My Cursed Prince Charming

My Cursed Prince Charming

Qianqiuye Comic
My Cursed Prince Charming
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My Cursed Prince Charming Comics Online. My Prince Charming can shift?! Actually, even if he transformed into the Ultraman who beats monsters, I’d accept him still as long as he’s my prince. But I never thought that my prince would actually shift into that kind of creature!

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Åm ür ßëâútîfül ñìghtmår£ ¥drüg¥🖤🖤🖤
spoiler alert!!!

they r gonna lose all three of their lights and those ghosts will try to capture them but they'll scare them away by using the things the old man gave to them...but then those ghosts (of the ppl who turned into animals bcz of making the ansector angry) will come saying that the girl (our ml) is the ansector and she needs to be killed but then the old man will come to rescue but won't be able to do anything then our ml's cousin will come to save 'em and our ml will get attacked by one of those ghosts....
+ we r gonna have some funny and pervert moments with that pervert old man and our fl and ml
Charmylover: Where did you read it?
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when your crush confess to everyone that your his girlfriend it's like unbelievable 😲 even if it's just not true I will be so happy about it too
Uni ✨
Lmao. The female lead will sure fall asleep right away after this xD
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