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Trial Of Love: Be Loved For Who I Am Not For Whom I Am

Angel Grace Bruce
I've uploaded the crazy update, daily chapters and donus chapters as well, since we reach 30k views 🎉🎊🎈


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Note: If we reach 1k subscribe I'll do another crazy update. Right now, more than 680 people have subscribe. So thank you everyone!
AB-AB: you're the best ajthor thank you soo much and wish you the best
Kristlie: Mangatoon seems to be updating/releasing some novel, lets hope they'll release this novel chapters as well. 🙏🙏🙏
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Guys the daily chapters for the past 2 days have been uploaded, lets all wait when Mangatoon approves them.

Thank you all for your support and patiences.
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Continued to leave feedbacks and comments 😄
Yuki: Thanks author 😉
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Heads up guys, I'll do a crazy update... However, I want to inform you all in advance that there might be some grammar error along the way. But I'll proofread them by the next day which or so... 😁

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Kristlie: I'll upload 19 tomorrow since 3 has been release just now 😄
chaabari: when will it be released
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Tinn viLelouch
Hello Author, I am up until this hour 1am reading this, so if you could recommend me some of your other works then that would be great. Tnx ahead
Kristlie: I have 2 more novels; The Prodigy and Vengeful CEO. I'm glad you enjoy the story and thank you for the support. Lots of love...
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Tia Miles
Thanks again author for this but no pls can you make the misunderstanding between her and shen stop I feel sad when she cry’s
Kristlie: Soon 😉 I'll be a surprise 😄
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Navneet Kour
more updates author...... love the work i onow its difficlt to do so much but we all love uh and this story...... but one thing i want is their love story......pleaaassseeeeeeee
Kristlie: I've uploaded the next chapters already and added some bonus. I'll try add some more now, but I don't know when it will be release.

No worries, as long as you enjoy it, it's not hard for me since I enjoy seeing all your comments.
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OMG author you really weren't joking about her going naked. Haha 😂 I can't stop laughing... Oh daddy, you should be careful what you say next time.

Thank you author
Kristlie: Quite a lot of you wished for it so yeah... She went naked haha 😂
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Tia Miles
Author I would have offered a drink to u as sign of my respect but u not here so I will say this good job and I love u
Guys I'm sorry for the delay. Honestly, I've uploaded all three days chapters already and even added an extra one because of the delay. I'm just waiting for Mangatoon's approval.

Once again, thank you all for your pateince and support.
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Tinn viLelouch
I was just commenting about her being naked in the previous chapter, i didnt think it would really happen hahaha
Hannah Catharine Gica Caspe
You’ve done so well these days author your my idol keep on writing I will always support your stories/novels😀
LMAO🤣 she's a god eater🤣

lizi how to be you😍

your not even geting fat 😱😱

thanks for the update author

more update please🤩🙏
I've uploaded another 2 more chapters. Hopefully they'll be release today as well.
fake&love: author can you please make another crazy updates
i'm eagerly waiting and i super duper love your novel
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Guys, as you know everything has been uploaded. Let's hope Mangatoon will release them today 😄

Everyone have a good day! 😍
fake&love: is it your novel
Kristlie: I notice Mangatoon is updating some novel, lets hope they'll update Trail of Love as well 😉👍
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Tinn viLelouch
I love it when Lady Zhao is putting the blame on her husband for their daughters nakedness hahhah
Tinn viLelouch
I could barely breath. I was laighing so hard hahaha I like how stubborn her charcter is hahaha
Tinn viLelouch
It would be best author if you tell us their age so we can better imagine , you know.
Kristlie: I've already release a character profile for each characters so you can all check it out 😄
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happy 100 episodes🎉🎉🎉 author

thanks for the updates author💌

i really like your story🤩

your my favorate author💖

more updates author🤩

or crazy update😍

Kristlie: Thank you, It's all thank to y'all for always supporting me 😄😍
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Finally her identity have been revealed and there is gonna be an explanation for Mr. Shen. What is the deal with him?
Kristlie: That's right daddy is there to protect her 😄
Tia Miles: There won’t be trouble for Li zi family she knows everything
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manaf saliza
thumbs up for the author..thanks for the updates
hope the updates will be posted quicker
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