Xiao Nai is the eldest son in Xiao's family. He is very found of car and bike racing. He is very intelligent and clever person. He has very agressive behaviour.
Mr. Xiao is old man and Nai's Father he want him to be responsible and reliable person. He is suffering from heart disease.
Mrs Xiao is Nai's mother and she wants a rich daughter in law for his Nai. She love power and money
Xiao Wei is Nai's younger sister, she is disable. she can't walk by birth. she is very intelligent and friendly nature girl.
Su Juan is Nai's childhood friend. and her all secret and tention keeper
Hai and Heng are servents of the house
Ms melike is head of the servents
Mo Yu Huan is only child in her family she used to live in a village and she is very kind hearted , loveing and helpful person
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