Dragon Prince Yuan
Fantasy / Adventure

Dragon Prince Yuan

Weitian Culture
Dragon Prince Yuan
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Stressed by a Mountain of Books
Another name of this manhua is Yuan Zun and other sites have many more chapter in it. Since all chapters are divided in half. This chapter is actually chapter no. 93.5. You guys can find 173.5 chapters in other sites.
Frost Designs: Thank you very much sir.
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somehow, I wonder, Is there a Main Character in this world, that the god or something like that gave him if not everything, gave him a lot? am I just a worthless NPC that is not even worth mentioning in this world? If I die? will I be reincarnated and be a Main Character in my next life? Will I be a great man? or just a dog in a roadside, a grass in the yard? Will I have a next life? Or am I someone who's just in another person's dream? am I really Alive?
Kurenai Kirito: our life is like a choice game , everything you do will do some impact in your story as your story progress the harder it will get at some point you will have to make a choice which can change your life from slum, billionaire or billionaire to slum.
Just some poor guy: Not necessarily, in your life YOU are the main character. All your enemies are the antagonist but in their life they are the protagonist. All of your important prople can be a supporting role or another main character depending on how important they are. All the people who you passed by, you only talked once, or you didn't talk at all can be considered as an NPC. But I don't think NPC are true in this world since everything we see plays a role in our lives
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Who's also excited what will be the next pattern everytime the heaven element pen will lit up?
crystal: who will not be excited, higher the pattern more the power😅😅😅
That Dumb Otaku: count me innnnnnnnnnn
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Jona Luzano
if you are weak they just look at you as a peasant but if you are strong they will respect you..be more strong yuan hunt more beast
wow u guys should see what happens next i already read this part an way more
unrealdoc: what name is it there
Ace: mangapark
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Black Hero
Why the hell is this MC isn't eye-catching at all in a crowd. I mean whenever he is in a crowd only his friends or Yao Yao will be noticed but what about our MC.
聂离 • Nɪᴇ Lɪ
He's such a cool prince!, it's a pity that his Dragon Kismet was stolen from him.
the story is kinda making me feel a gold digger vine... :/ think she might betray him but........I want her to be with him ..together....with sister yoi yoi too
ok that was small but keep up the fast update
Lugia Trainer
Dear MC go and fight him after you get powerful don't try to show off in half way🤭🤭
Lugia Trainer: Actions must be accurate when facing a strong foe , must be prepared to full . 😄
crystal: right I agree with u 😏😏
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Plot twist: he thought an enemy attacked him, he didn’t mean to save our mc and was just lost and doesn’t know what direction to take....
𝘝𝘪🥀: POV:he's. lost again and that. Wu hang is on the way😆
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AW!X 😎
anybody know a website or app where I can read this fast. like more chapters. hmm.
Stressed by a Mountain of Books: You can find more chapters in disaster scan. This chapter is chapter 93.5 there.
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kids instead of chewing lollipops are..trash talking and...instead of playing hide. and seek...are playing mindgames....is the this 2075 ?
Lee Vorg
Should have use the imprint, MC using physical strength is a dead give away to the enemy, that he has recovered his meridians. Now the enemy knows your strength and will reevaluate their tactics to destroy you with full force. but this is manhua so anything is possible 😆🤣
Howidiotiam!: haha...yeah.. and it's pretty good manuha works like that...cuz there's evil deeds so as justice for the mc , fl and so on...
.'dead give away' 😂😂😂
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why are the chapters getting shorter with every update
im so proud with our little mc his getting stronger
kids instead of chewing lollipops are..trash talking and...instead of playing hide. and seek...are playing mindgames....is the this 2075 ?
Shit is about to go down,I repeat shit is about to go down!!!
he did that with ease😂MC getting stronger
That Dumb Otaku
neeeeeeed soooo mannnnyyy uppddatteeeee. I'm freaking outttt
Benimar Manegdeg: hmm for what?
That Dumb Otaku: too bad for you pol....
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