Ferocious Princess
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Ferocious Princess

KaiYuan Comic
Ferocious Princess
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Ferocious Princess Comics Online. As a talented agent, she failed to make a successful time-travel during her first task in which she dropped onto the bed of a tyrant and broke his sex. Knocked out, she regarded the man as a man-whore and paid him for their sex. Obviously she went too far. However, tyrants are for torturing, money for spending, kungfu for teasing and beauty for seduction.

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Hottest Comments
Green Rig
DO. NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMIC! it's sucks you in. with the first two chapters but it only gets crappy afterwards. The romance is just so bad, I don't even understand how they could label it that. the story is really all over the place. urgghh it's so bad and after about half the comic the art changes and not the subtle. kind... it becomes horrible. I REPEAT DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS ONE.
Chini Bliom: SO TRUE
I stopped reading this a LONG time ago because the romance was messed up and I didn't get the story any more
the story line was all over the place that I had to abort it out of my favorites 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicolette Lanuza: I totally agree with you, the early chapters will get you hooked only to be lost and so dissapointed at the middle! It's like there's no storyline, 😂
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I didn’t remove this to my favorites because I was hoping that they will improved it or return it the way it was
Chini Bliom: but the didn't 😂😂😂😂😂
total 1 replies
omgg stopp!pls,stopp!!!why did the comic drawings became weird all of a sudden??we were confusedddd
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