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One-Way Crush

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The seductive bar singer in his arms is the boy who has a crush on him for years. He wanted to see him no more, but the next day he became his personal assistant! ? Suffer humiliation… Is it to avoid old love, or is there something else?

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Boys’ Love
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xkatje jonise
Have more people noticed this??
ITS !!! FRACTURED!?... and all he has on his ankle is a bandage!? How is it supposed to heal and stay in place? Bandages are for a bit more stability and mostly pressure!?.... what? C’mon doctor... haven’t you studied? (I haven’t cause its... logic?...) hmm... there’s supposed to be a brace there people?
xkatje jonise: xD haha well I can't I'm not the author xP your commenting on my post hehe
Haven Wilkins: it feels like it's been a year since I've had a new chapter of this book so hurry up and put up a new chapter of the book
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So the thief escape by jumping from the veranda 🤨 but i thought it’s an apartment and at least it is 4th or 5th floor.... doesnt make any sense if he survive without hurting himself 🤷‍♀️ but who cares about logic... i see bl i’m happy 😂
RalphGaming YT: lol true
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i love how all people from company , even Joe's brother supported them & their marriage ......that made it moree beautiful 😭❤️ i wish people in real life would support this much to everyone.....
taekook_world: taekook too ಥ‿ಥ
Ashley Manöban: Yes, everyone please support NamJin.😂
total 2 replies
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