The Runaway Wife
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The Runaway Wife

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The Runaway Wife
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
She is crying but Both of you cheat on yourselves anyway!!! Well it means the wedding is canceled right!!! 🤔
♥️😈: yeah yeah
mriganka sajwan: yep totaly
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Sorry for her mom!!! RIP mom!!!

Unlucky FL!!! Don’t be weakling FL!!! I Hope She is strong enough on her own!!! 🤔
G.S.Alyssa: check out my chat story"unexpected love".
princess: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Wait a minutes is that orochimaru?! Orochimaru are you loss?
Erikalyn Artus: orochimaro country is konoha but why is he in the love story of the girl and the boy😑😑😑
Ara~: Hii! i have seen u again
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Hahaha ML’s buddies are mischievous and cute!!! But that brown haired girl is love rival for sure!!! Looks like She likes ML!!!
Mary Raven Delos Santos: I think so
Stanley Moore: im betting with u the same... I do hope she foes move on and become good friends to the couple in reasonable time though. she starts off as dessert character...
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Snow Lily ❤️
To be honest I'm getting kinda bored of mangas like this. Nowadays most of them have the same plot, and are searching for love, popularity or revenge. I mean, we all know how the story goes:
- get cheated on with stepsister/cousin/best friend
- meat the ML and catch his attention
- the ML says 'Interesting'
- start having feelings for eachother
- thousands of struggles
- confession
- live happily
Please give us something new!! It's really getting boring!!
gracia tuikhang: gul you are ryt
Snow Lily ❤️: kk!☺️☺️☺️
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Family my a**!!! Those family members are creepy as hell!!! Your right girl!!! You are all alone now!!! There is no one care about you girl!!! As your saying Just stand up and take what belongs to you sooner!!!
Tanzila Esha: We care about her though
Rida Sakina: whoa there! why so fierce? 😂😂
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
lol they’re married couple now!!! How fast!!! 😅

Looks like FL’s papa is not that bad parent!!! That’s good!!!
Kaname ❤️ Yuki: Yep this father is absolutely a good person! 🥰
Ira Conde: in most manga that i read the father is always nice but being blinded by stepmother or somthing.Anyways it is good to hear it
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Miss. danger 🔪
oh so 1st ep was trailer..
the whole movie is left....
Kaylin Lopez: Loving the name
Miss. danger 🔪: really? OKAY
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Why So Cocky and confident ML??? Don’t rash Maaan!!! After all this divorce agreement is useless for sure cuz sooner or later you will be fall in love with her!!! 😅
Kaylin Lopez: Loving the user name
eroixa_w: I'm smelling vampire knight fan 👀🤍✨
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
She is smart and strong enough on her own!!! Good Girl come back and take back what is belong to you Girl!!! After all your uncle is just a fake scoundrel!!!
Rida Sakina: nope, her uncle isn't a fake scoundrel, he's a real scoundrel but a fake person, indeed!
not anymore -_-: yesshhhhh you're right
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💚Shining 💛 Stars 💚(ARiNa.Z)
Good, that red hair really deserves to be thrown like that 😾👊👊 she is so annoying and so is mingwei 😡👊👊.
Ira Conde: her doesnt look like ten thousand yuan to me it still looks ugly
💚Shining 💛 Stars 💚(ARiNa.Z): Haha, you are right,it was kinda funny 😂😂
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and that's how I meet your father
Hey you*yes you*you are cute: 😂😂😂😂😂
akou c jenn: it's a shame there is no haha reaction. just a thumbs up 😂😂😂
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Jewel Ry (AKA Yukina Banana🍌)
Hey girl don't even plan on fighting against our girl!
꧁𝕔𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕖 𝕛𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕪꧂: If she does- which car we takin?
bru-: fight herrrr!!! buttt if we fight herr...why is she have to be soooo cuteeee nooo we have to fight herrr!!!
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Hmmm Hubby’s mother is so damn annoying one!!! Can’t you shut your mouth up mother!!! After all she is your son’s choice!!! Just respect your own son’s choice pls!!! 😒

They’re told her snatch Yuchen away from Lu Qian!!! I can’t believe this kind of creepy grandmother is existed!!! Gosh so damn Disgusting Grandma and mother!!! 🤮🤮🤮
Kaylin Lopez: I know right
Kaname ❤️ Yuki: That’s is ridiculous! I think People must choose their beloved ones and get married!!! 😊
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Their relationship is so damn cold and weird!!! I still can’t used to their contacted marriage!!! 😅
bhumika chand: agree
Kim Ha Yoon: I agreed 👍👍👍👍
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Now FL is so damn confident for herself!!! Guys don’t be so confident and cocky!!! After all you will be fall in love with each other!!!
Ow! Bitten his lip!!! Such a Tigress!!! 😅
Jewel Ry (AKA Yukina Banana🍌): How did u know that? Woah like really? twins?then I'll be looking forward for that!
Kaname ❤️ Yuki: Oh really?
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💚Shining 💛 Stars 💚(ARiNa.Z)
Girl, forget about your fiance 👀😩.
He isn't what you thought....
Venus Naballasca: please
Venus Naballasca: please
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Yuchen likes Qian!!! But why don’t you be honest with her hubby??? 🤔
Mary Raven Delos Santos: yeah yeah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kaname ❤️ Yuki: lol 😆
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Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Gosh Girl You tortured him well 😅
Now Poor thing have to be be friends with cold shower!!! Pity!!! 😅
She is definitely a torturer Tigress!!! 😂
they already divorce before they're married
ciciatjeh: I think she's me🤣
KREW FAM 4EVER!!: Why did i found this comment funny
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