🔞My Hubby Is A Beast🔞
Romance / Fantasy / Comedy / Completed

🔞My Hubby Is A Beast🔞

Misty Plume
🔞My Hubby Is A Beast🔞
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🔞My Hubby Is A Beast🔞 Novel Online. Thalia Lynn is the daughter of an unknown concubine. Disgraced and forgotten about by her father, the King of Terrace, she lives a simple life surrounded by her mother's love. While people see her as a witch for being able to bond with every animal that crosses her path, her mother adores her deeply.

One day, her happiness is shattered when a neighbouring country offer a considerable amount of money for her to be married to the Crown Prince of their nation, Kylian Sinclair. Not knowing why, she has no choice but to accept and is torn from her mother's side.

However, their intentions are soon brought to light. She is born with the power of receiving an animal's adoration. The Prince, half wolf and half human, has gone wild and in order to continue the Royal bloodline, must bed with a woman.

When introduced to Thalia for the first time, the man immediately decides to tease and bed her. Will love blossom between them?

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kunama. nan
well that was unexpected, grayson
~Shanu~: thank you looking forward for your support 😊
kunama. nan: OKAY. .😊😁
total 2 replies
hahahaha he is so mad about his son, that is your child you punk!
chen su
oh my God! Grayson is such a clever boy.
珍妮🌹: Hello Please read my new story
"Indeseado" Thank you
~HmMmMmM~: i was suprise as well to heard him speak so well at age 5 lets not forget how he wins on the "mama's mine" argument
total 2 replies
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