He groaned, using one hand to fondle her clit while the other positioned his cock at the entrance to her channel. She could hear the wet squelch as he rubbed the head against her mons. “It will but not without some work. We’ll save that for another day. Right now I just want to get inside that snug little pussy I’ve been missing all week.” He shoved deep, holding himself still inside her as if savoring the moment.

“Works for me.” She ground her pelvis against him taking him as deep as she could. It was starting to be an effort to murmur to keep her voice down but that only added to the excitement. “Fuck me hard and fast, Galen.”

“That’s not going to be a problem, sweetheart.” He pulled back then thrust in so hard her elbows were forced a couple inches up the desk. His finger strummed on her clit, driving her higher and higher while his hips pistoned against her ass. His other hand slid up inside her sweater and clamped onto a breast. He rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Heavens, she couldn’t get enough of his touch.

When her orgasm broke, she had to bite down on her lip to keep from screaming. She lifted her ass high to take him as deeply as possible and then held her hips still as he pounded her hard while she came around him. He leaned over her and bit down on her shoulder then slammed into her channel one last time before flooding her with a wash of scalding heat. She felt her pussy clench as if it was trying to drink down.

She wished they were at her house, so she could just lie next to him, on top of him, or beneath him and not move. She wanted to be held, but even more she just wanted some downtime with him—skin on skin and no outside world to deal with. But they were in her office, bent over her desk and sooner or later they were going to have to move.

“Thank you.” He nuzzled her ear as he whispered into it. The sensation of his breath on the sensitive skin sent tingles skittering down to her spine, reigniting her nerve endings. “That should hold me for a couple of hours. Can I see you tonight?”

“Of course.” She felt the loss immediately as he pulled out of her. It was followed by the sensation of warm liquid dribbling down her thigh. Son of a bitch, they’d forgotten the condom—again. She grabbed a handful of tissues and dried herself off while Galen did the same. She pulled her underwear back on and refastened her bra while he tucked himself back into his boxers and slacks.

Then he surprised her by sitting down in her chair and pulling her into his lap. He buried his face in her tousled hair and squeezed his arms around her tight. “I’m sorry about that, sweeting. I don’t know what it is about you that makes me forget to be responsible.”

“It’s okay. The timing’s still safe. Another week, though and we’d be having a whole different conversation.” She smiled at the old-fashioned endearment even while visions of the Empress card flashed through her head. No thanks! “I have a doctor’s appointment for next week to see about something more—reliable.”

“I thought you said the Pill gave you headaches.”

She couldn’t believe he’d remembered that. Her heart warmed at the concern in his tone. She patted his shoulder. “Beats morning sickness. Besides, there are other options. I’ll figure something out.”

“I can’t believe I’ve been that careless with you twice now. The only time I ever screwed up like that before, I was twenty-three and married.” His fingers trailed through her hair, trying to ease out the tangles. “In all honesty, it was probably half on purpose that time. The marriage was already falling apart and I think we both believed that a baby was the way to save it.”

“But it didn’t work, did it?”

“Not even close. I don’t regret Jason for a minute, he’s the best part of my life but having a child while I was still in grad school was an utterly idiotic thing to do. All it did was exacerbate the problems we were already having and show us just how incompatible we really were. The marriage lasted another year, then we split. A couple years later, Nora remarried, moved to Lansing, had a few more kids and I only got to see Jason on weekends.” The love and pride in his voice when he talked about his son was sweet but she couldn’t help feeling the tiniest bit jealous. His tone when he spoke of his ex-wife reassured her though. He wasn’t bitter or still in love with her—just slightly sad and resigned.

“And now?”

“Jason just finished up his junior year at Michigan. Right now he has a double major in mechanical and electrical engineering. He’s going to Germany in July on a study-abroad program, so he isn’t working this summer.”

“Maybe I’ll get the chance to meet him sometime.” She meant it as an offhand comment but Galen’s whole body immediately went stiff. So, he wasn’t ready to introduce her to the family. Fine. She could be patient. She hoped. There was a minute or so of awkward silence.

“So how’s the job going after a week?”

“Great.” She leapt at the change of subject both verbally and physically. She slid off Galen’s lap and pulled the “guest chair” a hard wooden straight chair, over to sit beside him. “I’ve accounted for everything that was on the catalog and added a number of items that weren’t. The collection is incredible! Ballads, letters, diaries, even things like court records and a collection of parables—there’s an old French translation of Plutarch and all kinds of religious texts.”

“Can’t wait to dig into it. When can I get a copy of the catalog?”

“Dr. Kroner didn’t share these with you when he was alive? I’d have thought he’d be happy to have the history department owe him favors.”

“Like so many academics, Kroner was a bit of an odd duck. Didn’t you ever meet him?”

Lydia nodded. “He came to the department Christmas party last year.”

Galen nodded. “Well, he liked lording his collection over us. He married a woman with a ton of inherited money and he used it for his travels and collecting. Most of us never had that kind of funding. So everyone on campus, history, English, French and German departments, religion—we’ve all been dying to get our hands on some of this stuff.”

She chuckled. “Well, I’m releasing it officially as soon as my boss gets back from vacation to approve it. But I think you might just get a sneak peek. I’ll make a photocopy of what I’ve got so far and bring it home tonight. You bring a pizza and I’ll accidentally leave it lying on my desk for you to find.”

“I can wait. Wouldn’t want to get you in any trouble.” His blue eyes were so earnest she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I was just teasing you, you big goof. I’ve already handed out copies to faculty from three different departments while you were gone. There’s been someone in here almost every day asking about the collection. I was just trying to scam a pizza.”

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