At Kate's home.
Huh...finally back home...why do I feel so weary than usual?
Kate yawned and fell on the bed.
Belle has grown up beautiful and mature..hah...and its mind blowing that she's still available. Men would throw themselves at her...!
Kate laughed at that for a while.
Then she got up from the bed after a wee rest.
Maybe I should help myself with a hot chocolate.
Kate went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of hot chocolate. While she was about to take a sip, someone knocked at the door outside.
Who is this at my door in the middle of the night?
Kate put back the cup on the counter top and went towards the door.
The knocking was continuous. Maybe some urgent person? But will someone would want to see her at night so late? A robber or some smuggler. She doesn't know. However she edged near the door and brought her ear close to the door to check if it's just a person or a group.
Kate opened the door.
Sorry for the late night trouble...haha
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