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Urban Legend

Urban Legend
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
imagine your roommate coming back and bringing an injured man with a missing arm that happens to be the most wanted killer that looks handsome af and your roomate bringing it home like some kind of drunkard and planning on having some steamy @$$ $3x with the killer and it wont even matter to you because you would have done the same thing if it were you in the situation and you understand your roommate because you also follow the ways of the gay: meet, be freinds, get closer and BOOM $3x

kitti: then it might be
you will be dead the very next morning in bed only
Darlene Garcia: where is the good part I need to know when this man dates the other man hate
total 3 replies
I'm Soo down for this manga, the art is fabulous and the story is different 😁
The Night Emperor: Sooo cool I wish I could do that too, it will be awesome
JutaLovelace: Thank you very much!
total 2 replies
funtimefoxygammer10 XD
Omg tho that's so me just NOPE love the comic!
I wanna know more wht happen ><
E. Nika
more episodes plzzzz
moon gallxy wolf
hi meh name is lezzy
Even tho I am. confused this is goooooood!
zira_StupidPyscopath: where?
JutaLovelace: I noticed the chapters are in total mess. I think the admins deleted some content. I can only recommend everyone to read the comic on other platforms.
total 2 replies
After reading Killing Stalking all basements scare me
So small
JutaLovelace: I'm not paid enough to make it as big as people's egos
total 1 replies
Lydia Windscon
They are so cute together 😍
teentoon queen
omg I love your comic🥰🥰🥰🥰
please keep it up and I wanted to if there will an art contest and if yes, then where???
love your comics
be safe.
Heba Mohamed
when would you upload the next ??
Cyril Stega
hilarious......but fun...keep it up
Yaoi Sexy Bottom
oh my, oh my, what a bunch of cuties!! And we all know who wins it all... the crazy lab-hotboy... lol
Claire Mapp
I like all your comics author.
JutaLovelace: I'm glad!
total 1 replies
I hope author u r safe at home. And just know that we love your comics
Banana Sunday
Look at all these hot boys
oh man gawd I'm blushing so hard of the cuteness
JutaLovelace: Thank you very much! ♥♥♥
ShArK_sAmA: and you're skills are perfection keep it up I'm really loving it
total 16 replies
oh wow
your art style is really good author &
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