The touch that came was so soft and light that I gasped in surprise at the faint flicker of sensation on my pebbled nipple. At first I thought it was just his breath, but it wasn’t warm—not cold either. Finally it dawned on me that he was tickling me with a feather.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked as he switched to my other breast.


He stopped tickling and tapped me on the sternum with one finger. “Is that how you’re supposed to answer?” His words were stern but there was still a teasing softness in his tone that kept me from feeling chastised. This was my fantasy—he was just playing into it.

Obediently I answered, “Yes, Jack.”

“Good girl.” He trailed the feather down between my breasts to dust my bellybutton, making me giggle.

I could feel him beside me, his weight denting the bed at my hip. I sensed him doing something with his other hand then there was a soft humming sound, and the feather grazing the creases of my hip was replaced with something else—a soft, maybe rubber or latex, vibrator, running up the inside of my thigh.

Oooh, was he going to use that on me? In me? I’d never had someone else do that to me before. Tonight was a night of firsts. I held my breath as the vibrator moved up to graze the wet, puffy lips of my pussy.

“So pretty,” he murmured. “All shiny and wet. Pink and plump, and all for me.”

With each word he moved the vibrator along my slit. It was a tiny one, I thought, maybe just as big as my thumb. When he began to ease it into my cunt, I felt his fingers at the base. He pushed it up inside then moved his fingers back out to play with my clit.

“Does that feel good?” It did. The stimulation was intense, but it was vibrating my whole pussy, not hitting my G-spot or my clit, so the sensation was general, revving me up but in no danger of getting me off. His fingers gently rubbing my clit were rapidly pushing me toward climax. At first the massage was slow and soft, but he added speed and pressure, and soon I was whimpering as my womb tightened. The vibrator must have had some kind of remote because it picked up speed as well, making my whole lower body quiver.

“You didn’t answer,” he teased. To my immense relief, he didn’t stop moving his fingers. “Nod if you like what I’m doing to you.”

I bobbed my head frantically. Of course I liked it. I tried to speak, managed to gasp. “Yes. Jack. Like. Very. Much.”

“Good, sweet Ari.”

Suddenly, his lips grazed my nipple. I shrieked, bucking against my bonds. The movement moved the vibrator just a little deeper into my pussy, and Jack sucked my nipple into his mouth with a firm, steady pull.

This time I flat-out screamed as I fractured. Even without biting and tasting his blood. I think it was his name I called, but the orgasm went on for several seconds, fueled by the continuous motion of the vibrator, his hand and his mouth. I pulled hard against the restraints, trying to wrap my arms or legs around Jack, but the silk didn’t give, forcing me to stay spread-eagle beneath him.

When I started to come down, he pressed hard on my clit and nipped the tip of my breast with his teeth. I came all over again, convulsing so hard the vibrator was pushed out into his hand and I heard the wooden bedframe creaking from the force of me tugging on the ties that held me in place. Jack eased up, stroking my wet curls softly and kissing the swollen nub he’d been sucking until I relaxed again, this time collapsing limply against my restraints.

“Beautiful,” he whispered again, coming up to lie alongside me and kiss my mouth. “Watching you come is about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” His kiss was deep and I drank in the taste of him hungrily, my tongue dueling with his. He switched the vibrator off and put it aside then moved above me, all without taking his lips from mine. I expected him to take me then while I was still soft and pulsing from my climax, but Jack was just full of surprises. When the kiss finally ended, he rolled to the side and pulled something else from the drawer.

“What…” I started to ask then stopped myself, remembering I wasn’t supposed to speak unless he asked me a question.

Jack ignored my infraction, moving to sit or kneel between my legs. I had no idea what he was doing but I heard a wet squirt. Lube? I was so wet, I couldn’t imagine that he’d need it. I lay there quivering, waiting to see—or rather feel—what he was up to next.

I didn’t expect the next touch to be on my foot. His hands, warm and slick with some kind of oil, massaged the top and bottom of my immobile left foot before moving on to the right. It was such an unexpected kind of pleasure in the middle of an erotic episode that I giggled out loud.

“Ticklish?” He switched to a firmer touch, less likely to make me laugh.

“Not really. Just—surprised.”

“That’s the whole point now, isn’t it? You have very cute little feet, you know.” He moved his hands up to lift my calf an inch or so off the mattress so he could knead that too. Every time he added more oil to his hands, he warmed it before touching it to another part of my skin as he slowly worked his way up my body. After rubbing the muscles of my hips, he eased his fingertips under my cheeks to squeeze those muscles in his big, powerful hands. He skipped my mound and pussy, to my dismay, moving straight to my belly. A few hours ago I’d have been self-conscious about having him pay attention to my fluffy abdomen, but his touch had completely robbed me of any self-consciousness. I didn’t even freak out when he paused to drop a line of kisses on the soft flesh below my waist.

“Perfect,” he murmured before filling his hands with more oil and moving up to my breasts.

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