Chapter 9:

Adrianna and Lucca is studying in the Garden near the Field where they can see some guy playing soccer.

“why don’t i see that Danish Prince this past few days? Did he decided to quit school? Thanks god.” Lucca said ,Adrianna just raised her eye brow, why does Lucca hate Adam so much. It’s like the two is about to kill once they saw each other.

“he has a name okay, it’s Adam and he don’t like being called Prince.” She explained. But then Lucca just gave her a sarcastic smirk.

“now you are protecting him?” Lucca commented like a jealous baby.

“of course he is my friend” Adam is her first friend here in school other than Helena. And they are pretty close too. So defending him from bad talk is a must.

“friend? I wonder if Adam feel the same way to you. Huh! That bastard.” Lucca said while sipping his juice.

“nope!, Adam likes me and he already confess to me.” She said while still writting on her notebook. While Lucca stops from sipping his juice and look at Adrianna with his eyes about to burst.

“What Did you say!! ?” Lucca slam the table, that cause Adrianna to startle.

“what’s your Problem, Lucca?”

“H-he confess to you?” Lucca shouted with an angry face. Damn it he knew it. He knew it. That Prince is hitting on Adrianna . but he did not thought that he already made his first move. That Adam!!

“so, what did you reply? Did you say yes?” he can’t believe how fast that guy move. And here he is, still saving his confidence to tell Adrianna his feelings, but that guy!! Damn it. Lucca wants to punch that guy immediately.

Is he that coward? Or Adam is just full of confidence?

“of course i said no! just like i said, i don’t want to be entangle in a royal drama. But then Adam is a persistent one, he is still courting me, even though i rejected him.” That shocks him. What should he do?

This can’t be, he is being overshadow by the Adam. He must do something.

“actually, we are going to Athens next day,”

“A-Athens? Why? What would you do there?” Lucca said nervously.

“we are going to attend a party.” Come to think of it, she still have to buy a white gown, maybe she should ask Helena later to go shopping.

“are you alone?” why does Lucca seems to be weird to day?

“yes, we are.”

“that bastard really!” she could not hear what exactly did Lucca said but she is sure he is bad mouthing Adam base on his expression, what a guy.

“what is it?” she ask.

“nothing. I have something to do, i have to go first.” He said and gather his things and stand up.


“Okay.” Then Lucca went away.

“what a weird guy.”

Adrianna is staring her reflection in the mirror while Helena is combing her hair.

“I’m sure Adam has a make-up artist there, so you don’t need to worry about your look, I’m sure you’ll be pretty in the gown we bought.

“Helena, that ball will be full of Royalties, I’m sure of it.”

“so? You look like a Princess too, you don’t need to worry.” Haist, Adrianna can’t stop to worry. Adam will be fetching her any minute now. Today is 12 of July and they need to catch a flight this evening to be able to go to Greece.

“okay, i packed your clothes in one Luggage only, the small bags has label already so that you can see things faster.” Helena said,

Adrianna just hug Helena. Thanks God she has a friend like her.

“Thanks Helena.”

“tss, find a Prince there and marry him.”

“i told you i won’t marry a Prince.”

“then just bring one for me. Haha” Helena said. But then Adrianna knows, Helena is still bind and caged to the love of her imaginary Friend named Spade. She pity Helena but all she can do is support her friend. If she refuse to forget Spade then be it. Helena is a strong girl. She’ll managed.

Then someone knock on their door. To see Adam outside. Wearing a coat and looks so tired.

“are you ready?” Adam said to her

“yeah, let’s go?”

“let me carry that” he said while getting her luggage.

“take care here Helena, we’ll be back on Monday.”

“sure, take care you two.”

“we’ll go ahead, Helena” Adam said to Helena.

They ride a limousine and went to airport where Adam’s Private plane is waiting.

“make yourself comfortable Adrianna, I’ll just change my clothes.” He said and immediately went ahead.

She roam her eyes around the plane, they also have 4 private plane in Germany, but then this private plane is much more better than their’s.

The paintings in the wall also catch her attention, and they are all painted by a well-known artist. Amazing.

“do you like it?” it was Adam who change his clothes into a simple white t-shirt.

“yeah, they are amazing.” Adrianna said. She look at Adam he really look so tired and she can also see some dark circle in his eyes. Did this guy overworked again.

“you look so tired, Adam. Are you okay, why don’t you rest first?”

“im fine you don’t need to worry.” What a stubborn guy.

Adrianna saw a large sofa .

“come here.” She got Adam’s hand and went the sofa.

“what?” Adam ask, when she sit in the sofa and tap her legs.

“come and lay your head in my lap.” Adrianna said, well, her father often do that when she was tired from school and it’s very effective, she could sleep immediately.

“No, you don’t need to do that, I’m fine.” Adam was about to go back to their seat when Adrianna stops him.

“Adam you need a rest, i can see dark circle under your eyes, and you look so stress, come on.” she then put a bright smile on her face Looks like she got Adam.

“haist, fine.” Good thing Adam become obedient and started to put his head on her lap.

Then she started to caress Adam’s hair and hum.

“this is the first time someone do this to me.” He said.


“yeah, so thank you so much Adrianna..” he said but minutes later, Adrianna heard Adam snore.

“see, i told you, you are tired" she just let Adam sleep in her Lap.

until they Reach the beautiful Athens.

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