Kate looked down at the floor while Aaron exits out of her home. He looked very sad and broken. He held his hands close to his eyes and cried low. While Kate was on the floor and crying all her day.
Some unforgettable as well as misunderstanding love....
You left me Aaron...you....
She has been broken down in a thousand pieces and now she's broken down to a million ones.
Aaron got in his car and started it and accelerated while he plays the music, "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion on the radio...
A heavy torrent took the rest of the role. Everything is getting sad, sad and sad.
In Kate's home
I...I shouldn't be crying! Instead... I..I should be...
No. She can't stop crying. She's breaking down every second into million fractions.
She looked out of the window. Its a heavy downpour this day. It was so unusual. Very unusual. As long as things that happened is...everything will become unusual.
It has rained. Everything is getting wet...everything that were once kept dry and flaky...
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