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Trial Of Love: Be Loved For Who I Am Not For Whom I Am

Angel Grace Bruce
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What is true happiness? When asked, do you answer by saying; having all the luxurious items in the world, living in a big estate, being able to travel the world, being as famous as celebrities or a well-known person? For some, this is true happiness but for others, it only leads to pain.

Join me as Elizabeth discovers true love and happiness.

P.S. The image was found on google. I'll have someone to make a front cover soon...

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Angel Grace
Guys, I'm sorry for suddenly ghosting on you. When life knocks you down, sometimes its hard to get back. But, after a few weeks of locking myself in the dark, I realize its time for me to get back up. It's really hard to write a love story when you no longer have the inspiration to write it. BUT, after seeing all your comment, I felt stupid forgetting your all there for me.

I've uploaded 5 Chapters today. Once again, SORRY!
ň@ÛgHtŸ_áffú: Yes author uhh r doing well.. Just keep up with the good work n we all are here for uhh n with uhhh 😋.... Urr story inspired us n so does our appreciation towards uhh n urr work... Ryt?? So just let the past be in the past, embrace ur present n work hard for ur future.... All the best... 🤗🤗
Shalini Nandy: yes we all love you. you can take all the time to heal your mind.
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Daniela Stani
omg!!!! I want to read more. I missed this novel a lot when it stopped uploading please keep going with the work. we are waiting for more updates!!!
Tinn viLelouch
Author, why?what happen to you? Why the long wait?hahahha anyways, thanks for the update.hope to have them every day.
Tinn viLelouch: Oh my,,, 🤭 , well ,keep on moving forward author. Everything is going to be alryt.
Farida Mojib Mojumder: You know we are here for you if need to smack his face ill help you 😁 just don’t be sad have a nice time and its a good book i love it 🥰🥰😇 thank you for your wonderful writing
total 4 replies
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