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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Kanshu Xiao Yun
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For the two-faced Emperor she gave her everything, yet she ended up with the fate of being gotten rid of once her usefulness ended and even lost her son’s life. Reborn as a human, she appears to be a fool, but meeting a god she’ll kill a god, meeting Buddha she’ll kill Buddha, pretending to be a pig in order to eat the tiger! She got rid of the malicious legitimate mother, slaughtered the snake-like legitimate elder sister, scared silly the heartless father, and angered the two-faced Emperor to death. Finally she can leave free and unfettered, but behind her followed a bunch of lovestruck pretty boys. So many tails, how to shake them off!

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Queenie B
the emperor is so stupid to belive a rumor! and he is so unappreciative! his wife is helping him! why can't he realize that! if the mc just remain silent and do nothing, your stupid brain will never let you go further! 🤦 so he is jealous of her thinking skill? her quick wittedness? for heaven sake, why can't you just improve yourself or let your wife teaches you? your pride as an emperor will be the key to your end! stupid
Queenie B: ill try it
SoySauz: Well, the reason being man rules over woman after all during ancient time nonetheless. It’s all about the pride of a man...
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Apple S. Datwin Dümlao
I really hate to read like this, I wish she draw a picture like anybody, I am even curious when I read the tittle of the cry of the phoenix which of ninth heaven I am really forward to read but I am disappointed 😞 because it only a letter, I don't like to read a long sentence I am easily to be bored 😒...
رحمه على
Author I wish you all success, After your permission, If that bother you, Just comment then I will delete my comment Immediately.

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I wish you all happiness form the core of my heart.


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