I Always Love You

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Our family business is in debt, my aunt is dying of a heart attack, but my uncle asks me to be his mistress. Only if I am his mistress will he be willing to help us…The cold and merciless young master of the Han Family meets a reckless and unruly little girl. In the end, i fall in love with him, but I also discovers that the death of my parents is actually related to the his Family…

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Again people keep calling a female lead stupid and weak, ignoring that she was raised by abusive people, bullied throughout her formative years, was punished for simply existing by the very people who should have loved and cared for her. Where was she supposed to get this strength and independence you want her to display? Unless it came as a premium on cleaning products (by two, get a free character upgrade), she wouldn't have had exposure to either. It takes all the of the little strength she does have to get through each minefield of a day, yet she doesn't give up. Many people would. She faces her problems as they come, though she's ill equipped to do so, and that's brave. She hasn't let the selfish, cynical, vicious and cruel behavior of others alter her own behavior, and that shows character. Give the kid a break. She isn't stupid OR weak. She'd be trying to be one of the crowd if she were.
Ahliya Chan: Well I guess this explains well. If we want a strong mc, then she should be reincarnated again to avoid such circumstances in her life.
somefangirl: That's what I was thinking
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Andreea Furtuna
Save Xia family? HUH!! Only a stupid can save the Xia family because Mo Shaofeng is a freaking monster like another women's in another's Manga. Why the boy character need to torture the girl character I don't freaking understand. And why she leaves (the girl character in Mangas) because she have a baby whith the boy character?? Is so freaking stupid 🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑. Then she will appear in the city and found the boy character blah blah blah and see him cry and wtf I am saying?? I know don't know dude? 😒He is a human devil I thing he need to go to the crazy hospital because he is a little bit crazy in the way this Manga and he have this face loool I. I don't think I understand this story but I think it cool and I love it❤️❤️ "Bye"
Borsha: have you read "pure girl", professor president come on"? these manga's heroes also tortures heroine
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okay these are the type of girls I hate they know that the person they're getting married to, the ones they force their father to make them get married to, doesn't like them but they still barge in conversation they barge in everything and they're just so disgusting they think they look hot they're not and the worst worst worst worst part of it is that she stalking him and she was stalking him she would not know he was out and obviously the girl is not his friend but she still says it's his friend I don't really like girls like this I really don't like them because even when they know the person's they're getting married to despises them hates them especially when people are not around they treat them like a piece of s*** but they still come around barging in people's life I feel like to kill her.
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