Strings Of Fate

Strings Of Fate

heM ralykSkSylar Meh
Strings Of Fate
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Great work!
hi daisies (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
hey I waited for do long to when you update. crazy update please
Pheonix In The Sky
LMAO. It looks as if they are laughing at all time travel comics.
Skylar Meh: Is this what you see from my comic? Then ill have to get better! Oh and btw my favorite comic is a time travel one and the reason i tried to make this :) anyways thanks for the "feedback"
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Rita Ramirez
great job your art style is superb he needs to be a little bit longer as far as keeping us entry to stay with the story but honestly I would love to see where this goes good luck congrats
Skylar Meh: Thank you for the help(*^▽^*)
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ranty fangirl
i love your art style and this is a comstructive critism
your color is flat you need to add some shading thays all and youre ary is a adorable UwU
ranty fangirl: glad i could help and i am hoping to see your art progress…fighting girl!!!
Skylar Meh: Thanks! And the advice is spot on seriously i need to get my shading checked out :D
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Aerity Dane
gooo keep it up its kind of cute and unique
unknown 1310otaku
Your art style is amazing keep up the good work.
Weird person 😋
OoOoo this looks interesting! i want to see what happens next!
Is this a kids drawings?
kitri: Everyone gets better at drawing through time, so I hope to see more progress throughout the comic 👍🏻
Skylar Meh: Is it not professional enough ;-;
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a s h l e y ✨
The art style is totally adorbs
Suki Yang
I do like your art style, it's quite unique from other manga artists. Keep up with the good work! 😊😊
Skylar Meh: Thank you!
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I like your art is cute I'll keep reading
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