My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine
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Be Lazy and save the world
so they want her to take in that child.... Her so called sister and parents should take care of that child. She should not do it.
SoFran: It’s not her responsibility, the parents/sister should be
Alexia: Yes she should the child is innocent
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why didn't you wear the dress i prepared for you...i think that every businessman ml in manga is damn great in acting
what is Korea and China's obsession with a woman falling in love with her rapist... smh
superwhiteboy: Noooooo he tried to kill Nina n Chuck
doraemon💜Lin Yi💜BTS: ps:
that rapist only exist in manga😂😂
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*slaps violently with frozen salmon*

Shirloveicecream: Shes not worth that poor salmon :/
MICHELLE BIRKS: i mean totally she thought and everyone who accept deals got a reason
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Tbh I kinda feel bad for her, after seeing the back story she did acc seem like a good girl, but only her mother was a psychopath who caused her to be like this. I’m sure she and yin yimo would of been good but bcs her mother was crazy bich it turned her into trouble.
so let me get this straight, the granny wants her to take care her half sister's and ex bf/fiance's child? 🤨
Dani: yes and no, there are more on there BUT they skipped a couple of the latest chaps that are on here.
dils: so they already translate more than here? last time I check (kinda long time ago) here is more updated 🤔
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Tuveed 1
What are they saying.... why did she reject mountain of gold... ou ruoxi and yin wan had daughter??? like when??
u call him virgin? 😑 he jumped into her right after seeing so i dont think he is that type 😆
Makenzie Kolenda: hewas drugged
nArLyYy: Oh makes sense
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Samantha Nicole Flores
teka lng..about sa agreement ni Yin sa kanyang tatay..on going pa din yun?yung agreement na tulungan ni yin ang kanyang tatay para maka kuha ng 10% share of there company..on going pa din yun? para na an- anxious kasi ako ehh..hehhehehe..
smol: bruh HAHAHAHA
Asmart Bazaev: muji all mi das von kikiybs oassinos trassonos makuuus.. what a Interesting language
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haWt dOG's
i wanna tell you something really akward with my fake friends from the start i allready knew they were my fake friends and still their still acting nice even tho i allready know so when they say they were mah fake friends then ill just say "so what i allready knew from the start" well i wonder if they will cry or me
●Emxx●: true sometimes I wonder if I had fallen off a cliff and died would they shed a single year for me? I have also had fake friends but I ignore them, I don't talk to them much and don't consider them as friends but I still play along with them and pretend although I knew they were fake.
Does Anyone wants some chocolate? 🍫: Same my friend is fake is so fake she want to ruin my friendship with my bff even talks bad behind my back she would often blackmail me if i don't do what she wants she would say "oh i would tell (my bff's name) that we would ignore you... I haven't got my justice or should i say reveng...... The end
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where's the child? if she was introduced previously, i probably missed that chapter because I don't have any recollection of her.
Ariana Romero
1. Don't like the father. He upset bc he won't have grandchildren. Also that she not pretty enough to find a man. So he could make more Money. GREEDY!!💰
2. The sister found a opportunity to be better, and a man feel in love with her, who happen to be powerful. She luckily the her so nice and wanted to save her even after everything she been thru
ストロベリーミルク: Don’t really blame him for being upset for not having grandchildren because it’s every elder’s dream right? But I do agree with the rest of the things you said
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Qüëëñ Błąčk
The worst father EVER
The only good thing he did is that he slapped that bi**
Rin Ling Luo
If they were real I would not breath the same as them.. people like the deserve 10 fold of karma. It is so worst that it can tromatize them.
Debanjana Palit
she could be gold digger 😅😅 by accepting the will😅😅😅
_kritae💜_: actual gold digger 😂
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Rim Zahraoui
Wtf... He’s like :I wake up ,I find a woman that I just had *** with,and my reaction is :here take this V.I.P card .bye
Anonymous: I know awesome right beside the sleeping with you part. I find men should do that everyday
kitty love you Taylor: Right thoo
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Scarlett Wolf
You've gotta be kidding meh!!!
when she closes her eyes, waiting to be kissed. I even imagined flowers falling on them and soft, sweet music ringing and then― BUZZ!!!
way to go, you ruined that moment of mah shipp!
P.s. don't think me as a romantic fool!😂
is her sister was a actress before?..... she's good at playing dumb^_^
SallyHere : She's goot at playing like a whore
Jerina Joyner: lmaooooo
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white devil
Okeyyyyyyyy...... now i just lost my interest in the ml ... i freaking love
the sexy motherf*****r who turns out to be the fl's bro... DAMN IT!!!!!
Some totally random idiot UwU: LOL ur comment made me laugh so hard😂
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The Invincible Overlord
That why they are called comics. Rest in peace mr. Logic and mr. Newton, Einstein, Hawkings, Koparnicas etc
qwerty: unmade me burst out laugh in office 🤣
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡ : hahahaha
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