I watched Jack roll the condom over his penis then step back to me and put his hands on my shoulders. He pushed me back until I was more or less lying on the couch with my legs bent and my feet on the floor. Kneeling between my legs, he hooked his elbows under my knees and spread me wide, exposing my dripping and swollen pussy to his gaze.

“Gorgeous.” With that, he lowered his face and dragged his tongue along my slit with a loud slurp.

“Jack.” My high-pitched shriek filled the room as he licked a circle around my distended clit. His tongue was strong and slightly rough. The friction was perfect, and I could already feel the climax coiling in my womb. My hips began to jerk in time to his movements.

“So sweet,” he whispered, blowing against my sensitive tissues as he did so. “So responsive.” He shifted my knees to his shoulders, freeing up his hands. One clamped onto the curve of my ass while he used the other to massage the wet cleft of my sex. He continued to torment my clit with his tongue, which made me whimper and pant. Soon he impaled me with one thick finger.

“More,” I moaned breathlessly. My vaginal walls clamped down hungrily but it wasn’t enough. I’d seen the size of his cock. It was far bigger than the only one I’d ever known and I wanted it all, rock-hard and pounding inside me.

“I need you to come.” His breath was warm on my wet flesh. He eased his finger in and out. On the second stroke he added another finger then on the next a third. Now I was stretched and he pumped them vigorously, fucking me hard with his hand. His tongue never slowed, flicking my swollen bud relentlessly until I couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, couldn’t do anything but feel. I think my hands were digging into the couch, or maybe one was buried in his hair, holding his face to my cunt.

My fangs lengthened and my whole body began to quiver like the string on a violin as he worked me. With each flick of his tongue and each thrust of his hand my nerves tightened further until I thought I was going to pass out. Then with one final stroke, he held his fingers deep while I exploded. I think I screamed when it felt as if every cell in my body suddenly burst free. Light flashed behind my eyelids, and the waves of pleasure rippled back and forth from my spine to my fingers and toes. It was long moments later when I came back to my senses to realize he’d pulled his hand and mouth free and was gently caressing my mound with his palm.

Without a word he pulled me down to his lap and kissed me, deep and hard. I tasted my own juices on his face, and instead of being embarrassed I felt the stirring of a renewed arousal. This wasn’t sedate or romantic, it was raw and primal, and I wanted more.

“Turn around.” His big hands guided me as he turned me to face the sofa, my knees on the floor. The he pressed my shoulders down until my upper body was flat on the cushions and my butt pointed straight back at Jack. “Oh yeah.”

I felt his fingers at my entrance then they were replaced by something bigger, harder. As he slowly pushed his thick erection into my weeping slit, I pushed back with my hips, wanting him as deep as he could get. Finally I felt the swing of his balls beneath my pussy as the crisp hairs on his thighs rubbed against my rounded ass.

“Fucking perfect.” He whispered the words in my ear. His hands slid up under me to cup my heavy breasts. Then he started to move.

Again every thought fled from my mind. The sensation of Jack’s cock slamming into my pussy over and over again was all that my consciousness could process. He was so big it should have hurt, even though my body would have quickly regenerated any damage. But it didn’t hurt. It felt like everything I’d ever imagined when I was reading one of my favorite books. For the first time I understood the fascination that some women have with sex. This wasn’t just a physiological release. This was bone-deep pleasure, deeper and stronger than anything I’d ever known.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. The position left me unable to move, and that frustration added somehow to the intensity of the pleasure.

“I am,” he rasped, leaning over me and pinning me to the couch with his weight. His teeth scraped along the top of my shoulder then along the shell of my ear. “I intend to fuck you until neither of us can stand, Ari. Until neither of us want to stand.” He placed his mouth at the spot where my neck and shoulder met then bit down, the tips of his elongated canines just barely piercing the flesh.

I was so close again, but I needed more. I dragged one of his hands out from under my breast and brought it to my face. After pressing a kiss to his calloused palm, I held it still and sank my fangs into his wrist then sucked. His blood was rich and hot, salty and sweet—full of life itself. The flavor of it burst on my tongue, filling my mouth just as Jack filled my pussy. I came even harder this time, convulsing around the fullness of his pounding cock. My spasms seemed to trigger his climax because he bit down harder, rammed his penis deep and held it there. He seemed to swell even further as he pressed against the mouth of my womb while he came. I continued to shudder around him, milking spurt after spurt of fluid into the condom.

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