I Always Love You
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I Always Love You

I Always Love You
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I Always Love You Comics Online. Our family business is in debt, my aunt is dying of a heart attack, but my uncle asks me to be his mistress. Only if I am his mistress will he be willing to help us…The cold and merciless young master of the Han Family meets a reckless and unruly little girl. In the end, i fall in love with him, but I also discovers that the death of my parents is actually related to the his Family…

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Sam Ra
What is all this? This girl is dumb af. Plz get a good partner for mo shengrong or whatever the main lead is called. This dumb ass doesn't deserve him. She is now becoming an eyesore. I'm getting fed up by this nonsense.
Plz make him unlove this stupid.😒
idiot womeeen!!~ she just like a snow that was so easy to blow by little wind what i mean is she just not naive but also stupid with her stuborness and she feel like she can do everything as she think its was the right decide to believe everyone she just meet?!! than believe someone who more care for her? please...this make me really can't stand it to read this drama more than this anymore, i feel like i cant shut my self now. sigh~ this is the first time i participaty to comment in mangatoon app after instal this.😥😥😤😤
Ayse Dag: women is plural. And as a woman i am actually offended by this. Except for that i agree with you.
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Tomi Yamada.
What's with that attitude, is she just born dumb or literally dumb... Like the heck is wrong with her?
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