“You’re sure you’re into this?” Galen wound the silk scarves she’d handed him through his fingers. The thought of tying Lydia to her wrought iron headboard had been running through his mind since the first night. Having her hand him the scarves while she stood by the bed in the tiniest nightgown he’d ever seen made him hard enough to pound nails with his cock. “You’re not doing it just for me?”

Her laugh was deep, throaty and entirely feminine. “That’s what I bought those scarves for. I bought them a long time ago but they’ve never been used. The person I’d thought might be interested turned out not to be. And to my own surprise, it turned out I didn’t care. I’d just met you, you see and from then on it’s only been me and my trusty vibrator. And though the battery-operated boyfriend does have its advantages, it’s absolutely no good at all at tying a girl up.”

Galen licked lips that had gone suddenly dry. “When you used your vibrator, were you picturing me?”

She reached down and cupped his cock through his khaki shorts. “Oh yes. It was always your face I imagined above me. Your hands on my body, your lips on my mouth, my nipples, my clit, your cock filling my cunt. Every single time.”

Her hand rubbed slowly but he was so damned primed it wouldn’t take much for him to come in his clothes. He stepped back and set the scarves down on the bed. “Show me.”


He’d surprised her with that one. Good. He tossed the scarves onto the bed, then moved his hand to his belt and slowly started to unbuckle it. Her eyes were riveted to his movements, so he tipped his head toward the pillows. “I want you to take off your clothes and get out your vibrator. Then I want you to sprawl there on your bed and let me watch while you fuck yourself with it. I want you to show me exactly what you do when you’re all alone.”

Her face flushed and her breathing accelerated, so he could tell the notion turned her on. “And what are you going to do?”

He stripped off his shorts and underwear, pulled his shirt over his head. He’d left his shoes out in the living room so now he faced her totally naked, totally aroused. He wrapped his own hand around his cock and stroked. “I’m going to watch. And then once I’ve watched you get yourself off, I’m going to fuck you until you don’t know which way is up. Got a problem with that?”

“None at all.” She shook her head and pulled her filmy nightgown off slowly, revealing her full, puckered breasts. Her dark nipples were taut and flushed. Galen heard his own gasp as she lifted the two lush mounds together with her hands and squeezed, her thumbs drawing circles around the rigid nubs. “Though these have missed having your mouth on them for a while. They actually hurt from wanting you so much. If I’m a good girl now, will you suck them for me later?”

“Hell, yes!” He had to force his hand to slow down before he came just from watching her strip. After one last taunting squeeze to her nipples, she let her hands slide down her belly to the straps of her matching thong. She turned as she bent to pull it down, giving him a full-on view of her delectable butt. She stayed bent over to open the drawer in her nightstand and pull out her pink plastic toy. It was all he could do not to drive his shaft inside that pink rosebud ass. But he’d never fit right now. Not without a whole bottle of lube and he didn’t see any of that in her drawer.

He pulled the sheet down and piled the pillows against the middle of the headboard. “Right there,” he told her. He leaned down over her and sucked one nipple into his mouth pulling on it hard for just a moment before laving it with his tongue. Then he gave the other the same treatment before pushing her down gently onto the bed. “I wanted them to be rosy and wet from my mouth while I watch you.”

She swallowed hard and nodded, climbing into position. She spread her legs wide and rubbed her neatly trimmed dark brown curls with her hand.

“I usually start with my fingers,” she whispered huskily. “Make sure I’m wet enough and that the moisture is spread around.

“Good. Show me.” He climbed onto the bed, kneeling at the foot. Her curls and pink swollen pussy lips glistened with her juices. “Looks to me like you’re plenty wet.”

She tried to laugh. “Yeah, well, being around you does that to me.”

“Just like being with you, even thinking of you, makes me as hard as a crowbar. Why do you think I always lectured from behind the podium in your classes?” His eyes followed her pink-tipped fingers as they combed through her curls and slid between her labia. She dipped two fingers into her vagina, then swirled them around, distributing the cream over the surface of her lips and clit. Then very slowly she began to massage her clit with the tip of one finger. Her other hand held her lips wide for his viewing pleasure.

Galen rolled on a condom, then pumped himself as slowly and lightly as he could manage. “Now the toy.”

She nodded and picked up the vibrator with both hands, turning it on and adjusting the setting. Then she parted her labia with the first two fingers of her left hand and lowered the tip of the dildo to her engorged clit. The little red bud was as hard as a diamond, poking well above its retracted hood. He wondered absently if she’d ever considered getting a clit ring. She’d love the day in day out stimulation but it might make things awkward for her at work. She was so responsive she’d be squirming in her chair all day long. Galen decided he wasn’t going to bring the idea up. He didn’t want her getting that horny when he wasn’t around to take care of it.

The vibrator buzzed against Lydia’s clit and she began to pant, her shoulders falling back against the pillow and her pelvis rising up off the bed.

“So pretty,” he murmured, touching just the tip of his finger to her drenched and open slit. “All pink and wet and puffy.” He slid the tip of the finger up her channel and reveled in her broken cry. “I want to see you explode, sweetheart. I want to watch you come all over the sheet and my hand and your own.”

“Galen!” She whimpered his name, her hips bucking now. She pushed against his hand, held the vibrator down on the side of her clit. He could see her orgasm building, as the muscles in her pussy tightened and her clit darkened to almost purple. More cream was leaking from her slit coating his finger. He popped it in a little deeper and wiggled.

She screamed, dropping the vibrator and grabbing his hand with her own to force his finger further in as her snug walls convulsed around it. Her juices gushed, wetting both of their hands and he added two more fingers, driving deep. The contractions kept rolling through her as he fucked her strongly with his hand, then bent over to close his mouth around her nipple and suck.

She screamed again and he felt another wave crash through her body. He couldn’t wait any longer. Ignoring her bereaved whimper when he withdrew his hand, he quickly moved into position and skewered her with his aching cock.

“Yes!” The wet clasp of her quivering muscles milked his shaft, pulled him deep. He was so turned on from the show, it didn’t take him long. Three long, deep strokes and his climax roared up out of his balls, just about blowing the top off his head. This time he was the one that screamed as he held himself imbedded in her heat and poured himself into her, filling the tip of the condom over and over again.

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