Michiko's p.o.v

The ringing of my alarm wake me up. I stretched my arms and looked beside me and greeted by the handsome yet cute sleeping figure of my husband. I smiled to myself and kissed his forehead, my husband and The love of my life.

I walked downstairs and greeted by Sanyu. She is 40 years old woman who is working in our house and she constantly reminds me of my mom all the times i see her. "good morning Sanyu" i hugged her and she hugged me back smiling "good morning sweetie " She greeted me while kissing my forehead. The relationship i had with her is far more than a relationship called worker and the mistress. She is like my mom and she acted like my mom too so we are more like a daughter and a mom.

i lost my mom when i was 12 years old that's when i started to live with my father. At first i hate my father cause he cheated on my mom before i born. Before i born my father had two children with that women. when i was 9 my mom found out about my father's other family and she left him but my father kept begging my mother to comeback but she refused.

When i was 12 years old she died because of an accident. After that i lived with my dad and i saw how he is suffering with the lost of my mom and i felt sympathy towards him. Few moths after my mom's funeral he married the other women for the sake of me and her children's future. At first my sister Misa and my brother Ichiro didn't get along with me but after a month or so my brother started to get along with me and love me as a brother but my sister and my step mother Morika still not get along with me a lot but they are fine.

"Claire i'm going to the grocery shopping dear " Sanyu smiled as she get her the list of the stuff we want. "ok Sanyu , Be careful" i smiled as she exit the house. I finished making breakfast and decorated his plate full with food and places it on the table smiling to myself. I never get tired of making him breakfast.

I quickly made a orange juice and placed it near his plate and that's when i heard his deep and sexy voice . I turned around and greeted him happily "Good Morning baby" i smiled at him. "morning"he said without any emotion and sat beside the table. "is it good?" i asked as i noticed that he is eating. he just nod his head and continued eating and i continued watching him.

He looks very handsome in his clothes. His sharp jaw line, his tall masculine figure and his pointed nose all those features screamed how handsome he is actually He is real greek god. even if our marriage is an arranged one i fell in love with him. it's almost 1 year. i still felt like i married him yesterday.

After he finished eating he stood up and grabbed his car keys. he walked towards the door with me following him. "i'm going to work late today so you don't need to wait for me. " he said and turned around but i stopped him "wait " i walked towards him and placed a kiss on his forehead . "have a nice day " i said as i smiled at him warmly. he just nod his head and went to his office leaving me home, alone.

While i was in the garden playing with my dog max actually he still a puppy. i got a message from an unknown number.

unknown number

Hi don't ask me who i am but i want to tell you something cause i'm someone who respect you a lot. your husband is cheating on you. i'm not lying. i saw it with my own eyes.


don't lie. he loves me and i trust him so stop lying if you have an intention to break my marriage try hard lying wouldn't help.

I typed the message angrily and blocked that number. i reserved those types of messages from different numbers past few days. i guess someone wanted to break our marriage so i simply ignored those messages but somehow my heart kept telling me something is wrong so i decided to call my husband.

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