there's more to it tho. . . . .
Tanya Beckmann: I'm thinking he's the one she lost her v-card to, since there. was never an explanation of who the guy was or what he looked like.
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Laica Mae
why she did not change her clothes ?
kiridashi le otaku: lol same with sasuke and sakura
even kakashi...ALMOST everyone in naruto never changes their cloths 😂😂😂
Manu Azayu Unræ: dis Naruto used to change his clothes ? 🤗😂
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What a fancy way to die ...
Posing in the tub...holding your phone ..while wearing a nice set of undergarment. Looks like homicide to me.
kiridashi le otaku: lol 😂😂😂
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may I know how tf that she's going to France with a fcking helicopter? it's obvious that she's from China and there's no way to go to France with a helicopter. or is it just me who don't know?
Anselee Jackson
how can she not even know the name of the person who paid all her debts and married! that info is on the paperwork! Dafuq there's a limit to being stupid
eufreaks: she just signed the marriage, no reading,😁 remember he slams the table and the lady incharge was terrified
kiridashi le otaku: I thought the same!! I thought maybe she was blind!
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Kiyo BTS
Him: *Throws away food*
Me: So you have chosen death.
🌼🙊🖤Naive Mr. Lu🖤🙊🌼: Me 90 percent of the time~
Himaja_Aripirala: yeah...!! that him is not more important than the lovely delicious food...!!!
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kiridashi le otaku
all of the above...I look very normal and relaxed on the outside but...when I make even one mistake
on the outside: haha hello haha I'm your son's girlfirend 😁😁😁
on th inside: FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKK 😱😱😱😱
Anselee Jackson
he gave her 10mil, married her, told her to leave the country but didn't think to investigate her at all before now
Rose Aranda
KPOP fans be like: Jin (BTS방탄소년단)? Momo (TWICE톼이스)? NANII??
Kookie's lost star💜: lol....
Rose Aranda: I think that was fake news
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kiridashi le otaku
its so fricking obvious that he lost his memory b'cause of whatever that thot girlfriend of his did with the way she acted when they first met after six years and the way she behaved afterwards
Ponung Darang
she's wearing same dress means she's over poor n could not even buy another one😂🤣
Kate's hater: True asf that I didn't notice the time skip
eufreaks: up to you..😉
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