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I Always Love You

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Our family business is in debt, my aunt is dying of a heart attack, but my uncle asks me to be his mistress. Only if I am his mistress will he be willing to help us…The cold and merciless young master of the Han Family meets a reckless and unruly little girl. In the end, i fall in love with him, but I also discovers that the death of my parents is actually related to the his Family…

Manga Toon got authorization from HangMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yuanlaiwohenaini,ylwhan
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Princess Hinata
Actually, to my point of view, xia and mo both have faults.
But I have some comments about Xia.. Xia is being used by her own aunt, her family even mo tian ji has molested xia.. Xia is really alone from her heart.. There is no other person who can show her the right path that what she has to do.. That's why she is making wrong move.. Her only fault is to join in office without any experience and easily trust on others.. According to my opinion, she should make her career first. She should study hard for completing her graduation and she can do small works so that she can depent on her own efforts.. When she has the strong educational background, than she can think of achieving her rights.. It is very normal for being angry with mo tian ji because mo has molested her at the first though he has helped her a lot.. Mo wanted to get revenge on xia for his parents which is very illogical.. It is true that Xia does not believe on mo but It is also true that there were some incidents where mo has not trusted on xia..So, it is very normal for xia to be egoistic at that point but it is true that she should not believed on other person. I can support xia if she does not want any help from mo but i think xia should not believe on other person for business biding. She should remove herself from this annoying peoples..
Melisha Rosario: love it
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honestly its nice to see a FL fall in love with the abusive ML right after he decides to becom nice to her
i honestly think that she somewhat cares for him but the mobths of abuse and controle she had to endure from him is too grate for her to get over it so she is scared of him and wants her independence and take what righfully belongs to her so she could feel powerful and like she is not usless and weak anymore so she could stand up to him and her family members without letting anyone step on her
the other problem is that she has terrible role modles in her life and was weak i feel that we all forget where the FL comes from and her past how she was abused and neglected after becoming an orphan and than having her future uncle in law forcing himself on her
plus MO right now coddles her and acts healous more rather than teach her about buisness seriously no one does actually and she is supposed to be studying it in uni while trying to save her family’s company which no one (exept the ML) is helping
and i thibk we also forget that the ML actually wanted to get revenge (if i’m not getting it mixed up euth another story) on something her dad potentially did to him in the past or something so obviously she wont trust him after learning about it
so can we please be more open minded towards the FL even though we want to slap her most of the times she is trying to do her best with what she has and the situation presented
Hisoka D Uzumaki: thank you! facts girl that girl was just being suffocated in a den full of tigers, the female lead needs better 👌🏼
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Not everyone can be super intelligent. Or intelligent. Or slightly intelligent. Some people are kinda dumb. Some are very, very dumb. Some are barely sentient. And some people are ten different kinds of stupid all rolled into one spectacularly idiotic package. But not everone is born smart. And sometimes a very, very, VERY dumb person has courage, tenacity, nerve, talent, resilience, empathy, loyalty, humor, kindness, generosity, creativity or any number of and combination of good qualities. I have an extremely high IQ and I can tell you truthfully that intelligence is NOT everything. I envied girls and guys who were graceful, gorgeous, charming and musically talented. Who could draw or paint, design and sew...create with their hands. And even people who dont have a lot of obvious gifts can still make the most of what they do have. Some of history's most heroic individuals have been spectacularly stupid. Though you'll never hear about the majority of the world's dumbest heroes, because they tend to care a great deal about helping others and absolutely nothing about reward or fame. It doesn't matter to them if someone else takes the credit, either--because knowing those whose lives they saved are ok is enough.
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