Chapter 5:

“I told you substitute the X first before solving everything.” Adrianna yelled at Adam, they are now studying for their statistic subject and since Adam is absent for 2 days she has to tutor him for everything they learn within those days.

Adam went to Copenhagen for a charity and he has been away for 2 days.

“fine, fine i’m sorry” he said, Adrianna just stare at Adam while he is busy solving math. She remember his confession 3 days ago. He said he’ll court her and when she heard it, she went blank and immediately give Adam a direct ‘No’. after that encounter they never talk about it again.

“done staring, Adrianna?” he said , Adrianna just immediately look away. “ what are you talking?” seeing Adrianna’s reaction Adam just let go a smile. Thinking that this girl is easy to tease.

“you know that i want to court you right” Adam just smile when Adrianna look at him as fast as flash when she heard what he said.

“what!? I never agreed.” She defensively said.

“we’ll the decision is not for you to decide, leave everything to me, i’ll make sure to make you fall in love with me.” Adrianna is out of word on what Adam said, why is he so bold and straightforward on his feelings.

“Adam, you are Prince, and a Prince is only for a Princess and I’ am no Princess, just an Heiress yes, but far away from Princess”

“come one Adrianna, we are not leaving in a fairytale, it’s 21st century now , we Princes can marry anyone we like , the problem is, it has to be approved by the higher ups first. But if i want to marry you, i’ll fight for you from the elders.” He explained.

“wait a minute, why did we get in to marriage? Adam i am not a Princess material so spare me with your statements. One more thing there are lots of Italian House Princess in our class, try pick one of them”

“i don’t like them, they are flirting with me already, they know i am a Crown Prince they only get close with me because of my title. Unlike you, you are not even surprise there is a Crown Prince in the school.”

“do i have to be surprised?” she said and Adam just let out a laugh.

“that is why i like you, you are different from them, you are not a damsel in distress, you are strong and independent.” Adrianna can feel her heart beats on everything Adam said to her. Damn it what is happening to her?

“i’ll take that as a compliment.”

“yeah and I hope you’ll take me seriously also.”

“stop that!” Adam just laugh seeing Adrianna blush. This girl is really different and Adam is very sure Adrianna is a great candidate for being his Crown Princess.

“WE are so Glad to have you here Mr. Martinez” said the Dean of University of Parma to Lucca who just completely become a new students in their university.

“no problem sir, glad to be here.” The dean just smile at him. While walking outside with his papers he accidentally bump someone.

“oh my, “ the girl said, Lucca just immediately pick the girl’s paper who scatters in the floor.

“i apologize...” Lucca cut his own words when he saw Helena in front of him



“What are you doing here? I thought you went to Harvard?” Helena said while taking the papers from him. “i never thought you’ll be here” she continued.

“we’ll things happened i just transferred here a minute ago.” He said, he could not just abruptly say, he transfer here because of Adrianna. That will be the end of his world specially that Helena is a friend of Adrianna now, he didn't know what happened but during their graduation in High School the two seems to be very close already.

“ i see, what is your Program?” Helena ask.

“Political science” while talking they decided to take a walk. He loo at Helena, he remembers he used to confess his fake feelings to Helena in order to make Adrianna Jealous but then nothing happened, Adrianna just started to avoid him.

“i see, you have the same program as Adrianna.” Of course he investigated her, and he also took all subjects that Adrianna took on the same program, so basically he got to see Adrianna every moment from now on.

“what? Really? What a pain ” Lucca has to cover his intention, Helena is a sharp one after all.

“hahaha, don’t tell me you still hate Adrianna? Come on Lucca, Adrianna is not that bad, she has kind side also.” Of course he knows it, he has been stalking Adrianna for ages now.

“stop being on her good side Helena, that girl is wicked, did you forget what she has been doing to you in High School?” Lucca knows Adrianna is a bully when they are on High School, and he always makes it the reason to talk to Adrianna and be close to her. by scolding her about Helena. and it was always a success since it seems that she always pissed off.

“hey she already change we are sisters now, and i’m telling you Adrianna is kind and down to earth kind of a person.”

“whatever floats on your boat Helena” he just said, he knows Adrianna more than anyone else, he know she is kind and a perfect girl.

“oh, there she is..” Lucca immediately look at where Helena is looking , thinking to see Adrianna. But.

“oh. Looks like Adam and she is studying. aren't they great together? they are so cute.” Helena said to him, if only helena was a guy he already punches her. how can she say they are great together infront of him?

He saw Adrianna having a quarrel and laughing to the very same guy he saw days ago. Just who the heck is he?

“who is he?”

“the guy with Adrianna? That is Prince Adam Nicholas Gonzaga Lancaster, a Prince of Denmark.” A prince huh, so what.

“I’ll go ahead.” He said. He can’t look at them any longer, he might do something he will regret afterwards.

“wait, aren’t you going to say Hi! To Adrianna, Lucca?”

“ we’ll be seeing each other every day from now on, maybe tomorrow” then Lucca leave the place with grudge in him.

“A Prince huh.”

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