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My Hubby is The King of Inferno

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Mu Le-er, a common girl, a career rookie and an offspring of grave robbers who had recently acquired a new title as the wife of the King of Inferno. Without knowing nothing about the other world, Le-er has encountered a series of strange incidents including her beloved uncle being possessed by evil spirit. What else would this mischievous but handsome ghost bring to Le-er? "Don not call me ghost, I'm the King of Inferno." He grinned.

Manga Toon got authorization from HangMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - mingwanglaogongmengmengda,mwlgmmd
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Well, I am a mess. I am phenomenally clumsy, dress in outfits rather randomly thrown together, have really poor impulse control and a lot of ideas that only sound good in the planning stages. I like to think I balance that out with an impressive skill set and a high IQ. But the truth is that both those things merely elevate me from mess to catastrophe. I sympathize with our heroine. We messes know well that feeling of screwing up royally in front of way too many people. If we ever get ANYTHING totally right, it was pure dumb luck. We are always, ALWAYS in trouble or impending trouble of some kind. But here's the thing: we have tenacity, we have nerve, we have too much courage for our own good because we stick our necks out for others all the damn time, but most of all, we have heart. Even the most bumbling mess among us has a LOT of heart. And sometimes the rest of the world needs that more than they know. If any of you out there are messes, BE PROUD. Own it. Do some reading about famous messes who came through for the rest of the world when the chips were down. There are lots. Hold your head up. Looking down never keeps us from tripping, anyway.
And here it go.. Thats photo will be spreading... :'(

Oh my, mr Yama.. Why u leave so fast.. She will need u.. 😢.. To comfort her and get revenge for her.. 😓
you know sometimes i like to press the unlock button w coins bc i feel rich and i get to read the manga but in reality i press the button the right that says “watch video”
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