His 10,000 Romantic Traps
Romance / CEO / Girl Power

His 10,000 Romantic Traps

Cloud Studio
His 10,000 Romantic Traps
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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His 10,000 Romantic Traps Comics Online. Finally, a considerate and gentle male lead who respects the woman he loves and knows how to properly solve his jealousy issue!
How is she supposed to deal with this man's 10,000 creative ways to court her?

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Girl Power
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Avery shin
I would like to give my big THANKS to the creator/s of this manhua. Probably one of a few (only one) of the manhuas I read where the clothes down to shoes and accessories changes ever now and then. Even the hairstyling changes to match the outfits. The creator is well aware of the need to change outfits to fit the settings and occasion. By doing so, it makes the story more realistic and interesting. On a higher note, the clothes of each characters not only changes, but it change with style. It really shows how keen the creator/s of this manhua is to give life and personality to each characters. Another point, the creator give emphasis to the style to every character in the story whether in lead, supporting role or extras. Such an effort to make the manhua more creative and realistic is commendable and worth of praise since not all authors give importance to the styling of characters which give them more personality. Moreover, the backgrounds or settings of each scene in the story also changes with style. The clothes/style of each characters matches the occasions. I don't like giving comments, but I do feel the need to express my appreciation to this manhua. I hope, the art and style will be consistent throughout the end of the story. Please don't change it. I know it takes a lot of effort to pay attention to each details and aspects of the story, but please do so. I hope the creator/s will be able to read this coz you deserve such praises. Thank you 😊
Novara Juu: love past or revenge good Nov..
killinitKim: thank u so much this manga is truly awesome and I admire your need to change to transform and upgrade the characters as they grow in and with the story like avery shin said thank u creators
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I'm thinking the hospital needs to close if they switched such drastic results like that... Because her symptoms are closer to pregnancy than cancer... I'm glad he's stepping up to talk to her directly. I don't think he's a player, just an actual nice guy with no boundary towards others.

Yup, some men are unfaithful. Right when my ex broke up with me bc we haven't been talking for two days he immediately got a gf. The next few days he came begging me to get back with him and guess what? His only reason was bc she dumped him. I can't believe I dated him for 5 months, I've moved on and will probably not get a bf for the next 3 years. The FL is a strong woman, she knew what to do before it got worse. She simply just moved on just like that. I admire her abilities!
EnaEna: Hello, sorry to bother you but could you please check out my chat story, 'To Conquer, To Rule'. If it's not troublesome could you please comment your opinions about it?
Anyways, to whoever is reading this Thank You for your time.
UNFORGETTABLE THING.: Thai is why I like girls XD
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