“You ready for more?”

I knew if I said no he’d stop. That knowledge was so sweet, so liberating that I couldn’t wait to move forward. “Fuck me there, Jack. Fill my ass with your cock.”

“Jesus!” He pulled his fingers out so quickly it almost stung then I heard the lube again and the slick sound of him slathering the gel on his sheathed cock. Moments later he was back, the blunt tip of his thick member nudging my rosebud sphincter. Very slowly he pushed inside as I pushed back against him. “God, this is tight. Feels. So. Fucking. Good.”

It stung, especially at first, but once the flare of the crown passed the entrance, it wasn’t so bad. Then all I felt was the slow, smooth glide as he invaded me fully, until his hips were touching mine and his heavy balls pressed against my pussy.

He held perfectly still, letting us both get accustomed to the sensation.

“Move,” I whispered finally.

He did. With exquisite care he pulled back until just the head of his penis was inside then just as cautiously pushed back in. Somehow he managed to get one hand beneath me, to cup my mound. One finger rubbed against my clit with every stroke of his long, hard cock inside my ass.

It was different but intense, and incredibly intimate. It didn’t take long before I was bucking my hips to meet each thrust and whimpering every time he pulled back. He seemed to know exactly how much pressure to bring into play on my clit as well, keeping me right on the edge without pushing me over before he was ready. The pleasure just kept going and going and going…

Until finally he slammed himself deep and pressed down on my clit. I felt his orgasm pulse through his cock, felt the tip of the condom filling with his seed, and I fell over as well. White-hot sparks radiated from my spine all the way through my body until even my scalp tingled along with the soles of my feet. I slumped forward, fighting for breath as the spasms rippled through me, over and over again.

Gently, Jack eased us back onto our sides, dropping kisses on my neck and shoulder, his arm snug around my waist.

“Thank you. That was—amazing.”

“Mmm.” I tipped my head so he could keep up the assault on my neck. “Thank you. It was my fantasy, remember?”

“Yeah. Don’t kid yourself. That was every guy’s fantasy too. A hot woman who lets you do anything you want to her? Trust me, I’m not all that unselfish. I’m enjoying every second.”

We lay there drowsing until he was able to pull out then we walked hand in hand to the bathroom to clean up. I’d have thought I was completely wiped out, but the experience of showering with Jack proved otherwise. We didn’t get clean until the water ran cold.

“Can I see you again tomorrow?” he asked as I walked him to the door the next morning. “I’m busy at work tonight, but I can leave the assistant manager in charge tomorrow night.” He stood there, looking so sexy with his damp dark hair, his tight faded jeans and his soft gray sweatshirt.

As if I were going to say no? “If you want.”

He leaned down and kissed me. “I haven’t gotten nearly enough of you yet, Ariana. How about tomorrow we do something mundane and go to a movie?”

I giggled. “Do you think we’ll actually watch the show?” I couldn’t believe how bold I’d gotten in his company.

Jack threw his head back and laughed. “Probably not, but it will be fun to find out.” Then he kissed me hard and walked out my door, swaggering every step of the way.

He was right. We didn’t watch much of the movie. Honestly, I can’t even remember what we saw. We sat in the back row and kissed and petted and generally acted like teenagers. Then we went back to my house and made love in earnest.

Wednesday night we went to Jack’s. He picked me up and took me to his bar. Watching him at work was a real treat. I met one of his sisters, a cousin and several friends, and was stunned and delighted when Jack showed no embarrassment or hesitation about introducing me to them. Dara, his youngest sister, sat with me in Jack’s roped-off booth. We were sharing a pizza and had chatted for an hour or so, mostly about books, but she shared several stories of Jack as a child. The obvious affection between Jack and his family touched something deep in my heart even while I couldn’t help envying it.

“Are you going to be at Jack’s for the family dinner tomorrow night?” she asked. After giggling together at the silliness of the college girls on the dance floor, I’d gotten over being intimidated by the tall, leggy brunette. I knew she worked as a computer analyst and had just ended a relationship with a human.

“No,” I answered. “I don’t think we’re at the meet-the-family stage…”

“Yes,” Jack interrupted, sliding in beside me. “If you want to, that is. I intended to ask you later.” He reached out to flick his sister on the tip of her nose.

“Oh.” I had no idea how to respond to that. Why did he want me to meet his family? Why did he want them to meet me? What would they think about their son dating a vampire? I hadn’t spent enough time around lycanthropes to be sure whether or not they had issues with mixed-species relationships.

My panic must have shown on my face. Dara reached across the table and took my hand. “Cool. You’ll like the folks. And don’t worry, they’re not racists. Jack hasn’t brought a girl home to meet them in—forever. They’ll be thrilled.”

So that was that. I nodded and smiled and continued to wonder if I’d fallen down the rabbit hole.

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