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Ferocious Princess

KaiYuan Comic
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As a talented agent, she failed to make a successful time-travel during her first task in which she dropped onto the bed of a tyrant and broke his sex. Knocked out, she regarded the man as a man-whore and paid him for their sex. Obviously she went too far. However, tyrants are for torturing, money for spending, kungfu for teasing and beauty for seduction.

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Let’s go to anime world!
Maybe; She is Yanni and Ning at the same time!

She was Ning in her previous life and her life there ends and became Yanni, since she was once acquainted to kung fu and was the generals daughter in that era-

It makes sense that she would have a job thats needs to fight other people in the modern world. So when she died, she was transferred back to her previous body and this time she had the memories of the modern world but she doesn’t remember her life as Ning.

If your gonna ask me: Why did she go back to her previous life?

I think its because something happened in her previous life that wasn’t ‘supposed to happen’, or maybe she was weak and doesn’t know kung fu. She made an oath that she wanted to be strong, so she was put into the modern world.

Or is really just one of the cliches stories that the reason was very simple and i got worked up about it for nothing.

This is just my theory, don’t mind it. You can also also share me your theories! 😂😂
Let’s go to anime world!: Holy moly, this is a looooong line.. 😂😂😂😂
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Malik Kulsoom
what is this ending .This comic in Chinese version have 133 episode and even ending I's like this toubalie wake up from his coma and both of them even have a daughter after this they live happily this is the original ending but in this English version author maybe gone mad or maybe they have not proper amount of money to add two chapters more to give original ending I feel so sad &even shocked plz author update two more chapters give us original ending that we all want😭😭
Malik Kulsoom: go to language setting then open it English language where written just above language you click then you see Chinese version of this comics
LordFromAsGaurd: its updated lol
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another comic who change art style again😤 I can't tolerate this anymore😠 why do ya'll like changing the art style when we are already fond of the first art style and like the story do y'll even think that we readers are not use to it (suddenly changing the art style) and some us...oh no wait maybe most of us don't like the art style no offence but its just that mostly of the reader here really don't like changing the art style all of a sudden cuz its making some readers here confuse and pls take this as a consideration I read a lot of comics and some of the comics I read also changes the art style all of a sudden and a lot of readers complain about it like I don't like the art style pls change it back etc... but then what does complains doesnt has an reply and still it doesnt change back the art style oh plsss stol this freaking changing of art style its so annoying tbh😒
aho: their maybe reasons? true I respect that but they should be considerate about this and they should atleast reply to our complains or they should atleast explain why they suddenly change the art style not just by ignoring(maybe) our complain atleast we deserve an explanation from them so that we could understand them cuz no matter what reason they has, no one will understand if they don't explain it to us
Anonymous: They probably don't do it just for funsies. People draw it and people have circumstances. They may get sick or die or have some reason not to be able to continue and have to switch artists.
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