One-Way Crush
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One-Way Crush

One-Way Crush
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One-Way Crush Comics Online. The seductive bar singer in his arms is the boy who has a crush on him for years. He wanted to see him no more, but the next day he became his personal assistant! ? Suffer humiliation… Is it to avoid old love, or is there something else?

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Boys’ Love
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I don't understand who does Joe exactly want. he gets jealous when any other man gets close to Simon and same happens in the case of Allen. he shows his emotions directly towards Allen while he give hints in case of Simon. it seems he's in a dilemma n even if he's not then he's putting us into that dilemma
lil sushi :3: explained at the ending
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Ciel Eannarino
im so mad at one of the main characters because he just said Simon was his man. But they way he treats him, and criticize him to the point where he has low self esteem and confidence issues. How can he say thats his man. He doesnt even deserve him just based on that.
Joe's face in the first panel is my face whenever someone touches my phone whether I'm asleep or awake 😂 I can't let them see what I watch and read in my free time
Ellen Ivy Bass StaAna: haha lol
Simone Smith: What a kawikdink(coincidence) me to
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