My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine
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Their eyes are perfect 💙💜
Lhoryn (Maemae)
O my.... they're perfect together!!
Zhen Obelidor
I love this episode so romantic I even bump my head in my wall but it's still romantic
Just Lush
Last panel reminds me of Sebastian Michaelis!!! *nOsE bLeEd*
Nishinoya: Ahhhhh Sebastian
wrecker: hes a anime
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Monali Varman
Tina I know she will be a good person and she will help both of them bcuz.... btw Tina now u r the supporter of both of them okay ! Btw from now on she is my fav one in this !!
Some totally random idiot UwU: Yes me too. Go Tina!
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Sarayu Bandaru
I like the color of everything the artwork is perfect
WhiteFire1st: same other though unfortunately I'm not too big on this story 😅 but art is good though
Kaleah_01: Same here
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I'm retarded
ml: see you later
fl: ???
psst they don't say this but I just wanted to add that in
somehow i want the illustrator to draw yimo with pony tail when she went to the office..her hair looks miserable..i just want her hair to be smooth and smart according to its setting
Even if you got nothing else, at least you've got your pride, and pride can help you remake your dignity
AshlynBells: YES! I AGREEE!
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Len Lustado
later at the beggining of this series, i kinda dislike the art. because i hate seeing the classic normal boxes when reading manga. But the plot is interesting that is why i have reached this far. AND i noticed that the art is getting better and better! I am so happy! coz i the time of reader that pays attention to the art first before the plot. but THIS i didnt made a mistake giving it a chance at first! i really really love it! i just want to show how much i appreciate the efforts of the author. GOOD JOB. YOU ARE A GREAT ARTIST ❤️❤️❤️
ストロベリーミルク: I always though the art was good, but so true
Tanusree Chakraborty: same here really
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Why is the female lead so cruel to the male lead? Does she really don't like him? What is the negative of him? He is ideal and he is really a good person! If not for him, she would already be dead a 100 times let alone her seeking revenge from her family..

Why can't she just accept his love, I dont even know whether she loves him or not, cuz she never looked like she loves him. She calls him an overbearing person, But I don't find him overbearing at all! There is something wrong with her head!!
xiao shen: ...though i still havent read the recent updates. Im at ep171 currently. Keeping my fingers crossed that there'd be some drastic character development on the FL from the next episode to the current upspree.
xiao shen: i agree with all of your points 100%. I thought it was just me. I really dont get this FL. ML has saved her so many times and she cant even show the least amount of gratitude.
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i dont know why this comic is kinda dipressing . why good never happens but only bad things i think the author needs to show more romance and fun in the comic n especially the purple effects on there head i guess the author is obessesd with thag effect that s/he shows it everywhere but for me its kinda depressing to see that effect all over even when the situations are not bad so please miss or mister author pls make this comic a little fun instead of depressing
ストロベリーミルク: True but I kinda like it
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Salene Bowman
waaaaaaaiiitttt a minute.... we just saw him in handcuffs, being taken away by the police for being the prime suspect of a homicide..... and he's suddenly out now???? and he's hiding from the cops now?! and TTHHEEEENNN is going to recklessly kidnap the woman he tried to frame (the cops know he tried to frame her now)???? I'm all confused now. oiii 😩😩😩😩
Shan : Stupid and lame question
Let_me...: Well, there's a thing called "bail".... money talks.
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This is like the second time they fall of a building and survive.If it were me i would be in a mental hospital bc of the trauma
Some totally random idiot UwU: I would be In a box 6 feet underground
Vedrea Annabel De Vera: i would even not go to step one stair case
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Kara Atta
Uh that’s because your an ungrateful bit*h that likes to snatch other people’s belongings and not even great full for the things you already have it was quite merciful for the fl to spare your life you should just die bit* h
Dena Marie Lauren Vigér
When you’re so blinded by hate against your victim that even karma for your own evil is the victim’s fault and the MCs can perfectly destroy everything science has stood for ever in the existence of mankind us readers looking at the author like...
Why r these guys meddling in her life.. I thought this story will end soon... But no.. Looks like a problem ahead 🤔
Candywolf XD: But I don’t think they’re a bad person though
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Oh, you've got to be f-ing kidding me....

Why is it always money?

Have you taken it into consideration that perhaps the child is telling the truth and its YOUR stupid child who is being a brat?

Think about, then.
Clau🌸: Yeah she knows her children is lying.. But she is a shameless woman
comix.x.k.: I think she knows her own son is lying. He probably learned to act dramatic from his parents.
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because of Yimo?
HELLOOO~ None of this gonna happen if your precious daughter never cheated with Yimo's fiance/bf (well lated EX now), if she never deliberated scheme againts her with the Ex, and not abandoning the Ex when he really need her 😑
If only she help him when he need her, he probably won't kidnap her when he kidnap Yimo 😑
dils: I know what you mean. I just emphasizing that it's the sister fault that all this happen, and they shouldn't have blame Yi Mo for whatever happen to the sister
Karma: But if Yimo's ex woud't cheat on her, she would live with a bastard and now she live with very good and carrying guy (srr for mistakes)
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Empress Jigglypuff
Is anyone else confused or it just me I had to go back and reread it and still don’t get it
ストロベリーミルク: Yeah I never saw the episode of the daughter but maybe it’s my bad memory? I can usually remember each manga and their episodes but I’m just confused
jimslime21: same I'm trying to figure it out my self.
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