🔞Daddy, Don't Bully Mummy🔞
Romance / Comedy / CEO / Urban romance

🔞Daddy, Don't Bully Mummy🔞

Misty Plume
🔞Daddy, Don't Bully Mummy🔞
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Comic Addict.!🥴(19+) IND 🇮🇳
Where did you get your mind from.? How can you write such an amazing and unique concept everytime.😲🥴 GOSH.! 😵you are not human, you are a Goddess.🙀
I_love_humburger_and_Sprite_BD: it's ture
HELP ME, I LOVE 🔞 NOVELS: Hehe... guilty as charged
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Me: “see a lot of novel with this 🔞🔞”
My mind: “I shouldn’t read it😾”
My hand: it’s not for u to decide😏”click it”
My cousin: ohh hoo~~~😏
Me: NO I’m innocent just my hand doesn’t cooperate with me🤯😭
Lydia Davison: But also, Misty is a good writer so I always come to her books not only from the mature scenes but the plot too.
G.S.Alyssa: check my chat story "unexpected love", "BOUND to U🔞".
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Comic Addict.!🥴(19+) IND 🇮🇳
Yeah~Yeah~ Yeah... 🙄 I'm here so what.😒 i can't leave my Misty alone 😗😅😂😂🤣
HELP ME, I LOVE 🔞 NOVELS: i think she already updated plenty
Lydia Davison: Yeah, hahaha. I'd wish she update more tho
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Comic Addict.!🥴(19+) IND 🇮🇳
RIP Assistant.😐😐😐😶

All Assistants be like:- why me.? 🙄why i have to sort out their mess.🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm still single,😖 please stop showing this display of affection. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comic Addict.!🥴(19+) IND 🇮🇳
Pff.😆😆😆😆😆 oh god.🤣 this line. i could delete your company by accident if i sneezed.😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stalking me?
Alex is the one who said the last words instead of Misty 😂👌
Stalking me?: Yes im mentally married to draco 😃👌
Waleria Jones: I mean, when Alex says it, I want to do it even more! Haha...
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Comic Addict.!🥴(19+) IND 🇮🇳
Oh My My.! I love his granny 💖😻😻😻
Kanak Kale
and the mother of the year award goers to Lydia 🎉🥳
Lydia Davison
Sweet loving in the bedroom! I'm glad that they were sober when they did it. no excuses for when the baby comes along!
Lydia Davison
EEK! I love this Misty. unlike normal (FL gets drunk and ml takes advantage) you've made them both sober! you always add such twists to your stories. I can't help but fall in love with you, my goddess
That is one genius child🤭
Francis: “Seduce her and beg her”
Alex: “Once we're married, I'll be able to be as wild as I want...”

Me: I chocked while eating food🙂
Kanak Kale
a father and son fighting over who will marry the mom that's amusing isn't it
Lydia Davison
Father and son meet for the first time!!!! eek
Lydia Davison
It seems like you've met your future hubby! and your baby daddy! I'm sure that he'll make cute babys
Kanak Kale
do you love kids misty? all the kids in your stories are ever so adorable especially Gray and now Cade, both love their moms and won't share them with anyone
HELP ME, I LOVE 🔞 NOVELS: I love the kids though. Always making their father's jealous and then, they do the 😏😏😏, if you know what I mean.
Lydia Davison: Ikr, she makes them sound so loveable and cute! and they always fight for their mummy and wife's affection.
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this is....watchout daddy....😉😉😉
Kanak Kale
oh you are falling in his trap dear and we all know it
Oooouuu😂this family is gonna be fun 🥰🤩
Lydia Davison

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