I’d never spent the whole night in bed with someone before—Frederic had made me come to him, or he’d come to me, but he’d never spent the night nor allowed me to stay in his room. That would have implied an intimacy he would never have permitted. When I woke Monday morning with Jack’s warm body pressed against my back, I thought at first I was still asleep and dreaming. His arm was anchored around my waist, holding me tight to his chest, and I could feel little prickles on my back and thighs from his chest and leg hair. That, I think, was the detail that finally convinced me I wasn’t dreaming. Then I heard a sound like a grumpy bear and had to stifle a giggle. My werewolf lover snored.

Well, it was nice to know he had some flaws. Once I got used to them, his snores were kind of endearing. I fluffed my pillow, wiggled my butt into a more comfortable position against his groin and went back to sleep.

The next time I woke, it was to find myself flat on my back with Jack above me, raining kisses on my stomach and hips.

“Good morning, sunshine.” He seemed to notice the instant my eyes fluttered open.

“Good morning.” I took stock of my surroundings and smiled up at him. “Or, more accurately, good afternoon.”

“Picky, picky,” he taunted, tickling the inside of my thigh. “Why? Do you have anywhere you have to be?”

“Just my computer. What about you?”

“Staff meeting at the bar this evening. Nothing until then.” He started dropping little sucking kisses on the inside of my knee, slowly working his way up.

“In that case,” I replied, leaning my head back on the pillow, “it’s a very good morning indeed.”

With slow deliberation he nibbled and plucked at the tender skin of my inner thighs then around the edges of my mound before finally flicking his tongue along my lips. Just as I settled back to enjoy, he surprised me.

“Roll over,” he murmured. “I haven’t spent nearly enough time enjoying your gorgeous backside.”

Right. Like my oversized ass was anywhere near gorgeous. But if Jack wanted to think so, I certainly wasn’t going to argue with him.

“Such soft, silky skin,” he said as he ran a row of kisses up my spine. One hand kneaded one of my cheeks while he used the other to prop himself up. He nibbled the back of my neck then nipped down on the tendon between neck and shoulder.

“Jack!” I remembered him biting me there the first time we’d made love. It was a very…possessive…action, and that idea turned me on even more than his touch. I lifted up on my knees, silently urging him to take me from behind.

“Mmm, what an inviting target.” He moved behind me to take my ass in his hands. He surprised me by kissing my plump cheeks, nibbling and sucking hard enough to bring up hickeys. Once again I was sorry that they’d fade so quickly. I’d enjoy wearing his marks while they lasted.

When his tongue swirled around my anus, I jumped.

“You don’t like that?”

“No, it’s not that. I just…wasn’t expecting it.”

“It’s part of your body, Ari. One with lots of lovely nerve endings. I don’t find anything dirty or unpleasant about it. But if you don’t want me to play with it, I won’t.”

His middle finger rubbed along my labia, easing into my wet slit. I wiggled my butt at the pleasure then wiggled it more as Jack laid his thumb against my sphincter. Yeah, there really were nerve endings there. The pressure felt better than I’d ever thought it would.

“That first night,” I said tentatively. “You mentioned… You said you’d like…”

“To fuck you there?” He increased the pressure of both thumb and finger just a touch then nuzzled the base of my spine. “I’d love to. I want to feel you everywhere, sweetheart, possess you in every way a male can possess a female. But it’s up to you.”

“I think…I think I’d like that.” I couldn’t believe I’d just said it, but once I did, I felt liberated. Of course I’d wondered what it was like. What woman hadn’t?

“Stay right there.” Jack leaned over the edge of the bed and I heard him rustling around in his duffle bag. He’d pulled a whole box of condoms out of that bag the night before, plus a brand-new pink vibrator that he’d given me as a present. I wasn’t too surprised to see him toss a tube of lubricant onto the bed. My head was turned to the side he was sitting on, so of course I watched as he rolled on a condom and picked up the lube.

“Okay, now first, I want to make sure you’re nice and relaxed.” He knelt beside me and began to stroke my pussy with one hand. “I want you to come for me, Ari. Come all over my hand.” He slid his other wrist over to my mouth, offering me his blood while his fingers went right to work on my swollen clit. Jack already knew exactly how to make me come.

“That’s it, just a little more,” he coaxed as the tightness coiled in my womb. “Bite me, sweetness.”

I bit down on his wrist and sucked a few drops of blood. Jack groaned in pleasure and pinched my clit, sending me over. While I was still pulsing, he nudged my mouth away from his wrist and moved to kneel behind me, between my feet. I heard the squirt of the lube, and then Jack’s hand was back on my pussy while the other hand rubbed the slick gel into my puckered asshole. He stretched the tender opening with one finger then two, pushing more of the lube in each time. Finally he added a third finger and held his fingers still, preparing me for an even greater stretch.

“Okay so far?” His voice had that deep vibrato it got whenever he was really aroused.

“Mmm. Perfect.” I pushed out against his fingers as he pushed them in more. I’d read about that trick and was glad to know it really worked. The sensation of being penetrated in my rear was a powerful one, and it wasn’t long before I began to pulse my hips, wanting him to move.

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