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Trial Of Love: Be Loved For Who I Am Not For Whom I Am

Angel Grace Bruce
Sofie Imoet
lizzy, when you said your brother queit a chicken, I think you should talk to mirror...

you use a mask to meet people, mask as an artist, or wig and mask as the princess, but never as your self. why can you just tell people "this is me, this is what I do, and I'm proud of it".

you afraid to speak out your feeling. why? are you afraid that he migh not like you back? so what if he doesn't like you back, at least you speak out your feeling.

so lizzy...for me you are more chicken than your brother...
Tinn viLelouch: Very well said...
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Angel Grace
Guys, I'm sorry for suddenly ghosting on you. When life knocks you down, sometimes its hard to get back. But, after a few weeks of locking myself in the dark, I realize its time for me to get back up. It's really hard to write a love story when you no longer have the inspiration to write it. BUT, after seeing all your comment, I felt stupid forgetting your all there for me.

I've uploaded 5 Chapters today. Once again, SORRY!
Honey Gerald: Hey!! did you find your inspiration?? that will help you. going out, or els
Amy: hi guys I recently wrote a novel Mr love Queens choice check it out guys
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Alice Rose
I feel badluck to m ..............😨 I wish that u could continue to complete this story till the last end !!! & congratulations on your success author
Daily Liz
It pissed me off when she said Liz i is inferior to them pfft you know who is infirior there you are because she is princess zhao and not only that her personality and talents are way beyond everyone humph
Akansha Akku
I know everyone wants more romance in the novel,I too feel like it but how and what the author writes is up to her.Author always write everything with deeper meaning and i appreciate her work from the bottom of my heart. I hope you have a great and successful future and you will continue to write such amazing and fabulous novels.😊😊😊😊
Akansha Akku: It's my pleasure,dear author
Angel Grace: Aww 😢 Thanks for understanding ❤
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loli love miss😢😘😍
so so sweet
I'm afraid all this sweetness will make my teeth decay
I will have to visit the dentist soon so he can take all my decayed teeth then I can be immunized to sweetness
Angel Grace
Everyone Sorry, Yes! I'll try talk to my Editor if I can still publish her. But if you wish to continue reading check it out on an App or Online at Webnovel.

BOOK TITLE: Trial of Love
Julie Tauave
I swear the stupid people in here all got ISSUES!!
And for the dumbest reasons too...but then again this story actually relates to reality in most aspects so our reality and society sucks.
my first activity in every morning : checking if there is any update chapter of this story.
so...please update everyday and not only 1 charter😄😄😄
btw...thanks for the updates author
Angel Grace: Thanks guys, the app update and you can release the chapter by timer. So everyday a chapter will update by not in one go. At least 3 or 4 chapters per day. Thanks for all your support!! Lots of Love!
manaf saliza: me three...
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Nur Ellya
Cassandra Kingston
I’ll come over to Webnovel 🔮
Matissa Romero
“Bloody hell I did not know asshole existed in China as well” I burst out laughing Jackie is a Savage 😂😂😂
Matissa Romero
Probably bc li zi is even more elite than her friends and kid hearted strong and charming unlike a certain someone who is arrogant bitchy and oh yeah a BITCH🤷🏻‍♀️
Matissa Romero
Jealousy strike 1 also he does NOT allow other man to be referred as LI Zi’s only he can 😂😂
I think they were scared of what li zi did😂😂
Awwww my heart oh it’s to much can their be such a pure hearted woman in this world😭😭
Guys am blushing I swear it fought be off guard I never blush and I mean NEVER abut this strong is way too cute
Wait naked? No shouldn’t he protect her precious body😅😅😅
Ugh so annoying also author can you confirm with us if little tan is Elizabeth’s daughter just a slight possibility plz
So I guess we will all be heading the wedding then....😂😂
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