Morning at Belle's home
Good morning Belle....
She yawned.
She looked at her phone beside and grabbed it and checked out instagram (as usual)
Hmm... Charlie's looking super hot today... oh that moody Marie got another boyfriend?!, God she must be so lucky in romance... Oh my God, Lee bought a new car... wow!
She gasped at the screen almost for an hour. Then she got off the bed and went to the bathroom, looked at herself in the mirror....
She bellowed so hard that she almost felt her vocal cords bleed.
No Belle... not him. Was I drunk last night or was that just a dream...?
She hastened towards her bedroom and checked her phone. There it was! The name Travis on top of all her recent call list. She clapped her hands to her mouth while her phone took it's free fall.
Oh my God.....! I should be mad, I should be mad, I should be mad....
She went on chanting until she felt really insane.
And another call from her broken phone. She quickly took it and saw the name TRAVIS on it!
I'm not gonna take that!!!
The phone was still ringing.
Or maybe I should?
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