Jack let go of me and I felt the loss of his touch immediately. Damn, the man was addictive. He bent over to reach into the nightstand on the far side of the bed and withdrew four long black cords and a pile of condoms. He dumped the condoms on the nightstand then turned and handed me the cords.

The smooth cords, each about a yard in length, slid easily along my fingers, soft but strong. “Silk?”

“Yep. And they’re spelled. Once the command word is triggered, they won’t break or come untied until you say the release word.”

My pussy clenched and creamed. How perfect was this? I was so excited by the prospect that my whole body quivered.

Jack licked his lips and smiled at me. “So is that a yes?” He reached out and gently flicked one pebbled nipple.

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay then. Scoot over to the center of the bed. And starting now, whatever I say you have to do unless it makes you truly uncomfortable. Submitting is part of your fantasy, isn’t it?”

I bobbed my head again.

“Say it,” he said. “I need you to say, ‘Yes, Jack’.”

“Yes, Jack. Part of my fantasy is to be completely in your power.” I shivered as I said it. I wanted it more than anything, but a part of me was still timid little Ariana and scared of the big bad wolf.

“Good girl.” He rewarded me with a kiss, made sure my head and shoulders were propped up on a thick pillow, then stood beside the bed. “Let me know if this is too uncomfortable before I lock them in place.”

I started to nod then corrected myself. “Yes, Jack. I will.”

That earned me a kiss on the bottom of my foot as he stood at the foot of the bed and spread my legs. When my toes were pointed at each of the corner posts, he looped one of the cords around my left ankle then attached the other end to the bedpost, tugging until it was taut but not painful. When I smiled at him, he moved to the other corner and tied my right ankle in the same manner. I tested the bonds lightly as he stared at my exposed cunt, swollen and glistening with my desire for him.

“Is all that cream for me, Ari?” Jack’s voice was a low husky purr.

I could feel the blush that stained my face and breasts. I’d never indulged in talking dirty, though I’d enjoyed scenes like this in books. I swallowed and forced the words from my dry lips. “All for you, Jack. Just looking at you makes me wet.”

“Good.” He wrapped one hand around his own cock, fully erect again, even though we’d just had sex a few minutes earlier. Apparently werewolves had great recovery time. Or maybe it was just Jack.

I watched him intently as he stood between my splayed legs, stroking himself slowly from the root of the thick shaft to the flared purple head. My pussy remembered all too well the feeling of being stuffed with that gorgeous flesh, and it ached to have him fill it again. When he rubbed a drop of pre-cum around the tip, I moaned out loud.

“You like what you see?”

“Yes, Jack.” I licked at my lips again, wishing they would stay moist.

“Tell me what you want, Ari.”

“I…I want your cock, Jack.”

“Where do you want it?” He ran one finger of his other hand along my slit, just lightly enough to tease.

“Inside me.”

Jack let go of his shaft and I wanted to cry. Then he moved around to the side of the bed. He took my left arm and tied my wrist to the bedpost.

As he walked around to my right side, he asked, “Inside you where? In your pussy? Your hot little mouth? How about in your sweet little rosebud ass?”

My eyes flew open wide. I stared at his face as he bound my wrist, leaving me completely spread-eagle on the big bed. Was he serious? That was a whole different fantasy.

But what came out of my mouth was, “All of them, Jack.”

“Oh sweetheart, I can’t wait.”

I’d never known werewolves could purr, but I swear that’s what his voice sounded like—a deep bass with a quaver that was all about anticipation and approval, more enticing even than his touch.

He opened the nightstand drawer again, and this time he drew out a square silk scarf, which he folded diagonally into a blindfold. “I think this will make things even more fun,” he said with a wink. “You okay with it?”

The idea was a little scary, but my body responded with a fresh rush of cream and even tighter nipples. I’d already let him tie me up, so the blindfold wasn’t much more of a stretch. “Yes, Jack. I’d like that.”

He knelt beside me on the bed and kissed me. The kiss was a slow, sweet seduction that left me squirming just a little against the bonds.

“Okay, Ari. I’m going to put the blindfold on then activate the spell to reinforce the restraints. The release word is ‘England’. Any time you get too uncomfortable, just say that word and you’ll be able to break the ties.”

I giggled. “England? As in, ‘Lie still and think of…’?”

“Yeah.” He chuckled as he fitted the silk over my eyes with a gentle touch. “The witch who made these for me has a twisted sense of humor.”

That little bit of humor relaxed me completely. “I won’t forget it, but I won’t need to use it. I’m all yours, Jack. I trust you.”

“Ahh, sweetness. I promise not to do anything you don’t like. Now…Christmas Present.”

I felt the bonds tighten just a little even as I giggled at the activation code. His witch friend did indeed have a twisted streak.

Jack laid one hand on my stomach and I heard him fumble in the drawer again. Vampires have very sensitive hearing but mine seemed to be even keener than usual without the use of my eyes. I couldn’t hear what he withdrew from the drawer, and I caught my breath as I waited for his next move.

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