As I placed the flowers into the vase, I didn’t even realize I was counting them in my head until I reached thirteen. I picked up the last one only to have Jack pluck it from my fingers. “I have another plan for this one.”


I watched as he carefully snapped off the thorns and leaves. Then he reached past me for my scissors and trimmed the stem to about three inches long.

“Come here.” He crooked his finger, beckoning me out from around the counter. Unable to resist, I walked around to stand in front of him. When he twirled his finger, I obediently turned around to give him my back. It was strange how different this felt than the obedience Frederic had demanded. Maybe because I knew with Jack it was all voluntary, maybe just because I already trusted him enough to know he’d never make me do anything against my will. Whatever the cause, I felt a tremor of arousal as I turned my back to him, wondering what he had up his sleeve.

“Tempting,” he murmured, leaning his head down to nuzzle the side of my neck, exposed by my upswept hair. “Do you know how tempted I am to forget about reservations and simply pick you up and take you here and now? But somehow I don’t think being fucked on your kitchen counter is one of your fantasies.”

He lifted his lips from my neck and I almost wept. I had to squeeze my knees together so they wouldn’t give out, but the new Ariana was determined to be honest and ask for what she wanted. “No. But being fucked on my dining room table is.”

“Ari!” His groan filled the small room. I could see him turn to look at the glossy cherry table not three feet from his hip. It was big enough to seat eight and made from very sturdy wood. “Don’t say things like that if you want to leave your house tonight.” With shaking fingers, he tucked the rose into the bun in my hair.

“We don’t have to go anywhere, Jack.” I turned to face him.

He cupped my cheeks in his hands. “But you look so beautiful. I want to take you out and show the world what a lucky man I am to have you tonight.”

He was so sweet, so earnest, that I nodded. “Okay. But you said we don’t have to be there until nine, right? How about a little…appetizer to take the edge off?” My hands dropped to his belt and began unfastening the buckle.

“Are you sure?” I could feel the ridge of his erection poking against the wool of his trousers. His obvious interest only fueled my desire to pleasure him.

“Oh yes.” I unzipped his pants and pushed him back until he was leaning against the island. Then I hooked my ankle around the rungs of one of my Windsor chairs and pulled it over so I could sit. The position, combined with our height differential, put me at just the perfect level. I carefully peeled his silk boxers down along with his pants, freeing that magnificent cock. It was never all going to fit in my mouth, but I was sure it was going to be fun to try.

I took hold of his shaft with both hands. Neither could quite close around his girth, and even together they didn’t fill the length. Granted, I have small hands, but he was still impressive. I licked my lips as I stared at him, wondering where I was going to start. He thickened even further under my grip and a bead of pearly white fluid leaked out of the slit atop the dark, bulbous tip. There. I darted my tongue out and licked up that droplet, reveling in the salty, slightly bitter taste. Yes, I had done this before, but there had never been any pleasure in it for me, it was all just mechanical. This time I was enjoying myself, and I damn sure wanted Jack to as well.

“Suck me, sweetness,” he murmured as my tongue swiped a circle around the underside of the head. I kept my grip on his cock with one fist while the other hand weighed and fondled his heavy testicles, rough with short, coarse fur, and taut with his arousal. My own nipples poked at the lace of my bra, and I could smell the wetness of my pussy, even over the raw male scent of Jack that I got from having my face so close to his groin. The combination turned me on even more. Greedily, I kissed a line up the thick ridge that ran from the base of his shaft to the tip then opened my mouth and slurped the whole head inside.

“Ari!” He gripped the back of my neck with his hand. “Yes, honey, suck my cock just like that.” I’d started a slow suction with my mouth while my hand stroked up and down his erection. The fingers of my other hand gently stroked his balls in the same rhythm. Jack’s hips jerked with each stroke, gently fucking my mouth while my own hips moved in time on the chair as well.

“So good, so hot,” he muttered a few moments later. By this time his breathing was harsh, choppy, and he’d removed his hand from my neck to grip the granite countertop until his knuckles were white. “Gonna…come…soon…sweetheart. Gotta pull…out…before…I…swell.” He fumbled for the dishtowel a few feet away from him on the counter.

I hadn’t forgotten about his cock swelling during orgasm. In fact, I was thrilled to be one of the few women to have that effect on him. As his cock twitched with his impending release, I didn’t let go. I wanted this too much for that. What I did do was move my mouth to cover just the slit while I covered the rest of him with the hand that had been on his balls. I sucked hard on the slit and tightened the grip of both my hands.

“Ari!” With one last thrust of his hips, Jack came. Hot semen exploded into my mouth, thick spurts that hit the back of my throat with every gush. I kept up the pressure of my hands and the suction, swallowing several times until I’d swallowed every drop, reveling in the salty, earthy flavor of him.

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