Kate explained her plans while Elisa listened to it calm and neat..
So, what do you say?
All done!
Thanks Elise! I owe you!
Kate hung up the call and parked her car in the parking lot where she saw Amy getting off her car. She seemed to be in a hurry. Kate strolled in before Amy and talked with Elisa's friend who had contacted her about the matter after Elisa convinced her friend.
Thank you sir!
While Amy rushed inside and was checking for Kate. Elisa's friend immediately waved at her and introduced himself as the person who contacted her through the phone.
Oh. So it was you!
He asked for a few details and sent her out after a little bit paper filling
Now I got all information about you Amy!
Kate thought to herself.
Amy got out and lodged herself comfortably in her grand sedan and drove with less haste than she rushed into the same lot!
Who ever you are and were, I don't care but when it comes to me and cheating on my friend I won't bother to ignore...
Her face became stiff
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