Vampire Lord and Lost Princess
Romance / Fantasy / CEO / Contributor

Vampire Lord and Lost Princess

Lipsa Nalini Naik
Vampire Lord and Lost Princess
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Hellvis Galaxy
A bit strange but so far in a good way. I'll definitely have to read more.
Mkay dude🤨: wait is the comic about gacha life characters
Elena21: Thank you
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Princess May Aldover Dormido
Wow this is so cool... How to do that

Gacha life on comics??
Elena21: I made the characters, cut them and place them where I want them to be. And then add dialogues.
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Evlin Salt
I'd it really a comic???
rubyrex🤩🤩🤩: its very nice
💋😘I'll be your alpha😘💋: lol this is gacha life
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Kaouruni Daera
I have nothing to say about this whatsoever
lilly sky
wth i hate it from the start the story is for children
Elva Joachim: Then why do you read it! This manga is a game called gacha life!!
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weirdest comic
Wolfie Shane
no offense but it's weird that's why I like it it's so cool that you can do cash my for comics
wtf gacha life 😂😂
DoesStupid: ok cutie
Jeý: Hi! Sorry to bother you. Can you please check-out and read my novel entitled, "Black Section". Thank you!
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keshia cყtυωυ༺
so amazing UwU
I ain't visible
hoho interesting... but you could've created your own oc but never mind...
Adibah Sakinah
whaaaaatt!!!!! gacha life also have seriously !!!!!!???????
I love how u used gacha but at first when they talked u didn't open their mouths😢
woow u used gacha life
it doesn’t matter if it is from gacha life or from somewhere else but i'll like it as long as it is made by hard work😄😄
Henry Lucas
this is not a real comic
Miriam Marcellana
this is not really a good manga because their words are all over the place and u also used gacha life :/ from.. which is not allowed here-
🍪🍫Who steal my cookies!? 🍫🍪
uhm Author do you have a Chanel if you do pls tell me the name and I'll definitely subscribe you
Elena21: Its Elena Naik
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