Still swollen inside me, Jack came down on top of my body, pressing me into the mattress. His weight felt good, warm and solid. He cupped my head in his hands and untied the blindfold as he kissed me.

“Tears?” he asked as he wiped them away with the silk. “What’s wrong?”

“Not a damn thing,” I said in a shaky voice, gazing up into his eyes. “Happy tears. Goofy but true.”

“If you say so.” Propped up on his elbows to keep from crushing me, he kissed each of my eyelids then muttered, “England.” Without moving too much, he managed to untie my wrists. He kissed each one, chafing it between his hands. “Sorry I can’t reach your feet. Break ’em if they’re too uncomfortable.”

“I’m all right.” It was true. If there was even the slightest chance that I’d have the chance to play with Jack and his toys again, it was worth a few minutes of discomfort to preserve them for another day. I was feeling tingly and sore and I actually regretted that my vampire physiology would have healed all traces of it in just a little while. I wanted the reminder of this time with Jack. Not that I could ever forget it.

Just a few minutes later I yawned. It would be so easy to just curl up and go to sleep, but of course I couldn’t risk it.

Jack sighed and moved to untie my feet. “Time to get all good little vampires home before we both fall asleep. Unless you want to stay here all day? My truck windows aren’t UV protected.”

God, it was tempting. But his bedroom had big, broad windows covered only by very thin curtains. I’d be fried to a crisp—well, not literally. That was a popular misconception. But I would sunburn badly and the little microbes in my bloodstream release a toxin when they’re exposed to too much UV. All in all, I’d be pretty damn sick. Reluctantly I stirred from his arms.

Before I could get out of bed, he pounced, waking me fully with a very thorough kiss. Just as I was really getting into it, though, he clambered out of bed and pulled me with him toward the bathroom. “Come on, sleepyhead. Let’s get you cleaned up a bit.”

He sat me down on the edge of the big marble tub and started the water. Then while it was filling, he rooted in a drawer, finally coming up with a brush and a ponytail holder.

“No hairpins, I’m afraid, but this should work.” He sat behind me on the side of the tub and began to gently smooth out my long, straight hair. It is baby-fine so it tangles easily, and after all of our antics this evening, it was now a knotted-up mess. Jack didn’t complain at all, just let me lean on him while he patiently worked out every snarl without causing me a bit of pain. When he was done, he gathered it into a ponytail on the top of my head then caught the end into the elastic as well, so it looped back on itself and wouldn’t drag in the water. The thoughtfulness of this guy was just un-freaking-believable.

I let one hand trail into the water. The temperature was perfect—warm without being scalding. As soon as it was up to the top of the jets, Jack turned off the water and on the jets then handed me down into the water. With a peck on the top of my head, he stepped back and sat down on the vanity bench, which he’d covered with a towel.

“Aren’t you joining me?” The tub was plenty big enough for two. I leaned back, letting the jets soothe my overused muscles. They didn’t actually hurt anymore, but they still felt well-used.

He shook his head with a wry grin. “Not if you want to be home by daylight. We’ll file that fantasy away for next time.”

“Is there—” I stared down at my lap under the churning water, swallowed hard, gathered up my courage and forced myself to continue. “Is there going to be a next time?”

The silence in the room was only broken by the sound of the jets in the tub. I grabbed a bar of soap and quickly washed, anxious now to get home. As I started to stand, Jack was suddenly there beside the tub, holding an oversized towel wide for me to step into. He wrapped it around me, shut off the tub and guided me over to the seat, pushing me down. Then he knelt before me, still gloriously naked, and took my chin in his hand so I was forced to look up at him.

“Ari, what did you think this was? A one-night stand?”

I shrugged. Of course I had.

Jack’s black eyebrows scrunched together and his generous lips flattened into a thin line. “You did, didn’t you?”

My only response this time was a miserable nod.

“Shame on you.” He tapped my nose with one finger. “Didn’t what happened tonight mean anything to you?”

I’m sure my eyes widened to the size of saucers. I licked at my dry lips and whispered, “Yes.”

“Whew!” His shoulders slumped just a little as the tension left his body. “Honey, do you think magic like we just made comes along every day?”

“Not for me.”

“Not for anyone.” His hands burrowed beneath the towel I was clutching like a lifeline and found mine. He brought them to his lips and kissed my knuckles. “I don’t know what we have here, but I know it’s something special. Wouldn’t you like to see where it goes?”

I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. I couldn’t get any air past it to speak, but I nodded, feeling my eyes well up with tears—again. When had I turned into such a crybaby? I thought this was the first time I’d wept since Frederic dumped me.

“Okay. Then let’s get you dressed and home, all right?”

I managed a shaky laugh. “Right.”

While I dried myself, he left the bathroom and I heard footsteps on the stairs. When I came back into the bedroom, he’d returned, carrying our clothes from the living room. “Thought these might come in handy.”

We both dressed and then he was there, holding my hand as he escorted me back to his truck. “So I don’t usually go into the bar on Sundays,” he said. He handed me up into the cab then loped around and got in the driver’s side. “How about I pick you up at dusk and see if I can make any more fantasies come true?”

Tonight was Friday—Saturday morning now—so that was only two days away. My tender pussy tightened with anticipation. “How will you know what my fantasies are?” I didn’t care of course. Just being with him was fantasy enough.

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetheart,” he growled sexily. “I’ll bet I can figure some out.”

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