I think that was the moment I realized I was in love with him. Oh, not the forever kind—I was a long way from that. But he was so kind, so giving, I couldn’t help losing a little piece of my heart right then and there. The big, tough biker werewolf was such a sweetheart in bed that tears stung my eyelids behind the blindfold. Even if I never saw Jackson again after this night, he’d have left a mark on my heart for all eternity.

He didn’t linger on my breasts, which was a disappointment. He moved on to my shoulders and arms, even though he couldn’t do much of a muscle rub with me lying on my back. It was nice, this soft, slow seduction as a change from the intensity and urgency of the passion so far. I swear my bones melted as he rubbed my fingers and hands, easing aches I hadn’t known I had. When he finished with those, he dropped a kiss into my palm and climbed over my body to reach my other hand, giving it the same loving treatment. Finally he cupped my head in his hands—without oil this time—and massaged my scalp with the pads of his fingers. When he was done, I lay limp, barely noticing my bonds. All my attention was focused on knowing exactly where his body was in relation to mine. I could smell him, feel the heat radiating from his body. Contrary to popular belief, vampires do have body heat. But I’d never been a very warm-blooded individual, even before my turning, and being next to Jack was like curling up with a nice warm blanket—only sexier.

“Still with me?”

“God yes.” As if there were anywhere else in the world I wanted to be.

“Not a god, just Jack,” he teased. Then he shifted beside me and I felt him cup each of my breasts in one of his hands. I knew the pale flesh would be overflowing against his darker skin, but for once I didn’t care. Jack was touching me with a reverence that said he genuinely liked my body, and that’s all that mattered. If he was just being kind, I didn’t want to know about it.

Arousal started to climb again as he kneaded my breasts, stroking the nipples softly with his thumbs. The oil he’d used hadn’t left a greasy feel to my skin, but it did make each touch even silkier.

“You have the softest skin,” he said when my hips started to buck as his touch grew firmer on my breasts. “It’s so creamy and beautiful. And I love how you respond to my touch. I’ll bet you could come just from this.”

“I don’t…know.” Despite all the attention they’d received tonight, my nipples were still hard as diamonds, wanting more. I’d never thought of myself as a particularly sensual being, but Jack was rapidly proving that I was—at least with him.

“One of these times, we’ll have to try.” His whisper was a sultry promise, and he sealed it by licking one furled bud and blowing a warm breath across the damp skin. “But not just now. I’ve waited long enough to fuck you, don’t you think?” One hand slid down to my pussy to test my wetness. I could hear the moisture as he slid his fingers between my lips.

“Yes!” The shriek should have been embarrassing, but I was long past caring. I felt Jack move aside, heard foil rip, and then seconds later he was back, kneeling between my splayed thighs. I struggled to wrap my arms and legs around him, but the bonds were still firm, holding me in place. The inability to move continued to amplify my arousal. I’d never been so turned-on in my life.

Instead of coming down on top of me, he slid his hands back under my ass and lifted it a couple of inches off the bed. With the restraints, the position bowed my spine but not uncomfortably. I held my breath as he slid into my depths, one slow inch at a time. My tissues were swollen enough that it felt tighter this time, and he filled me completely. It seemed as though he filled my entire body, not just my pussy, his presence seeming to infuse me from fingers to toes.

He withdrew until just the tip was still inside my core then, keeping the same leisurely pace, pushed back in until he was fully seated. I could feel his plump balls pressed against my butt. He kept up that slow, steady insertion and withdrawal motion for several minutes. The only sign of his own increasing arousal was the tight clench of his fingertips on my buttocks. The bruises would only last a few minutes, but I was thrilled to know he was so into me he’d forgotten to check his strength.

I gripped his penis with my inner walls, clutching my muscles as he withdrew to increase the sensation for him. A groan escaped his throat, so I knew he liked it. His hips started to move faster as he stroked in and out, and mine bucked to meet every thrust. My breathing started to falter. I gasped in a breath each time he withdrew and expelled it on a whimper every time he filled me. My hands tightened into fists around the ties that held my wrists and I pulled against them, using that force to heighten the experience.

Jack grunted too as he pistoned into me. Resting my butt on his thighs, he brought one hand around and scissored my clit between two fingers even as he rubbed my lips with his thumb, silently offering me his blood.

“Jack!” Another high-pitched shriek erupted from me as my pussy twitched around his cock. I bit down on his thumb with one fang and my world just exploded at the hot, sweet taste of his blood filling my mouth while his body filled mine.

Jack rammed himself home one last time then bellowed my name too. The head of his cock swelled again and he stayed deep, buried to the hilt while my spasms milked every last spurt. I could feel the fluid filling the tip of the condom, and the sensation was so sexy I came again, a slower ripple this time but one so sweet that tears dampened the silk of my blindfold.

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