I mean... we shouldn't act like just a boss and his staff should we Kate...?
His breath became husky and really soft. While Kate was stammering.
Shawn leaned over to her and their bodies touched. Kate flinched at that very moment but Shawn didn't gave in. He tilted his face and moved closer.
Kate knows what he was expecting but that was really not part of her plan..
Sh-shawn... I got-
He grabbed her waist and leaned on. His mouth met hers and he slowly took the rest.
While Kate just kissed back without any second thought 'cause she knows that she must lend a bit of sacrifices for a successful plan.
Kate raised her hands and brought him close to her by pulling his neck close to her.
The passionate kiss lasted over a minute.
Shawn gazed at her..
Shawn I gotta--
There's something else I've got for you..
He turned towards his desk and told something in his hand and turned towards her.
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