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Hurrah! Top-Level Hot Mommy

Qi Chengkun
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She, a top-level killer at the Killer Employment Center is unexpectedly sent by her aunt to the bed of the big boss of Night Empire and got pregnant! When she wants to ask about the baby's father, her aunt flees away…Six years later, when she, taking the child, turns every stone to find her aunt, she gets accidentally involved in a gangster dispute. The child is taken away by people with Night Empire. In desperation, she has to disguise as a male driver and undercover around the big boss…

MangaToon got authorization from Qi Chengkun to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. -
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Author, I want to know. I may sound rude, but does the author of the comic know that you are transversing this in novel? If not, then you're practically stealing the works of Yoolook Culture- and this is illegal. While submitting works, it's strictly mentioned that the work posted HAS to belong to the author. If you have the official permission, then it's okay, if not, I'm gonna report this work.
No matter how hard you've worked, stealing is stealing. I may sound rude, but how would you feel if someone else is taking credit for your work?
vivian lopez: well ..uum maybe they got the copyright from the author of novel to post it
but try you thinking how if they didn't have permit from translator to posting the translation of novel that they have been translate as long 5 years till now!

do you think what should they do !
Anna Shannel Lin: This novel adoptation actually I read it on one of the website Ive posted my own novel which was titled: The cage of the Past

I think Mangatoon have got the copyright of this one. As long as it belongs to a contracted works under them they all have the right to reproduce it in different forms
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GUYS!! Hot mother is the manwha/comic adaption of this novel!!! Hot mother is originally a novel then got adapted to a manwha/comic! All lot of manwha/comics on this app are adapted from the original novels of course with the Authors permission. For example the manwha/comic Pure Girl is also a adaption from the original novel. I am not even suprised because so many manwahs/comics are adaptions of original novels. ( Sorry if I sounded a bit rude I just want to let everyone know that the Author did not copy! It’s their original work that got adapted to a manwha/comic!) ^^
Elena21: Can you please check out my new books 'Trapped by the Pharos' and 'The Legends of Quantine'. I would be really greatful if you could.
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ha ha ... too bad,the author must out of her mind, its actually the hot mother. Tsk. i hate to read. u should better write something not to copy. im not good at my grammar but i accepted it, because i can read and understand what english foreign people say. copyright
Gillingsroth Bnumpy: sex in animae!GOOF
あずみ: oh? is it?. then i won't argue anymore but i still love those works with pics, much interesting
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