Vampire Charming
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Vampire Charming

Vampire Charming
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Ivan Anthony Uriza
wait the vampire isTHE DaD The hare color a vampire
why is it there's so many antagonist? argh! i want to kill them grrr
Jian Mo ( Ian❤Lyra❤Shon❤my heart)
Nooooooo I can't stand any violence against cats......cats are my life
Uggghhhh Everytime when ML appears the episode suddenly become shorter
Lexx Drakkanov
how can you mess up every time and still be so stupid to blame it on someone who had nothing to do with it? you cannot get angry at the victim of your idiotic malicious plans just because you duck at executing them. keep going against her and you'll lose everything.
Shu Kurenai
Awww theres no romance??...I want something romantic with Mandy ang Jack
Katia fad
Kitty 🥺🥺
Please don’t tell me he ate the damn cat
Is she gonna be such a wimp all throughout the 200+ chaps?

Someone warn me ahead!!!
Aratrika Dey
I am just waiting for Mandy to know that Henry is her biological son with Jason
Wai Feeb
( in my opinion ) I get it (I think.) Henry likes human food and blood because his mother is human which is the blond hair girl (right..?) and his father is vampire.. That's what im noticing..
i'm sorry but what is needn't, i've never heard of it
Meg Musgrove: It is a contraction for need not. In other words Mandy is confused as to why Mr. Wilson is being nice to her again.
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animexkpop addict
Tashi run run run unimochosigowach run run run
animexkpop addict: hewo army
Kyi Phyu Khin: Hello Army.
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shabana anjum
haaàa.this thing isn't my child
Wait is she really the mom?!?????
Emily Williams: Yes she thought that the baby had past but he didn’t🥳
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Lol heartless? That's karma for all the crap youve done to mandy
Jack is always in ur dreams..coz he is in ur heart girl
Archana Nair Parvathi: every night in my dreams I see I feel u.....
i=mandy lol hahaha
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I have been in manga toon side the very veeeeeery first begginig there used to be a time where vampire charming was my fave because it had a "plot" from daily it became weekly then 2 a week etc. Just don't start the comics that you can't finish there isn't character development and Mandy just ughhhhhhhh!
animexkpop addict
can't they die like I would kill them for free
dee: im in too
animexkpop addict: let's all share it's good to share ps I got some experience from a sniping game
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Realm Kenny
gosh how many times does he have to put her in bed
Nom-nom-nom it's getting interesting
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