Dragon Prince Yuan
Fantasy / Adventure

Dragon Prince Yuan

Weitian Culture
Dragon Prince Yuan
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
That Dumb Otaku
I want the beast to kill the lot of them and make the rest run away. so that zhao can go and loooot all those bastards and level up and then kill the thunder beast🤗🤗🤗
Stressed by a Mountain of Books
Another name of this manhua is Yuan Zun and other sites have many more chapter in it. Since all chapters are divided in half. This chapter is actually chapter no. 93.5. You guys can find 173.5 chapters in other sites.
Frost Designs: Thank you very much sir.
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Finally those people understand that Xiao Tianxuan just using them.
is there anyone else who thought this episode was short?
Vani Harish
I want zhao to tame.the beast
weeellllz. on another episode of a short chapter on mangatoon... people be demanding a refund
Jona Luzano
if you are weak they just look at you as a peasant but if you are strong they will respect you..be more strong yuan hunt more beast
somehow, I wonder, Is there a Main Character in this world, that the god or something like that gave him if not everything, gave him a lot? am I just a worthless NPC that is not even worth mentioning in this world? If I die? will I be reincarnated and be a Main Character in my next life? Will I be a great man? or just a dog in a roadside, a grass in the yard? Will I have a next life? Or am I someone who's just in another person's dream? am I really Alive?
Kurenai Kirito: our life is like a choice game , everything you do will do some impact in your story as your story progress the harder it will get at some point you will have to make a choice which can change your life from slum, billionaire or billionaire to slum.
Just some poor guy: Not necessarily, in your life YOU are the main character. All your enemies are the antagonist but in their life they are the protagonist. All of your important prople can be a supporting role or another main character depending on how important they are. All the people who you passed by, you only talked once, or you didn't talk at all can be considered as an NPC. But I don't think NPC are true in this world since everything we see plays a role in our lives
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i know I'm not good at colors but I'm pretty sure the girl is in blue n not green
That Dumb Otaku
crazy update please.
btw what did zhao did? I couldn't understand
Ling Mo: he get the revenge on that red hair guy
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wow u guys should see what happens next i already read this part an way more
unrealdoc: what name is it there
Ace: mangapark
total 3 replies
good boys i might give you guys a source power... if i have one lol
i was so exited but i cant even continue reading
فلازا جنلين
argh 😓! more pleaseeeee.. do the crazy update pleaseeeeee
Who's also excited what will be the next pattern everytime the heaven element pen will lit up?
crystal: who will not be excited, higher the pattern more the power😅😅😅
That Dumb Otaku: count me innnnnnnnnnn
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only one person can defeat that beast
and its zhao
NOSTALGIA UwU: hiw about sister yao yao?????????
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Jhon Joven Gabres
amazing I thought that sister yaoyao and her team will win
Nick ❤✌✌💞
Pride! O, Pride!.... Where are you? That's right! You're gone!
Nick ❤✌✌💞
Show him what you're made of. Strip them of their pride!!
ok that was small but keep up the fast update
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